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Hi everyone I’m Holly with Missouri River Soap and today I’m going to make some cute butterfly soaps using some new
fragrance oils from bramble berry so let’s get started okay so the mold I’m
going to use I just bought off at Amazon is just a cutest little butterfly mold I
actually bought them to do wax melts and then I realized they were just gonna be
a little too big for that so I have my oils here and my lye solution over here
in this stainless container and I soap at room temperature so everything is at
room temp I am not adding milk in this batch today I’m gonna burp the blender in such a small container that’s not
going to take much to bring this to a trace in fact it’s almost there already
I want to add in just a little bit of titanium dioxide here into the main part
and then just gonna kind of make it a little bit creamy so I will probably
just stir in the fragrance oil because it does say to or it does say that it
might mildly accelerate so I’m using this serenity one and my first whiff I
thought it was lilac but I think a lot of people are saying it’s actually
geranium either way it’s beautiful and I love it
so much so I’m going to just go ahead and whoops whoa
messy poor today I guess I’m gonna go ahead and just hand stir that so we
don’t get any too far along okay so now what I’m going to do is pour a little
bit off and I want to have some for a white swirl just going to do an in the
pot swirl here so I have my mica and I’m just trying to go in dry it’s going to
be a bit of a pain as expected I know everybody else they just master that but
mine always just poof everywhere it’s kind of ridiculous actually that’s
why I tend to mix it in oil and when I make big batches that helps it to
disperse better without stick blending too much but I do sometimes do it this
way when I’m just making a little a little small amounts so I’m going to go
ahead and pour into this cup just a bit more titanium dioxide I don’t want it to
be a super strong bright white and it is accelerating here too don’t want to make
it worse and hear all those air bubbles another reason why I don’t usually mix
the powder and dries because if it does speckle and then you have to spend us a
bit more time blending it and sometimes you don’t have that time give this all a
great stir boy I love this fragrance alright that’s looking pretty good it’s
still quite pourable so I don’t like taking this in and out because there’s a lot
of scraping okay so I think I’m not going to put it all in just because I
feel like I’m going to want some at the end just because it’s it’s pretty thick
I have this tray here and that’s just going to help me when I pour up high so
it disperses better I don’t know how many of these this will make I was
working with just two ounces of fragrance so I went ahead with a 40
ounce batch of soap even though it called for two and a half ounces of
fragrance thereabouts always tend to go a little bit lower so now we can smack you can see down in here there’s really
not much of the white so I’m glad I reserved that there’s also just a little
bit of texture happening to the soap so it’s kind of nice to be able to give it
a stir I don’t have a lot of this white left I think out of the new set this was
the only one that was supposed to really accelerate I’m a room-temperature soap
maker so the fact that this is an accelerated quite a bit on its own
before we got going okay let’s get this last bit in and
we’ll just see what happens I just love a purple and white swirl I’ll just do do
do love it so much so probably scrape these off a little bit so that’s gonna
make for a messy mold it’s so close to having a 12th bar hmm
darned it well maybe between what I scrape off we can get a cute little
thing going over here individual molds can be fun until the batter is a little
bit thick and then they’re not quite as easy to work with to make sure just
everybody’s in there smooth first the first time using this mold they’re kind
of awkward almost like they’re not flat so it is it is making it just a bit
weird just kind of like yeah they’re not setting completely level not really a big deal that they’re a wee
bit oops run away they’re just a wee bit poofy here on the back except for I do
end up coming along and planing it to make it more smooth ok well this wasn’t
the easiest batch ever to work on but I got it done and it’ll be fun to unmold
them I think it went in smooth enough that it filled in all of the nooks and
crannies but we’ll just have to see so I’m gonna come back and make another
batch okay for this one I am going to soap vitality and I really like this one it’s
very green my nose picks up eucalyptus quite a bit I really like it
so I’m gonna go ahead and add in the lye solution so again I want to just give this a
little bit of titanium dioxide and I’m going to go ahead and add in the fragrance
it just smells so amazing mmm it’s so good oh my goodness get that stirred in its at a light trace I guess it did not
bring over another spatula for this one okay so I need to pour some off for the
white and I did go ahead and disperse my mica I just so much prefer using it this
way just use a little bit of the batch oils mix it up so we get into
this one so you can give it a little bit of titanium dioxide this one is just much thinner I like
it a lot better working with it this way so I’m just going to try to do a fairly
high pour so it goes clear in I’ll probably put all this in just because it
is being quite nice I’m gonna give it a little stir look how much thinner this
one is oh it’s going to be so much nicer to work with oh yeah that first batch really accelerated and
it wasn’t completely the fragrance all the fragrance oil really did contribute
but I think I stick blended it just a bit too much oh where are you going that
one’s a little poofy well you may just we’ll probably just leave it whoa that is so nice what do you got going on
little dude all right hmm here we go there are just a little
bit off-kilter like I said all right let’s try this one the swirl is
certainly a very very faint and fine which is a okay because it’s supposed to
be just a spa fragrance very relaxing and sometimes I think wispy wispy swirls
are easier on the eyes these are overflowing just a wee bit
this time I don’t feel like I’m gonna make a mess of my molds just take that
off with the planer oh I love this fragrance I’m a sucker for eucalyptus
