Man hanging upside down from Carlisle’s Dixons Chimney ‘stops responding’

 A man trapped 270 feet up a chimney in Cumbria has stopped responding to a team trying to rescue him, police say  Police, fire and ambulance have been attempting to rescue the man from Dixon’s Chimney in Carlisle, Cumbria, since 2 20am today.  Superintendent Matt Kennerly from Cumbria Police said: “We are obviously in the middle of what is a very, very difficult complex and challenging rescue effort of a male who is trapped at the top of Dixon’s Chimney in the centre of Carlisle  “Earlier today we looked at the possibility of a helicopter rescue, we had a very good plan in place but unfortunately the precarious position of the male, the damage to the ladder at the top  and the down draft from the helicopter meant it wasn’t possible to rescue him that way  Have you been affected by this story? If so contact Mirror Online at [email protected] com  “We’ve had to scour the country for the specialist resources that we are currently bringing in They are a short distance away now and are coming from Scotland where we are looking at getting a special cherry picker  “We are going to have to bring that right up and then bolt some ladders on to the top of the tower near the top, and then we’ll have to get rope resources to go over the top and try and rescue this male there  “The male has stopped responding. He hasn’t responded to us for a number of hours  “We are exceptionally concerned.”  Roads around the structure, built in 1836 and a prominent local landmark, have been closed  Local reports said shouts and wailing could be heard coming from the chimney in the early hours of this morning before police arrived on the scene  A spokesman for Cumbria Police said: “We were called just after 2am today.  “The agencies involved include Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service, which is the lead agency, supported by partners such as police the coastguard and other blue-light agencies such as paramedics  “So far we have utilised technology including drones and a helicopter in an attempt to rescue the man  “We are working tirelessly and looking at our options to try and bring this gentleman down safely  “It’s obviously a very dangerous situation for the man involved and the rescuers as well therefore it may take some time  “Road closures are obviously in place and I would like to thank the public for their patience We are attempting to minimise disruption to the public and businesses.”  Scott Mattinson, 24, and his fiance Nadene, 25, live nearby     Scott told the News&Star: “We heard a noise at about 10.30pm last night – some sort of wailing; like something in distress We thought nothing of it at the time.  “But then at 1am Nadene woke up; we could hear shouting and a carry-on We thought it was somebody who was drunk – you get used that, living near to Dalston Road  Then at 3am, there was more shouting, and it turns out that that was the police  “We looked out of the window and saw blue lights flashing.”  A spokeswoman for North West Ambulance Service told the Mirror Online they have sent an ambulance, a response vehicle and an operational commander – a senior clinician – to the scene  The chimney is a Grade II listed landmark which was built by Peter Dixon in 1936 as part of an adjoining cotton factory called Shaddon Mill  It was built to be tall enough to stop the large amounts of smoke generated by the factory polluting the rest of the city  At the time the factory was the largest cotton mill factory in the country. 

28 thoughts on “Man hanging upside down from Carlisle’s Dixons Chimney ‘stops responding’

  1. There is a poor guy stuck on the top of it now. Whatever his reasons were to climb it may have been a bet or something he may have taken. I am so sorry for his family, I wish we could turn back time.

  2. "Your first mistake steeple jacking and you get half a day at the undertakers" a quote from the greatest of them, Fred Dibnah.

  3. I just seen this….i was born in Carlisle and know Dixons chimney very well. This is so sad. Condolences to the family and a fond hello to the people of a grand city ?

  4. This stinks of extinction rebelion protester jus saying those loonys do some mad stuff

  5. Hopefully this incident will deter people from climbing up to the top of 290-foot broken ladders in the dark.

  6. I’ve been calling him a tit all day, now I feel bad because he’s dead. But he was still a tit.

  7. By the time the emergency services had filled in the risk assessment paperwork the guy died

  8. A teathered helium net balloon would have give the guy a chance. Rip condolences to his family. A man has died show some respect or do not comment. I feel for the emergency services who failed on this occasion.

  9. I live a couple of hundred yards away from that chimney. This is a sad situation, but that guy wsas dead way before they announced it. Poor fella, chose to do something silly on the first night we went into sub zero temps. Otherwise I reckon they could have saved him.

  10. Where there is will there will always be a way. Don’t know the circumstances so can’t really say any more. Could have been just a tragic accident. Health and safety is exactly what it is so it’s silly to mock it. My opinion is the last twenty foot of ladder should be removed if they were there. Any inspection can easily be made by erecting temp ladder on removed section. Feel for the family.

  11. an appeal was put out for any body with a 90 metre cherry picker,if only they had a telephone with internet access,I typed in "90 metre cherry picker and found 3,the MEWP(mobile elevated work platform)came from Glasgow ,that's an hour and half away ,he's been stuck up there for 15 hours

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