Marvel’s Runaways 1×08 Promo “Tsunami” (HD)

He’s barely breathing! I’m gonna revive him
the way I get revived. And who did you have in mind? My parents sent Molly away
to stay with a relative. Your parents sent me this
just before they died. Something’s wrong. Her laptop was wiped clean,
but we never found her phone. Do you know what they do? They raise money for charity. That is not it at all. You guys better get over here.

55 thoughts on “Marvel’s Runaways 1×08 Promo “Tsunami” (HD)

  1. Fun Fact:
    The title of the episode (tsunami) is a reference to the imprint Runaways was published under.

  2. Just A Question.
    How Did Alex Knows Tina Minoru's Ofiice Password
    And What Is The Password.

  3. His life doesn’t need to be saved, he just tried to kill his son! How insane is that smh. They all should runaway the next episode man.

  4. Very good show, albeit a bit up and down. Lots, and lots of potential with this show but I do hope they pick up the phone and call Phil soon, these kids could use a few pointers from Daisy and the rest.

  5. In the comics Alex was a mole, but I feel like in this show they might take a different approach and have him know something about Amy’s death instead that’s why he couldn’t go to her funeral because he knew something.

  6. Loving this show, but when are we gonna see Old Lace again? Also, is she ever gonna get called that on the show? (Yes, I know, be patient….but still!)

  7. They better not be trying to do Molly dirty and sacrifice her because she's not their real daughter.

  8. Disney bought fox so I expect to include X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it would be nice if Disney also bought Sony ('cause of Spiderman and stuff)

  9. They can take much time as they want to build up for the runaway because I really love the drama between the characters. Theses parents actors weren't cast for just chasing and abusing kids.

  10. Chase and Alex need more interactions as friends.We need to see more of Old Lace.Also,I hope the P.R.I.D.E isn’t mad at Janet for shooting Victor,I mean he was literally about to kill their son (Chase).I mean it is impossible that none of them (except Robert)didn’t see at least hints of Victor’s abuse.They can’t fault Janet for what she did.

  11. Idk if I’m the only one but Alex gives me a weird vibe. He’s the leader of the group essentially but something is just off about him. It seems like he’s hiding something

  12. And I'm the only one here wondering if Frank is going to survive the Runaways? Cause I'm pretty sure the writers changes his fate and have him arrested in association.

  13. Fun fact: nicos mom uses to be a master of the mystic arts I PROMISE ITS TRUE LOOK IT UP!!!!!!

  14. I love this show never even heard of the runaways before seeing this. Now I have gone and spoiled it for myself. That is if the show stays true to the story line

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