Marist Word on the River: Move-in Day 2019

[Music playing] Hey what’s up you guys this is Skyler
and it’s that time of the year again students are moving out of their homes
and into their dens because it’s Marist College freshman Move-In Day between the
moving boxes into tissue boxes our Red Foxes are scattered all over campus to
help families with that process so let’s jump right in and see what’s happening. Of course I’m nervous, I’m not too much wanting to speak because I’m very
sensitive on this at this moment. Can I stay? Do you want her to stay? No… I’m glad she’s leaving. I’m just kidding. I’m happy for her, and excited. Is there like a must had that you had to
bring to college? My phone I didn’t buy anything. No idea. Welcome to Marist, Class of 2023! What is your role today, what are you doing to help out? So I’m saran-wrapping everything we’re labeling everything getting in on the
trucks getting it to the specific room of each family so that when they come
back after lunch everything is sitting right there for them. I’m hanging out with a
couple of seniors who are helping out for freshman move-in day. What keeps bringing you back to help out each year I just like even the freshmen a nice
warm welcome you know on to campus you know get them nice and comfortable
coming in. We’re here to help them like Marist’s their home and that everyone
here is like inviting and loving and welcome. I wanted to give back to the
community give that back to the new freshmen moving in. Welcome to Marist! So I’m making myself at home, looks like you guys clearly made yourselves at home. You are almost done
with the move-in process. How has it been so far it’s been good I’m really organized everyone here at Marist. I thought I was gonna be like really
nervous but it’s not that bad. I’m grandma every it’s wonderful everybody
was so helpful it was like a fine-tuned machine We were impressed with how
organized everything was how we had a designated parking place and we jumped
on the shuttle and it was pretty seamless. I actually was way easier than I
thought it I thought we’d be here for like hours. I just kind of blink my eye
and everything is done like magic like that. [Music playing] What are the tough emotions going
through your mind right now? I’m very sad we share a room and we’re
very close. Did you get your own room? Yes Now I’m glad, I’m already moving my stuff
around Figuring out how you know life’s, gonna be it’s gonna be a little different This girls wanted to be here since ninth grade and she’s did it If you’re to leave your son with a little
bit of advice one piece of advice what would you say? Just take it all in
and enjoy every minute of it Take advantage of everything Marist has to offer. I’ll just text them as tips and advice all day long giving tips Learn as much as you can about yourself and also academically and from people around you Um, go to parties All right be shy don’t be shy Work hard play hard make sure you get great grades but make sure you have fun
in the process Another Marist freshman Move-In day Success. Although the car
doors are closing and the parents are beginning to drive away the doors here
at Marist remain open and the opportunities are endless Welcome to the family Class of 2023

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