though and that is the main note that I am getting in this one so I did use
sodium lactate but I’ll probably leave these in the mold for a couple of days
just because it’s not going to gel most likely I’ll cover it and cover it with a
towel and everything but it’s generally just not gonna create enough heat to go
through the gel process an option would be to put a heating pad under it but I’m
not even gonna mess with that just what happens is gonna happen with it alright
so those looks pretty good some of them are a bit overflowed like I said but I think
I’ll just clean those off instead of scraping so there we have the green
vitality butterflies and I will see you back here for the unmolding okay so I am
back to unmold these soaps I already checked a couple of them this was just the low
one just kind of filled all willy-nilly said of course it’s not gonna look very
good that’s just way that’s gonna be so this one is looking pretty good isn’t
that cute so it definitely has these higher the wings are higher it’s not a
flat bar but that’s really cute I like it so I think I will just move off to
the side cuz oh all this little bits here is gonna crumble off it’s been a
couple of days I just wanted to give them plenty of time to sit and get nice
and hard to remove them oh that’s so pretty
I love it this fragrance amazing I love it it smells so much like
lilac and I had my husband smell it and he agreed that it’s very much a lilac that’s what we’re getting some people are getting a lot of the
geranium when I was reading the reviews these turned out super cute I will leave
a link below in the video description of where I bought this or you know I bought
it on Amazon but I’ll I’ll put the link to the one I bought and they they are
different shapes if you haven’t or a little different design on them if you
hadn’t picked up on that yet so this one especially picked up some
ash can you see the difference in the ash there kind of interesting I
would suspect that this one was closer to airflow where this was
probably towards the middle of the mold so didn’t get as much air flow that in
the pot swirl just made a really pretty look nice so much fun so I’ve been
looking for some smaller butterfly molds for wax melts so I hope I can find those
soon I just think it would be a great shape for wax melts in the spring time
let’s see here I need to come back to the middle a
little don’t I okay getting even far away yeah I do have some ash yeah
there’s a little bit of ash inside which actually I have had happen before
getting a little bit of ash inside the mold it’s kind of weird but that’s what
happens sometimes I don’t love working with silicone with
cold process soap but it is a good good material for unmolding and you get some
fun designs so there we have the cute little butterfly mold and this is in
I believe the Serenity fragrance I will be back to unmold the other color so this
is the vitality batch and because the batch was thinner it filled a little
sample mold quite nicely little extra I should say it’s not really a sample
so this one because it was thin the colors mixed together a little bit more
but I think it looks really pretty which is very soothing so for this bump on the
edge I will plane that off so he’ll end up being nice and flat and then I’ll have
to carefully pick that away that’s the problem with a mold being overflowed you
have that extra overflow and then sometimes if it’s thick it doesn’t like
to come off I may use a knife to clean that up I keep trying to put this off to
the side oh yeah that’s just super pretty this is just a fun way to use
those smaller fragrance oil sizes just use a fun little mold this one is
definitely eucalyptus like I definitely get a eucalyptus mint these paper towels
are driving me a wee bit bonkers I will reuse them for cleaning and that
looks so nice I really like this mold I think this one is my favorite it’s
definitely pretty cute oh my goodness look this one got can you see that got a
little dented right there it is a bit of a
flimsy mold and that’s one thing I really like about the Brambleberry
branded molds is that they are very sturdy so one thing I maybe suggest to
them is hey we need a butterfly wouldn’t it be cute so cute alright so here we
have the last vitality scented butterfly thank you guys for watching if you
enjoyed this video I would love it if you gave me a thumbs up and a comment
and subscribe if you’re not already share with your friends if you feel like
it I’d appreciate it alright guys I’ll talk to you later bye popping back in here to show how I plane soaps so my husband built this planer
it’s just a little box and what you have to do is just make a couple of angled
pieces and then you can take like a wall paper scraper blade and just slide it
and screw it in so that just sticks up just a wee little bit and you have
a planer super easy so like for this one it’s got all this excess so you see how
it’s it’s wobbly and this is a little early I wouldn’t normally do this but
I want to go take some pictures so I thought I’ll just roll with it
and so then you just do that and I’m gonna get my knife for that so as it
turns out my knife is dirty so I just picked that off and then I just go
around the edges just a real gentle like real light handed with my vegetable
peeler which this is funny thing I’ve been using this same one for well can
you imagine how many thousands of soaps this one peeler has cleaned throughout
the years since I’m talking like since we’re like 12 years in on this one
peeler and it’s the one everybody uses so
now it’s all nicely cleaned up it has a nice flat bottom it’s really smooth I do
love to bevel now sometimes it’s not completely needed and then I won’t
bother on the shaped soaps but I definitely do on all of my bar soaps and
it’s not always going to be exactly equal like you can see it didn’t take care of
the ash right here so this part it’s just a little bit off level to the
others parts of the bar and so this is one that probably wouldn’t need it but
it does finish off a soap quite nicely and what I like about beveling is that I
feel like the soap bar rolls in the hands your hands really nicely and
that’s another reason why I love it not just presentation so there we have two
super cute adorable soaps all nicely cleaned up and ready to go thanks for
watching bye

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