Manila to Wawa Dam Bike Ride

Hi, guys! It’s 5am My friend is not yet here. And I was able to invite others here to join our ride later Theyre supposed to go to Tagaytay, but their member who wants to go there isn’t here yet So they decided to do Wawa ride instead Wawa dam or Montalban dam is a tourist spot in Rodriguez, Rizal You can bathe in the river or falls if the current is not strong You can also camp, rock climb, or hike Mts Pamitinan, Binacayan, and/or Hapunang Banoi I’ve done this in the past. Check the description for link to my old itinerary and tips But this time, I biked from Makati to Wawa Dam Call time in Luneta was 430am As usual I got scammed, coz I was the only one there at 430am Sunrise is done and Riza isn’t here still, so good morning to all, except to Riza! My friend arrived at 6am – finally She was with Trinx *Bikerhood Philippines (Bikerhood not brotherhood, sorry..) We have marshals with radio We should not leave anyone alone during the ride If there are those who want to stay behind, you will need a buddy with you We also have a bike mechanic in case we run into problems We rode out at 630 am One of our teammates got punctured tire thrice, and someone also ran into a minor accident But the group was reliable so I didn’t panic Our route was Luneta – Espana – Q Ave – Commonwealth – San Mateo – Wawa Dam Traffic was light in the morning so some vehicles were much faster The terrain from Makati to Wawa Dam was mostly flat There were quick gradual uphill and downhill, but it was chill (even for a newbie like myself) There is an open parking in Wawa Dam We walked our bikes to go up and left it at the ruins part Upon arriving at Wawa Dam, we just walked our bikes for aroun 15 mins I didn’t use the battery of my ebike so it is a regular mountain bike today ๐Ÿ™‚ We rented a boat to get to the falls and campsite Boat ride costs P10 / head / way (Aren’t we too heavy here?) (Aren’t we too heavy here?) We aren’t moving because they ate extra rice earlier ๐Ÿ˜€ Cottage rental is P150 There is no mobile signal here (teasing the barefooted ones coz the rocks are a bit painful – the barefooted ones were teasing the group in rubbers earlier because they got their shoes wet) My route back was Marikina -C5 – BGC. It would have been an ideal route because it is just straight, but traffic was terrible Especially I have great difficulty lane splitting and biking near the gutter Thankfully, the group always assisted me So they make way in advance for me if I need to cross, overtake, or change lanes I seriously won’t do any of these if I’m alone So thank you, Trinx Bikerhood Philippines! (Bikerhood not brotherhood, sorry..) I enjoyed the ride to Wawa Dam and back to my house! (Gosh Im so tired!) It’s fine with me when Mar’s tire gets punctured, because we get to have stopovers. Kidding! ๐Ÿ˜€ They’re the Tagaytay Team – Turned Wawa Dam Team!

10 thoughts on “Manila to Wawa Dam Bike Ride

  1. uy ayos ah. yung naunahan mo pa ako mapuntahan jan haha parang di taga Rizal eh haha nice one ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. waaa! 3 times tlga ako na flatan hehehe.. sa uulitin ha at MTB nlng dalhin ko..

  3. Group nyo po pala yung sinabayan namin. Gulat ako nahagip ako ng camera, akala ko kamukha ko lang yun haha ๐Ÿ˜‚ ride safe po lagi

  4. Ganda dyan ma'am๐Ÿ‘ payakap kapadyak, balik ko din sayo. Thanks

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