Marathi Mirchi – On Fire for Rivers

My Name is Tanushri Kiran Sonawane.
I am studying in 5th grade. My school is
Raje Shri Chatrapati Shahu School. Friends, I am going to give a small speech and I humbly request you all to
please listen to it attentively. It is our great fortune today;
renowned Environmentalist who has been touring India, Respected Shri Sadguru Jaggi Vasudevji
is present amidst us. I got a thought provoking subject to ponder over which is Environmental Sustainability
and Pollution Control; To share that, I seize this very opportunity and
I’m standing in front of you. So as a small environment lover from 5th grade of
Raje Shri Chatrapati Shahu School, Tanushri Sonawne, First of all,
I offer my humble pranam to all. It is normally understood that Animals….., Birds….., Trees….., Forests……,
Mountains……, Sun……, Air……., Water……. The whole creation consists of all these and together we call it as our “Environment.” Today, we all are standing on the brink of
an environmental disaster I remember this incident even today Our teacher narrated an incident that brought
goose bumps as we heard it. She was talking about the heart wrenching
incident of 26th July 2005. That was the day the entire Mumbai city
witnessed massive rainfall. Everywhere and everything was filled with water.
Entire Mumbai was submerged in watery grave. Trains, buses, and the whole transport system collapsed Drains and rivers were overflowing and
the sea was on high tide, Walking barefoot was the only means left to commute. As she was walking on a road,
water was up to her shoulders. She could see people trapped in various places Land and buildings were all under water Hearing shouts -‘Help, Help !’ What a horrifying scene! Even today when I remember the story
my whole body trembles. I cannot forget another scary experience
that happened recently on 29th August 2017. Horribly heavy rain, 300mm rainfall and
my adorable Mumbai was flooded everywhere. There were waterfalls on Railway stations,
and they were crowded with people. People were trying to find shelter wherever they could. Other people were distributing food Mumbaikars, wherever they could find a little place
they hung on staying awake the whole night. My school had declared a holiday.
So, I was watching all this on TV. I felt so very bad. Was so sad. The nights of 26th July 2005 and 29th August 2017 Are forever etched in my mind. I was pondering over this the whole night, Is nature responsible for all these happenings? Are the rains angry with us? Did we do something wrong? Who’s responsible for all this?
We ourselves, right? Like this many questions were raging through my mind. My mind was numb.
I suddenly realized – we are responsible for this
(dying rivers) too. In contrast, we have a different situation.i.e.
draught and drying rivers. In fact in some places their existence itself is endangered. There is reduced rain fall and
people are walking miles to fetch water. I see my dear farmers are so dependent on rain
for their farming. When there is no rain, there is no harvest.
And then, they commit suicide by
hanging themselves. Friends, without water there is nothing.
If there is water, We will have a Tomorrow. Our ancestors gave us the Mantra;
“Block the water and let it seep in the ground.” but we are wasting our time in trying to block
and pull each other down. Our Land, Our People.
Yes! Our Land, Our People. And yet, ‘our’ own people have destroyed ‘our’ environment. Wake up friends! Please Wake up! We are using so many plastic bags,
cutting down forests, creating a world of filth, Constructing big buildings on
River Banks by filling up River beds. Instead of taking out the filth from the riverbeds
and helping it to flow, we are choking it with more and more garbage The biggest river in India – “Ganga” is in similar condition. Between the Ganga of the year 2000 and
and Ganga of 2017, there is such a huge difference,
It is as if she is begging and pleading us: “Let me flow! Let me flow!
Keep me Clean! Remove all the dirt! Let me flow! Let me flow Freely!” What is happening? What is this our people are doing? Friends! we must STOP this somewhere.
This has to STOP somewhere That’s why I say “If there is Water, we have a Tomorrow,
Only If there is Water, we have a Tomorrow”. Knowing all this
we are still pretending to be ignorant. Environment MUST be protected! Yes! Friends. It MUST be protected. Only when we protect our environment,
our country will be Great. Protecting environment is not a one person’s job… It is mine. It is yours, It is every citizen’s duty to protect. Friends, If the future generations realize its importance,
we can stop all the pollution. Only then we can save the environment Otherwise we’ll have to face
all sorts of extreme calamities. And succumb to all sorts of diseases. The whole world will be in danger,
There is no doubt about this. So lets sing: “Friend, lets Plant a tree and water it now And when it grows, We will enjoy its Sweet Fruits When it grows, We will enjoy its sweet fruits Taste its sweet fruits, Taste its sweet fruits
Taste its sweet fruits, Taste its sweet fruits” Wake up friends, Please wake up! Just celebrating Environment Day is not enough Because the responsibility of saving
our great nation is on Us. Friends! If we don’t fulfil our responsibility…
If we don’t put a stop to this, We will face great Calamities So, Wake up right now Plant Trees! Nurture Trees! Don’t Pollute Environment Save the Nature!
Save the Environment!
Save the Environment! Environment is our only True Friend. I am speaking a lot,
I am asking for lot more. I am speaking a lot,
I am asking for lot more. But I am a Little One.
I am biting off more than I can chew. Please forgive me,
because I am also a young Environment Lover. Sane Guruji said:
(A renowed Poet School Teacher of Maharashtra) “The world is beautiful,
Let us also become beautiful The world is beautiful,
Let us also become beautiful Look! Look around you! Trees and Creepers moving and swaying in the breeze.
Trees and Creepers moving and swaying in the breeze. In the blue sky, Birds are flying Chirping and singing songs
Chirping and singing songs” Oh My! In the flow of speaking;
I seem to have lost track of time. The Environment Lover &
Rally for Rivers Campaigner Shri Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudevji,
I want to tell you something. I saw one of your videos.
You had said a wonderful thing in it Our rivers which have been flowing
perennially for thousands of years are now only flowing in rainy season. You, yourself had rafted 163 km
on the River Kaveri. But that is no longer possible now because
the river does not have as much water. Those words you spoke wounded my heart! I salute your “Save The Rivers” campaign. I salute Your “Rally For Rivers” Campaign.
I salute you. I salute you. With this I wrap up my speech.
Please accept my Pranam
We will meet again. Goodbye.

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