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Hi everyone so it’s Holly with Missouri
River Soap and today I’m going to make some whipped sugar scrub using some
foaming bath butter base and the new Peach Prosecco fragrance from Bramble
Berry so the first thing I need to do is add in 32 ounces of the foaming bath
butter if you get just a small 2 pound block hereit’s usually in a little
container like this turn my scale back on I have a cute little scale here
helping me out but he’s a little is a little bit more sensitive than I’m used
to okay so it should be this whole
container but you know we’ll see I’ve cut it up into cubes to help it
break up a little bit let’s see what we got almost there probably a more metal spoon
gonna be alright right at 32.05 I’m just gonna put the rest of this in it’s not
very much left so I’m going to keep this container off to the side for me to put
my spatula in now the next thing I need to do is add in some Optiphen because I
do want this to have an additional preservative the foaming bath butter
base comes with a preservative for itself but it’s not accounting for and
the water that could possibly be introduced into it via the shower so an
extra preservative is nice I’m going to add in point three five ounces of Optiphen
and this is paraben and formaldehyde free all right there we go and I’m just going to whip this on a low
speed just for a little while to kind of smooth it out so it’s smoothed out a bit it kind of
looks like I don’t know if you’ve ever made
divinity it’s kind of like that or whipped egg whites it’s a little chunky
but we still have a little ways to go here so I like to keep a little alcohol
soaked rag right here to kind of clean my hands off so now I’m going to add in
3.5 ounces of avocado oil I’m going to very carefully add half an ounce of
champagne extract from Bramble Berry you’ll have to pardon the label I sprayed it
with a little alcohol and so it’s a little wonky now half an ounce now I’m going to go ahead and add in the Peach Prosecco fragrance and it’s the same thing with the label I’ve
sprayed it a little bit it’s very important to sanitize everything before
you start working I need to tare my scale and I’m going to use 0.7 ounces I’m just gonna give it a little
stir help it get going here so it doesn’t
fling oil all over the place utilize my little spatula here to help
me out I’m going to mix this on low for about
30 seconds and then I’m going to speed it up and really beat it well for up to
eight minutes I’m going to add in just a little bit of honey
blush mica I forgot to bring woah I forgot to bring over a spoon so I’m just
gonna put a little out into the lid I want the main base to have this color
and then I will probably split it up into two and then recolor another part so we’re looking for the foaming bath
butter and the additional ingredients to double in size you don’t want it to go
over double because then it can deflate now this would be just a whip soap as is
if you wanted to just jar whip soap the only difference is is that I
accommodated for the sugar when I figured my preservative so you have to
be cautious about not over preserving at the same time so I’m going to go ahead
and add the sugar in I like to add equal parts sugar that just always my favorite this is a sugar I like to use we just
get it at sam’s club but it’s the wholesome brand organic cane sugar
it is fairtrade non-gmo and gluten free and so i’m going to just use 32 ounces
of this pure cane sugar I’m going to help it get started so it doesn’t
throw sugar all over the place I love this part I really really do the reason
why I don’t make a lot of sugar scrubs right now is because I haven’t invested
in a bigger mixer so as soon as I do that I can start working a little bit
more in the scrub department of course it’s a great time of year to be using
scrubs as you’re getting ready to be beach and pool ready in shorts and all
that to help to keep your skin nicely exfoliated so these will foam and bubble
up a little bit but its main purpose is the scrub all right so now I’m gonna mix
it some more I just have to make sure it’s blended in though I want this to be a two color swirl scrub
and I’m going to be piping it in so I’m going to take some of this out and add a
little bit of mica to what’s left in the container making messes so this isn’t very
colorful and just kind of a creamy light color so I think I’ll do more of the
pinkish that I’m going to add to it see I guess we’ll do that probably end up
being about half in the long run I’m going to use a little bit of amaranth pink my goal here is just have some pretty
pale colors so I want to mix in some of these bursting beads from the bramble berry
soiree collection that’s where the fragrance oil is new to that collection
so there’s gonna in a little pink to the pink eyeballing about a tablespoon each one of these colors has a little
different oil in it I’ve discovered and they burst in use and release that oil
which is kind of fun and playing right along with the sugar scrubs I’m trying
to see I can’t see them at all so I’m gonna add in some more I’ve never used
them before so we’re just gonna see how these guys work out I don’t think I’ll add any
more than that this time we can see on a next batch maybe all right so there we
have the pink and then this is kind of it’s just kind of a goldy light pink
champagne color it’s not gold so much but so I’m gonna add in these gold ones
they’re very colorful very nice and bright these ones are gonna be a lot more
noticeable I do believe you will see they’re really pretty
I think these ones are Jojoba oil and I’ll have to put a note down on what the
