Mammoth Jaw once in a lifetime discovery | Fossil hunting Peace River we find a mammoth mandible

so I just saw something pretty awesome
under this log and I think I know what it is but I’m not too sure yet so I’m
gonna go dig it out it looked big and it looked like something mammoth and uh I’m
gonna go see what it is so stand by guys I’m gonna go pull it up so Alright so we just got out to the site where we’re gonna go ahead and get in the water we suited up today you can see here we’re running some pretty thick wetsuits
because it’s like 65 degrees water temperature I’m with my good friend
Corey and Kendal here and they’re gonna be snorkeling and sifting today and I’m
gonna be doing a little bit of diving and Cory’s probably gonna do a little
bit of diving as well we’re really hoping for anything today because we’re
actually out exploring so today I don’t have a specific place in mind we’re just
gonna kind of try to find something new so that’s always the most exciting thing
is to try to find something new you guys ready? Lets do it “up beat music plays” Wooo We got Cory driving Music Cory tells me he’s got something good dude
what’d you find oh he got an meg let me see that
that’s like the best meg of the the freaking day oh my gosh dude that’s awesome
all right a scale from like 1 to a million how stoked are you oh my gosh
you got a frag so where was this was it very far out okay so I’m pretty sure we
need to move over cuz Kendall is actually gonna stab you right now so
let’s just go this way cuz he is definitely gonna freak out Wow
that’s a true friend he was gonna he’s gonna give it to you to find and then
I’m sure he would have told you Wow so I just saw something pretty
awesome under this log and I think I know what it is but I’m not too sure yet
so I’m gonna go dig it out it looked big and it looked like something mammoth and
uh I’m gonna go see what it is so stand by guys I’m gonna go pull it up so this is a Mammoth tooth and there’s a
piece of the jaw or the skull or something right there so there’s a palm
tree and I saw this sitting under the palm tree just like that the whole
freakin thing and there’s a huge chunk of skull I’m gonna go grab it now and
then I’m gonna dig around the tree to see if there’s a maybe anything else
down there but I’m hoping that there’s another tooth look you can see where it
was it was still buried oh my gosh it’s so cool oh I’m so excited. Is this the first
Mammoth tooth you’ve ever seen come out? seen the one you had before before but not one like that. All right so I’m gonna set that
here and then guys check this out I’m gonna go back down and see if I can get
the skull oh my god okay so as I was pulling this
up I’m coming back I haven’t even looked around this area like at all and uh this
is a piece of the jaw and there’s another tooth down there in the jaw
section so I got to go fan it out and dig it out and look I found another
fragment a tooth. I think I think the whole thing might be down there or at
least a lot of it. So the skull bone is like honeycombed it’s it’s like got lots
of holes and webbing in it because it’s their heads are so heavy that it has to
be hollow or they they would fall over this year is it’s super solid and
because it’s only a chunk it’s hard for me to tell but I want to say that this
is a piece of the jaw and given the tooth was right next door and I see a
piece of tooth in there down there right now it in the jawbone itself so I’m
gonna go get that and then we’re gonna excavate I’m gonna probably need your
help to really cover this area because the whole thing might be there.
That’d be amazing. That’s amazing itself so. That’s a good day anyway and I can’t
believe I’m not kidding you I’m holding this I just had my tooth come up I’m
super excited about it and then I’m swimming I just swim right over the
other look it’s still down there so when it rains it pours I bet you this little tooth from the
looks of it I bet you this little piece right there no way right now that I’m looking at
this chunk I think I think this is a piece of the jaw it’s there it is that’s an articulated meaning belonging
to the same species we can tell because it’s all right here it’s the two teeth
so I’m gonna go back down and see if there’s any other pieces. luckily in this
piece was that’s what’s cool about this as I found this one after the fact but
this tooth you saw me pull it up a minute ago so it was like maybe a foot
away it so it hasn’t moved very far that’s a rib bone a mammoth rib bone
holy cow so we’re getting more and more of this stuff I’m getting more and more
convinced that this is definitely a gravesite as you don’t just find these
laying out and if you look at it it’s actually pretty fragile I could probably
just break a little piece off because it’s it’s not a very old fossil it’s
probably only ten to a hundred thousand years old but that’s a rib bone that’s a
good sign okay I got it all laid out and man I’m
so happy with today I cannot believe that I found these these mammoth teeth
and this is a really cool fine because he’s not just isolated teeth this is
probably a grave site you can see we’ve got two teeth in the jaw still this
one’s kind of fallen out but it’s it goes with that piece big old rib bone
from the mammoth I’ve got the vertebra another vertebra up there so just
totally awesome we’re cutting it short a little today we have to get to the ramp
and we’re losing light but I really want to come back to the spot and see if I
can find any more of this mammoth it’s super awesome I also got some little
stuff today some pretty typical stuff like these horse teeth we get a lot of
those but I still like finding them they’re they’re a good sign that you’re
in some good good gravel this is actually a little sliver of Mamet tooth
a little tiny sliver and I always show people these slivers and I say you know
this is from a Mamet tooth and they say how do you know and when you see them
hole you can you can tell more what it’s from and I found this first and then I
got really lucky and got some whole ones and then I did okay on the shark’s teeth
got some Meg’s got some nice Meg’s this guy was broken I also got some good
Makos a couple good Makos I love finding Makos really cool shark’s teeth some
smaller smaller Meg and Mako and this was actually my trip maker before I got
them himmat eat this this was actually something I was really happy to get this
is a giant sloth tooth it’s a little chipped on the chewing surface but they
had very very weird teeth and this is this is from a giant sloth really really
love finding anything from a sloth and definitely a tooth is cool
so there it all is what a day very happy excited to get back to that spot and
just maybe I can find the Tusk or the leg bone or something else from from
this mammoth but hey I’ve got his teeth so I’m definitely happy in a few days
now since I’ve gotten everything out of the water and it’s really starting to
come together good so you can see the it’s starting to lighten in color here
when it first came out of the water it was very dark as it was wet and now that
it’s drying it’s lightened up quite a bit you can see though there’s still a
line here because this was the area the dark spots that was stained by the water
so that was the area that was actually exposed and the light brown part was
likely buried so just in that short amount of time that this came out it was
able to stain the jaws now of course when I came out of the water I was
pretty excited and I wasn’t quite sure how these two halves fit together but
you can see now I’m piecing them together and what an incredible find
because it is pretty much all there this piece here fits fits in there perfectly
I have them separate it now while it’s drying but I put it together and it fits
absolutely perfect and check this out the tooth alright so you can see I can
hold that tooth in there temporarily and you can see how that fits right in there
very awesome so what my next steps are here is to basically mend these back
together and I’ll be gluing those and this bone is very fragile so I’ve
actually been doing a little bit of homework and you can see here and from
this book these two illustrations when the tooth from a mammoth is slightly
curved it’s believed to be from the early Pleistocene time period and when
the tooth is much straighter this is Late Pleistocene so what that means is
this tooth and while these teeth and the jaw is from the early Pleistocene which
puts it at up to about 1.8 million years old and it’s likely millions of years
old if at least the hundreds of thousands of years old the Late
Pleistocene ended around eleven thousand years ago so this is one of the older
species of a Columbian so I was really happy to learn that most
likely I will keep this piece in my collection in the past I’ve donated some
of the mammoth bones that I’ve found to the Florida Museum of Natural History
and the reason that was donated was the particular fine came from an intact
layer and for multiple reasons from that find the museum was interested in the
piece this is just an isolated mandible and although it’s probably museum worthy
and it’s really really awesome they don’t have much interest in this
particular piece so it’s gonna be mine to keep which will make this the first
significant mammoth recovery that I’ve had that I haven’t donated so I’m pretty
excited about that I’m gonna go ahead and display it I’m thinking maybe a
coffee table with a glass top and some sand and you would look into the coffee
table and see these massive jaws but not quite sure yet I will post a video in
the future with how I end up displaying this permanently but for now it sits on
my table and I’ve got some work to do and I’ve got some preservation to make
on it and we’ll see how it comes out if you guys liked this video please hit the
like and subscribe I do plan on heading back out to this dive site to give it a
more thorough look here in the next couple of weeks oh you’re not going to
want to miss that I’m really hopeful that when I get back out there I may be
able to find some more pieces to this mandible as you can see with these two
pieces I’m able to put them back together so any little piece I find it’s
gonna be like a puzzle I might be able to to get these in there I’m missing
just a small sliver of tooth from from the front of that one and maybe some
just little pieces that would add on to this but if I don’t get anything else
I’m still extremely happy they’re very fortunate to have found it additional to this manner so stay tuned

