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hey guys today I’m gonna share with you
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products I know we’re going into November now but this will be for
October just beauty products that I have been using lately and just some of the
things that I have found recently that I’ve just really enjoyed using and one
of the first ones I have L’Oreal Paris revitalized this lotion is really good
for the skin and it’s got a really nice sunscreen to it it also fights wrinkles
firms resist signs of aging smooth softens and it’s got a 25 SPF in it for
sunscreen so far I’ve really liked it I’m very sensitive to a lot of different
products and this one I found doesn’t break me out which is really nice and
then it doesn’t it smells really nice too and copper likes to smell of it too
so this one I’ll put on underneath my makeup and this will be the first thing
that I put on and then I put my makeup over top of it and basically through the
day I don’t have to worry about any kind of sunscreen and it helps moisturize my
skin as well the next product I have is actually my Beauty superstars by
profusion so pretty much all of the profusion products that you’ve seen me
using lately and all of the makeup videos I’ve found that I really really
like them they’ve got really nice pigment to them and they really stay on
my skin I have what is considered very oily skin sit down I have what’s very
oily skin so a lot of these products don’t like staying on me and it’s hard
to keep that pigment on my face so these ones actually do very very well and
especially for oily skin which I really like and it shows up and you don’t have
to use too much for it to actually show up as a bright color on you
the next product I’m actually wearing one of them I’m wearing this one it’s
Revlon’s colorburst this is the matte bomb and it actually shows up quite nice
on my lips some of them stain some of them don’t
stain I have both kinds actually these ones I find do very very well on my skin
the pigment is nice and bright and I can reapply it through the day just a couple
of times but it’s very very light and very it’s very very light and nice and
pigmented so it just like shows up really well on my skin and they come in
many many different colors which I really enjoy I have kind of an array of
different colors I got an orange which I actually wear for a Charmander costume
that I put on and then a couple of Pink’s that I use normally through the
day like I have my everyday and then I have my cosplay stuff or often my nude
lip or my nude lipstick the next product I have I’m actually wearing in my hair
as well I’m not really a fan of spray and dry shampoos or anything like that
and I just don’t like a lot of the smells of them a lot of their smells are
really strong and I’m very sensitive to smells but these I found I just got one
a little one to try out this is the orange mango and it’s absorbs excess
oils it’s a fresh blow out and leaves no residue which actually it doesn’t it did
very well on my hair I was able to spray this in my hair cuz I was a little oily
all along because I’m very oily poof but this I found does very well and
it’s nice and travel sized and it actually makes my hair and look not so
bad which is nice and the last product I have is a peel-off cucumber facial mask
now this one is supposed to renew refresh your skin you put it on for
anything yeah five to ten minutes until the mask is dry and then you peel it off
this I found was really really nice with my skin I’m very very sensitive to a lot
of different products but this one I wasn’t too bad with this one didn’t
really give me any trouble normally I’ll break out because I get whenever I have
a reaction to anything this is what what happens I get like a little breakout
right here because I’m allergic to so many things but this I didn’t it
actually kind of helped nourish my skin and like replenish the dryness and my
skin because I get dried out really easily that’s why I have to wear the
different lotions every day I have to wear lotions at night I have to do these
I don’t know if it’s because I’m too oily or I have like combination skin I
don’t know but I found a pattern and this is helping with my pattern well hey
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see me review if there’s any kind of makeup that you are wanting me to check
out or see how it does on my skin cuz maybe your skin is oily like mine or you
just want to kind of see how I feel about it or something you use you don’t
just let me know and I’ll review it for you and remember add dishes and stitches
for putting the confidence back into cosplay
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