pink ones are okay clear out my area and we’ll get ready to jar these okay so
I’m going to be using some glad press and seal I just want to rip off a
long sheet here I kind of have to flip it over and use this side I was a little bit
premature with my piping bag okay all right so what we to do as we’re just going to
plop it in to the piping or the press and seal now if you anybody follows Jennifer
McGuire Inc she’s a card maker you would probably be
delighted to learn that her husband invented press and seal and we are
thankful that he did good stuff I’ll probably do a couple of batches
this way so what I’m going to do is I’m kind of out of screen here I just want to kind of fold it over and then meet the edges
and press to seal I’ve used this the wrong way like you
pull it out but you don’t flip it over in my case it won’t seal the same
so this is just the most convenient helps to keep the piping bag nice and
clean just twist that end all up and twist this end all up now prepare the
bag I am gonna go ahead and use a big star tip I’ve got the coupler insert
there slide on this mahoosive I gotta get it I get the plastic bit here we go
and then slide on this part okay and I would move my mixer except for
it’s stuck at the moment so it decided to thoroughly latch itself to a table so
I’ll just deal with that later and then all you have to do is slide it in and
you don’t want to fill these too full I probably should have slid it in prior to
putting this on actually so that I could reach it so you just grab it out like
so by going the right direction can’t tell on my left hand has me backwards
all right so let me get my jars and we will be ready to do this alright so just pull this through give it
a trim it’s important that everything is sanitized make a list of everything you
need and sanitize so now everything is so nice and clean no mess I didn’t have
to put the piping bag over a cup etcetera so here we go
I just going to put a little dollop in you’re supposed to squeeze with the top but
sometimes my hands aren’t that strong this sugar scrub is nice and thick this
is not the tip I thought I had but we’ll roll with it everything is in just super nice and not
too many air pockets sometimes I’ll really smack these down I do typically
weigh these as I go I don’t want milliliters that does not
help me thank you right there right at eight oh it’s a
little over eight ounces but that’s all right
now look how pretty it is then you can take this out and squeeze
out the remainder now you just have this little bit of a mess to work with I’m going to top these with just a
little bit of the bursting beads just to kind of finish off the top I’m just
going to sprinkle a little bit on the top I had never used that star tip
before I think I actually wanted one where the pokey parts that they
weren’t quite so close together to get it a little bit more star like so now I
know that I can be on the search for a different typing tip and then just a little of the gold so
pretty it’s just like sprinkles only they’re a little bit more conducive to
bath and body products so now I’m just going to cover these with some of these
foam tops it just gives it a little extra protection it is going to push
down any part of the scrub that’s sticking up I just have some black lids here and
just going to set on the top just have to squeeze it closed these are all nice and
clean because of the piping I ususally give them a little wipe down with a wet
paper towel with alcohol wet with alcohol I should say and then I will
just put their label on I have my labels made now and I have
labeled my first jar this is the one I’m going to keep for testing and such and I
just designed my own labels and I design them in Adobe Photoshop I just use some
waterproof paper from Online Labels I plan to put all of these supplies down in the
box below I try to get this on straight I usually work a little closer to myself
so there we have another I’m gonna try to keep them separate I need to make sure
that one is for sure mine I’ve since found the star tip that I
actually plan to use it was just hiding away in my drawer so I really did have
one that’s okay I think it turned out really pretty in the long run one pretty
crooked it’s really hard for me to see where it’s supposed to go usually like I said
I work a little closer to myself but I’m trying to be little further in
on the table for the cameras purpose I’ll stand on my tippy toes okay good so now the final step is to
put on the shrink-wrap fans and they’re just really easy to slide on put them
down about two-thirds of the way like so okay so now here at the end I’m going to
use my heat gun and it gets a little bit loud so I’m going to probably mute this
part the sugar scrubs are all packaged and
labeled and shrink-wrapped at this point and they are ready to go I will come
back and do a little demonstration of the scrub this scrub is just so creamy
and dreamy and delightful I like to use a dry clean popsicle stick to scoop
a little bit out it just has a very nice thick almost like a whipped butter
consistency only it has the gritty sugar in it just give it a little wetness and
you just kind of of course you are going to do your legs and your arms and your belly
and all that and you get just some light foam from it and when you’re done your hands and your
skin are just soft and has a little light layer of the oil left on the skin
but we’ve exfoliated and now we just have that little bit of moisture that
stays behind it’s delightful alright guys I’ll talk to you later

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