Man-Sized Goonch CatFish – River Monsters

I’ve just hooked a massive fish. Is this the one I’m after? I’m gonna have to go for a swim. I don’t know what I’m thinking apart from being desperate, not to lose this fish… Regardless of my own safety. Wait ’till he comes up. Now! Now! Now! That is a serious size Goonch, that is a man sized animal, that is as big as a person. It is bigger than a lot of people around here. That is a big fish! They do exist, the Goonch do exist! Six foot of muscle behind that mouth, and those teeth are just like shark teeth, pointing back. If that got a hold of you, there’ll be no getting away. When I was diving with Rick, and we were seeing these beasts under the water, and they just look so otherworldly. Is it a hallucination, do these things really exist?! And yes the Goonch does exist. Just the absolute perfect predator, huge mouth on there, huge huge huge mouth. And if anything just comes down within range of that mouth, it’s too late. And big as this fish is… the fish that is taking people would be bigger than this. I mean it wouldn’t actually need to be more than a couple of feet longer, but that would really give it a bit more weight. I mean it would probably weigh twice as much as this. And you know, just the thought of that is quite terrifying. Okay at… Is it off the ground? Now yes. Okay One six six One hundred and sixty one pounds. I keep expecting a monster to lure out of the murk, and then one does.

100 thoughts on “Man-Sized Goonch CatFish – River Monsters

  1. Where else r u going to find a TV star in rags in front of the camera! JW is as genuine as it gets! He and Steve Irwin. Massive respect.

  2. Jeremy Wade is always looking for fish as badass as he is. I think this is one of the few times he found one.

  3. He got very few bites. The bait was wrong. Live fish would have been better, or maybe rotten cheese or liver + 50 GBP catfish attractor.

  4. goonchi gang goonchi gang goonchi gang goonchi gang goonchi gang goonchi gang goonchi gang goonchi gang goonchi gang goonchi gang goonchi gang goonchi gang goonchi gang goonchi gang goonchi gang

  5. If a catfish can grow this big, then there might be another catfish in the dark murky waters, bidding its time to rise when it gets bigger…

  6. I TOTALLY RELATE to The Lucky Fishing T Shirt rotting off Jeremy's back! … I've got one just like it.

  7. Hollywood can include this fish for next movie after pirana and sharks🙄

  8. Plz come my village india konkan

  9. Jeremy please suggest me which type of rod is best for deep river fishing in India…… Please sir

  10. Wiki: The river defines Nepal's western border with India and is known as Mahakali/kali river in Nepal and Ramganga/Kaliganga/Sharda river in India.

  11. 1. Why on earth are you wearing a torn-up shirt ?
    2. 166 pounds ? That fish is heavier than my weight. I'm only weigh 136 pounds

  12. This is probably where Rockstar got their inspiration for the Legendary Channel Catfish in RDR2 haha

  13. I love how he says how the goonch is bigger than the majority of the people that live there and I'm thinking I mean yeah the majority of the people there a pretty small in scrawny also isn't it incredible that there are parts of the world where freshwater fish are bigger than people.

  14. A giant catfish with fangs? It's like they combined the scariest aspects of the fish from this series. If the babies swam up your penis this would be the most terrifying fish known to man.

  15. The happiness in his voice when he says "they do exist" it really puts it into perspective how long and hard hes been trying to catch one.

  16. I didn’t know he was into fashion , got the new yeeze shirt 😂

  17. We in our villge in india call it Baagair fish. And here in our villge a man caught that fish by following minimum 50 km from our river Brahmaputra. Fish was 108 kg and person sold it 500 rupees per kg (about 7.15 usd per kg)

  18. This fish is found in India and many death reports are heard in the water where the fish lives bigger ones are in excess of 200lbs much heavier than a fat human male

  19. goonch catfish 12 feet was caught in kali river nepal that ate Child and adult man

  20. Must suck to go swimming, only to exit the water with a huge goonch attached to you gooch… 🤔

  21. Honestly that fish name sounds like an ethnic slur…


  22. I know a lot of you wont think I'm not telling the truth but I had a 16,000+ gallon fish tank growing up. I'm super lucky to have a family that could afford me such a luxury but I did end up being that lucky. This was a fish I would never want to keep as i had to go into a tank the size of a small Manhattan apartment to take care of it. Not a pet!

  23. You want a special you can sell? Head to lake iliamna in Alaska and try to land the monster of legend no one has been able to catch!!

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