Man + River Makes NATIONAL NEWS!!! (Inside Edition – Original Clip, with Permission)

100 thoughts on “Man + River Makes NATIONAL NEWS!!! (Inside Edition – Original Clip, with Permission)

  1. Happy Monday everyone! Tell me how you’re doing and let me know where you’re watching from!

  2. You spend $1000 to get the phone but won’t spend $1 a month to backup your phone…

  3. When I had an iPhone X, I put it on the back of the car (without realizing it) and drove of to go home, when I actually got home that's when I realized what happened. Lol. Someone returned it to me. He said that cars were running over it and everything! BUT THERE WASN'T A SINGLE CRACK! Just a few scratches but it was totally fine. I think it was because of the case but I'm not 100% sure. IPhone X's sure are survivors! Lol! (Sorry for the long post)

  4. i jast wanna say, maybe you don't know, you can let every wet divice like laptops or phones to a place with SUN! for me is a really good way to dry wet divices, even clocks. i have saved 2 laptops and a phone by this way, so as my friend who recomended that to me.!!

  5. Excellent Dallas you deserve a pat on the back for a job well done. 🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒

  6. Congratulations Man.!!!…you deserve this…i am from India and i love to watch your videos…Such a great work…

  7. The sweetest thing is that she only cared about her baby pictures and not the phone itself awwww. Congrats for being on the news even tho I’m a few months late

  8. this is why you use Android products.. information is not stored in device. brainwashed yuppies

  9. Wow you are in the “inside edition” that’s also my favorite channel too..!!

  10. What a wonderful guy! I'm a grandma and was so happy for the mother. I had tears of joy for her. Really nice thing you do! Proud of you

  11. This is a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing it.
    We once had a camera stolen from us right after the holidays, and before we had a chance to backup on our computers.
    We lost all the photos from our four son’s birthdays (all the week before Christmas), too.
    It’s heartbreaking to lose those precious memories forever.

  12. Love your videos you are helping people to restore faith in humans decency we Ned people like you today more then ever

  13. Im watching your videos right now and Im from the Philippines brother. Keep up the good work❤

  14. That's awesome forget the value of the phone those baby pictures are priceless !

    You have a beautiful little girl take as many pictures as you can before she's all grown up!

  15. This was great! Congratulations on finding and returning the phone! God's will for you and your family. Jesus saves!

  16. You’re an Honorable and Noble man @ Dallas! You should Be KNIGHTED for the work that you do. You have 1 fan here and I subscribed to your channel!👍👍👍👍👍🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  17. Dallas. The legend. <3
    It's 4 months later, I'm watching your videos when I should be sleeping. I have work tomorrow, WHAT AM I DOING? hahaha

  18. Hey amazing I found this channel yesterday I subscribed it too and i am loving it
    I'm from pakistan

  19. Wow right on!!! Good for you ! I really enjoy watching these videos ! Thankyou for all you do !!!

  20. I really want to be woth you all the time so if i lost something you can juat get it

  21. I'm an German person.

    I like your channel very much and I think you aren't very difficult to understand.

    I'm glad that you look for lost things and give them back to the people.

    You are amazing stay like you are.😉😉

  22. Dude you are the man! I discovered your channel a week or so ago and I’ve watched every single video you’ve made. I’ve seen others now doing what you do but the difference is the mission to return items lost is as important to you as finding them. That’s marvelous. Love it and do not change!

  23. Dude u r amazing, finding the stuff and returning is very hard u r great, I am watching u r channel from the begining

  24. Where is DALLMYD
    He found cars, guns, bodies , doezens of phones, doezens of cameras

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