Making of Art River In Your Home

Wow, did you really make it? OK, but how do you cut the paper? How do you glue them? How do you measure?…. A lot of questions like this….. Drop on me like rain. When people see this book. friends, relatives and acquaintances Before I used to get upset. But now I don’t, I’m so cool. Me and Rajni thought to make this video maybe the questions will become less. And of course, when you watch the video I will talk a little bit or maybe go a bit into philosophy about the way and methods I work with. And any person can do it, only if he has one thing in mind WILLINGNESS TO LIVE OK Let’s start again. Now you see me working in this video Of course the video is fast-forwarded But maybe you will again ask Do you see? No, I absolutely don’t see. The point is that we as human beings are connected with the nature everything which surrounds us with 5 doors. Of course these 5 doors are our 5 senses We may say that the ruling is the eye-sight. But when we close the eyes or lose our eye-sight doesn’t mean that we lost all the other senses. Maybe our laziness or leaning on our eyes completely makes other senses become idle (senseless) but in reality these senses are working and give exactly the same information just like the eyes. So I can touch, measure and cut by using my fingers, smell by using the air and even the wind by using anything Anything that can enter other senses than eyes. So I will go up 2 shelves like this Aha, and then So, it is divided into 3 parts Yes, so here it will be 2,5 3cm and 2,5cm the 2,5s here will be as squares so here we will have 2,5 and 2,5. We go up till 5cm. So I will work on the first 5 cm like that So there will be two squares on each other by 2,5*2,5 Here 2 long 2,5 s Like a flower, but the squares are placed here And then here I’ll go with long shelves In the end, of course this video is not about an arrogance of a blind person, who made something and wants to show how “great” he is. Of course, NO I have a goal For all of these, which is to Spread light on WILL POWER Of course it is a word very repeated and common to hear But for me the base of WILL POWER is the faith Ooo, FAITH…. we heard this word a lot too Faith is also different for me. Because faith for me is not about fear and scare and was not “planted” on earth or in sky No In reality it is “planted” Inside us In ME and In YOU And the base of faith is again a word, much heard and will still be heard LOVE LOVE FAITH WILL POWER Maybe we can change a little bit what we all see, feel and what happens around us in this world nowadays Thank you all Thanks for watching Thanks for initially supporting this idea of “Art River in your home”. You can find all the information about the mini-bookshelves in the description below Thanks again. Bye Bye

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  1. فظيع سغاتيل !!! بغضّ النظر أنو الفكرة لحالا حلوة وبترجعنا لأيام آرت ريفر، النتيجة يللي عملتا ممتعة للبصر جمالياً وللبصيرة أخلاقياً

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