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Hi everyone I’m Holly with Missouri
River Soap and today I am testing out some fragrances from the bramble berry
spa retreat collection if that’s something you would like to see just keep watching okay so the first thing I’m going to do is add in a lye solution it’s just going to be a small batch
again I’m not adding in any milk in these butterfly soaps I’m gonna burp my
stick blender in such a small container it does not take long for these little
batches to come to trace I’m going to go ahead and add in the fragrance so here
we have the tranquility fragrance from bramble berry this is a to me very fresh
and clean and earthy it has chamomile and lavender and orange blossom it has
some lemon and fennel it has green tea leaves it’s just a really pretty smooth
slightly sweet I think they call it a floral in the floral category I just say
it’s more earthy clean fresh it’s really nice so I want to go ahead and split this off
because I’m going to color a portion white so I’m gonna put in give this a
little stir first just to make sure everybody’s well incorporated
it’s just emulsified at the moment but I’m gonna be stick blending it just a
bit more I’m really picking up on the chamomile right now it’s really nice okay so
I have a little titanium dioxide here in a cup pre mixed with some water and so
I’m just gonna add just a little bit it to there put a little into here kind of
pastel my colors a little bit color so I’m adding into some blue mica on this
one it doesn’t take much to lighten the soap up that’s really pretty but I wanted it to
be just a bit whiter okay that looks good because it’s gonna get a bit more pastel
as it goes through the saponification process and comes to its creamy
appearance the thing about pouring out of a pitcher
and then coloring it is you gotta make sure that you get up in there bring that
color back down this is nice and thin the thinner it is the wispier the swirl
is going to be because I’m gonna do an in the pot swirl to the side for just a
moment you can see it’s at a light trace I don’t know if you can see what’s going
on there can you see the light trace this one’s a little bit thicker because
of the extra stick blending you see how it leaves the trace on the surface the
funny thing is is when soap makers make Thanksgiving dinner or whatever we start looking for trace in our gravy isn’t that funny I did that one year and I was
like what are you doing we don’t need trace in our gravy so it’s gotten a little
bit thick I messed around with my camera for a moment and I shouldn’t have done
that unfortunately this is what happens so I’m gonna put in I guess I’ll just
kind of put it in the white like so then we’re kind of in a rush now I am soaping
at room temperature and with a 30% lye concentration let’s try that although I got a lot of
blue down here alright just gonna go ahead and get that in there’s still a nice thickness but when
you have to do all single cavities again thicken up on you in the pouring process
it’s such a pretty color titanium dioxide can accelerate a batch just a
little bit also ultramarine blue has been known to
accelerate and I suspect this blue did have ultramarine blue as part of its
mixture this is fine look this is fine so I was getting about 10 on all of them
and I don’t mind that they’re it’s a little poofy in some of these back on
the bottoms because I’m just going to give them a little bit of a plane with
my planer which will get them all nice and smooth the only problem with it being a little
thicker like this is that the swirl the white swirl did not disperse quite as
much as I would have liked but that’s how so making goes sometimes you win
some sometimes you mostly win some so you
know this one is kind of and getting some grass notes on this one then I was
remembering that when I first smelled this I just got a sweet grass scent
which I love I love of smell of a sweet grass it’s actually a fragrance I have
looked for so this would be a great substitution to my nose right now it has
very much of a sweet grass note a lot of that sweet grass note that I’m getting
is gonna come from the chamomile so here we have the tranquility butterfly soaps
and I’ll see you back here for the last butterfly ok so here we are for the last
one and this is the clarity fragrant oil from the spa retreat collection from
bramble berry and this one smells very green very herbal I get a lot of tomato
leaf it has tomato leaf scent in it I get that strong and I love it that’s one
of my favorite smells in the world so I really love it and there’s some basil
there’s a bunch of different notes in that particular one and I’ll leave links
to the collection down below and you can go read all the descriptions for yourself I’m gonna
burp the stick blender it would make a great like scrubby gardener
soap well let’s do this let’s just let it sit here it just smells so good oh yeah
that’s a good one just very a gardener I think would love
this scent someone who just loves being in the garden loves all the scents of
the greenery they have one called wasabi or at least they used too and I love that one also and
I’ve made some scrubby soaps but I like this one even even better so I’m going
to pour off and we’re just we’re just emulsified can you see how it absorbs
that it doesn’t leave a trace it just absorbs it back in and that’s just
because I’m going to be mixing it again here oh I need a cup the other one I
already got pretty thick so the second one I’m trying to be a little bit more
careful because in the time that we’re mixing colors and give a little extra
blend it’s going to thicken up a bit now I’ve gone round and round round and
round with myself you wouldn’t even believe how much I’ve gone round and round
with myself over what color I was gonna make this one and I was thinking of my
butterfly soaps I have the green and the purple and now blue and see it’s getting
thick and oh I just didn’t know what I wanted to do I want to do pink I didn’t
think that really fit with it exactly so I’ve made kind of a berry now that still
doesn’t necessarily scream garden and all of
that but it’s such a pretty color to go with each other butterflies so it’s not
really pink but it’s not really purple so I thought why not I went the wrong
direction here a little bit it will be fine we’ll just
mix that in and it’s gonna absorb that a little bit of color and it’ll be fine
it’s a little thick but it’s not too bad so it’s gonna be fine to work with so up
super high and back down just kind of go high for the pressure that will
hopefully fall down in just a bit more let’s just kind of roll that over I love
these spoons but it can be hard to get all that so scraped it’s gonna be quite
a surprise because you’re gonna expect this to be kind of a berry fragrance and
