Marist Word on the River: New McCann Center

Hey. This is Skyler your host of word on
the river and in honor of the opening of the newly renovated McCann Center, I
thought I’d give you guys a little tour, and put our current Red Foxes to the
test. I’m gonna give them a challenge. If they McCann complete it, they get a point. If they McCann’t, they don’t. Let’s go. Can you keep the
soccer ball up more than 10 times without it hitting the floor? [Music] There you go. I think they could do
more than ten. Can you do a push-up and clap? Who wants to try to go first? Do you
think you could do it? I got it. [Music] Keeps going. He keeps going. He can keep going, all day. I cannot top that, but I will do one. One,
alright okay we’ll take it. Got to see what we ask for. Oh. He’s got two. There you go. I’m hanging out in the new recreational gym with two
regulation-size basketball courts. McCann or McCann’t you make a half-court shot?
I think so. He thinks you can do it. Alright let’s see it let’s go over here [Music] One try or? Alright well, like the point is to do
it on one try, but you know if you’re close, maybe we’ll give you like couple
more. [Music] SKYLER: Oh my god. There you go. He did it! McCann! Do you think you can
do one pull-up? Maybe [Music] Oh there you go. She did it. She can do a pull up. Do you think you McCann make the bean bag
go in the hole in one shot? Yes I can. Alright let’s see it. [Music] SKYLER: Oh so close. I’m
gonna give you another challenge. McCann or McCann’t you dunk that basketball? I
mean you are pretty tall. I’ll try [Music] What McCann’t you do? What are your thoughts
of the new gym? I love it. I think it’s a great space. There’s so many different
things that they added that we can use, especially the turf. Especially that it’s
cold outside, we can use that. SOCCER PLAYER: It’s really cool. It’s great to like be active
around here and there’s always something to do. I like just being able to kind of
have my own access to stuff without having to wait for other people and wait
for things to open up. STUDENT: Yeah I like how they they put a lot of effort into it.
They put a lot of new machines in which I like, and there’s a lot more things
that you could do and a lot more open space. STUDENT 2: I think it’s a great new facility
that will hopefully make our team and all the other teams better. So now we’re
going to check out one of the two multi-purpose fitness rooms that we have
here in the new McCann Center. This one in particular is used for yoga and is
currently being used for yoga. Alright Frankie, you look like you’re pretty
stretched and relaxed. But are you ready to pick things up a bit?
Take things up a notch? Yeah, alright well I have a challenge for you… McCann or McCan’t you guys beat our special competitor in a race? Bring him on out. [Music] VOICEOVER: No shot. [Music] VOICEOVER: I believe I McCann. [Music] SKYLER: On your mark,
get set, go! [Music] SKYLER: Alright, who’s it gonna be? Oh. Oh. There is nothing Frankie McCann’t do. And there you have it.
Although our Red Foxes can McCann do just about anything, we McCann’t wait for you to
come and check it out yourselves. For now, I got a run. I’ll see you soon.

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