16 thoughts on “Mammoth Jaw once in a lifetime discovery | Fossil hunting Peace River we find a mammoth mandible

  1. My man! Thanks so much for taking me out. Couldn't have asked for a better day out there ?

  2. Are you going to treat them to stabilize the bone so it does not crumble? If so with what material will use to impregnate the bone?

  3. Very amazing fossil ! Recently subbed your channel and have enjoyed your hunts . Pleistocene fossils are extremely rare in the area I live in . But back in the mid 80s I was fortunate to help some local Paleontologist from the University of Alabama and what used to be The Red Mountain Museum dig some Pleistocene fossils in a cave . It was a crazy site . We found thousands of small animal bones but what was really unusual was we dug out 8 complete articulated Giant Ground Sloth skeletons . They were of different stages of life from juvenile to aged . There were so many we had to decide to not open the hole up any larger . The Paleontologist figured that they all died in one cataclysmic event . It was fun to be able to be a part of such an unusual dig . It was located in Colbert County Alabama near the Tennessee River .

  4. Holy moly, Batman! LOL, the tension was so palpable while I waited for you to fan-out those jaw sections, I caught myself rubbing sweaty palms on my shirt-tail! So glad I saw the dive video from Digging Science channel. What an awesome dive this was–can't wait to see the stabilizing and reconstruction phases. You got a new sub here!

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