it’s not I decided you know what life’s too short not just do what you want not
hurting anybody so just a creative process so do it just have fun with it now sometimes the soap can get a bit of
a texture I don’t know if you can can you see down in there kind of see that texture at
all I don’t know if you can but if it was just a single color we could just
stir that up it’s not a problem at all for the final soaps but it definitely
could throw you off sometimes think that it’s either ricing or you got a false
trace but it’s not necessarily the situation it might be but it doesn’t
have to be even these up a little bit take a little bit of that soap away from
a couple of these like I said I’m just gonna clean up these bars and the backs
will be nice and smooth this one could stand to lose just a little bit in with this one now I have my eleven
bars this was a 40 ounce batch each one is a 40 ounce batch and I did that based
on the amount of fragrance that I had available oh that one ended up a little
full even but a 40 ounce batch if you end up getting any of these butterfly
molds ends up making the 11 butterflies I have a little bit leftover that’ll just make
a nice little sample or a little bit for me probably is what’s gonna happen with
these other ones soap makers when you have a shop you rarely get to use a
full-sized bar it’s always the little extras it’s a real treat to get a
full-sized bar from your own collection so here we have the clarity fragrance
butterflies they’re gonna be nice and smooth on the back once I clean them up
I’m gonna leave them in the mold for a couple of days it’s Friday so that’s
gonna be just great I’ll come back to them either Sunday or Monday and I will be
back to unmold them it’s been a few days and I’m back to unmold this soap and it
looks super pretty from here oh yeah doesn’t that look good that’s such a nice color
it’s not just a perfect blue it has a little bit more of a green tone to it
but I really like that it smells so good that chamomile note is definitely the
strongest to me it hasn’t really changed much it does seem a bit boy this uh yeah
that mold is just I don’t know if you can see it right here well first of all
it made this wonky indent but it also seems to just plain have issues right
there sometimes you’ll get that on a silicone mold if you haven’t like popped
things back like it’s supposed to be but that’s how it’s supposed to be in
that’s just how it is on this one oh that’s super pretty and isn’t that lovely so nice I
just love these soaps perfect for spring so I will plane off the rougher backs
and probably give them a little bit of a bevel just to smooth them all out
especially for like this one where the batter was starting to get a little bit
thick just will clean it right on up oh nice yes I love how these turned out this was
a great the spa retreat line was a great one to test these out with okay so final
one this one got a little bit squished right here on the corner usually good
fix that good enough and we just have this a little sample piece here can just
break off these ones are sticking up and they’ll just make a nice little sample
or soap for us so I will come back and unmold the other batch okay so here we
have the other batch this one was tranquility I believe and then this one
was the clarity so kind of pull the mold helps everybody to release nicely now
these backs were super bumpy this one especially and that just happens
sometimes when the batter starts to get thick but again I can clean that up
this one is definitely a berry color kind of purply kind of pink I like it I
like how it turned out it’s definitely a calmer color not super bright I just
love this one these ones really swirled really nicely on this particular design
love that one these ones aren’t my favorite design but they still work
they’re still nice probably would have been happy if the entire mold was all of
this one right here these are super pretty with the white swirl I really
like that this one ended up being just mostly solid colored and that happens
sometimes with an in the pot swirl especially when you’re working in
individual molds like this this one is mostly the one color it was just a good
test run good test run on the fragrances and on this mold in particular now I
just kind of know what to expect from all of the things all of the factors so
pretty this is the last main bar and then the last one here looks so good and
it’s a pretty nice sample size because the back was fairly even I will go get
the planer and I’ll show you how I clean these up okay so these are my cleaning
tools I have a planer here it’s just a wood box
these pieces are angled down and then a wallpaper blade was just slid up so it
sticks up just a wee little bit and that’s what we use for a planer my husband
built this and I’ve been using this same one this whole time and this is my just
my OXO good grips vegetable peeler this is my favorite this particular
shape I forget what they call this and I’ve been using this same one this whole
time also so we’re talking like 12 years I think I’ve been using the same thing
so what I do so this one’s pretty bumpy as you can see and see how it
definitely doesn’t sit flat so I would normally wait till these had been out of
the mold for just a little while but for the purpose of this video and taking
pictures so I’m just going to continue to run it across until it gets smooth a
little bit of an indent here on this end where it kind of went down in at
an angle but as you can see look how nice and straight and flat that is now
just so nice and smooth I don’t know that I’m going to plane that particular
one so let’s see so this one has some overhang bevel I’m not sure about bevel
that one so this one has some overhang as you can see so let’s start by I just
like to move it around and rotate it that’s looking pretty good that’s nice
so probably in the long run it’d just be easiest to kind of break this off this
excess use a little knife to slice it also off I don’t have a knife up here
currently so just use my my vegetable peeler here so just kind of go around
and just smooth it off a little bit didn’t have to be perfect perfection is
overrated it’s a little sticky now because we just unmolded this
but wait a week or two usually we plane our soaps you know two to three weeks
into the cure so it’s not something we do right away except for pictures on a certain batch
but now this one is all nice and smooth it has a smooth back and those
edges that we’re sticking out aren’t looking too bad now and so there we have
it that’s how I clean up the soaps alright guys thank you for watching I
hope you will subscribe if you’re not already give this a thumbs up leave me a
comment I’ll talk to you later bye

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