Welcome to the kingdom of Luke and today we’re heading to Turkey to check out Katliam 3 A.K.A Massacre.. if you
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Without further ado, you know what to do, chin up, buckle up, let’s get into the
video. I want to say a special thanks to Hasan for helping me with the translation because I couldn’t make this video without your hard work.. lets do it. alright, here we go. We got Anil first. all right stop before we go any further
quick, i want to have a look at his lyrics.. “my life’s is jammed as Istanbul, it’s as
busy as Istanbul, i don’t like this girl’s manners she’s self-important, this rap
game is running so fast someone’s gonna be used, eaten up. When you come across me change your way and shut your delicate mouth. Anils swag is going to outnumber you.” okay, next one, that was good but not too
good. Next one, Dr. Fuchs Belt off. Oi! Pause that. Lets go back. So I like this guy better… who have we just listened to? So we listen to Anil first and then (one) this guy is Dr. Fuchs he was really good I liked his quicker flow and he said “the rap game is
sick nowadays” it’s a bit similar to what CEZA was saying in Beatcoin these guys are talking about ‘real rap’ “no need to be afraid of this (rap), raps the
greatest at this time every bitch deserves to die” anyone who’s in rap that is a bitch deserves to die.. “(ta-ta-ta-ta) we gun you
down as we release the flame and this time it’s not pop that rises from the
ashes it’s rap right, next guy… hayki….. let’s do it Hey, he finished on “You think I won’t
talk but the joke’s on you you think I worship money, like you do,
but I don’t” and he was talking about (where he’s doing this) about the coke, I
think the cocaine.. where we are at? “You think being skeptical is a way of being
courageous but it’s not you bastard while you die give a warm hug to your
coke and whiskey, tell me what do you have except for the money of yours?” so yeah..
dope.. let’s go to the next guy tekmill he’s based in London he said… “Everyone’s got their problems, fuck it, I’m gonna embrace mine maybe these rhymes are heavy (to yours) go and get your bro to my Kingdom” is it a
play on words because he’s in the United Kingdom? I don’t know… “he who comes here
gets a broken nose there’s only one king in London “my eyes are red but it’s not because of
drugs its because i am sick” (a sick rapper) so he said sapphire? he said “you win some, you lose some,
get up and fight, dont talk about love if you didnt suffer”. Nice. This guy, Canbay next. Nice flow That was Canbay and this is his rap partner Wolker (right?) so from Canbay he’s like.. “everyone is saying let go of all the illegal stuff but
sometimes I fall on evil days please at least once smile upon me, what’s your
problem? yeah I live in the moment and the streets are my home”. Let’s go Wolker So this is the main rapper who’s channel this video is on…. and he has been doing these cyphers.. Masakka i think is his name and people have told me that this guy is a real gangster let me know in the comments…(keep it going) There’s one line he is saying here..”this is Turkish rap, you better listen to it.. crescent in the sky (the moon in the sky) but there is a crescent on the Turkish flag look at it and think of your life,
we’re gonna bomb your whole life, we got our guns don’t make any mistakes we’re
gonna come at night.. 36 boys.. this is how..” 36 boys I think
are a gang from Kreuzberg Germany so I guess he’s rep representing them does
that mean this guy is from Germany or is he from Turkey? let me know.. Diablo “get in the bank, grab everything storm
the bank, grab all the cash, watch your back we’re coming for you take everything you can this is the real shit it’s not a theatre, not even Pablo (Escobar) can overthrow me.. Diablo is the evil twin of Massaka..” The previous rapper.. (let’s go) Diablo.. who we got next? Oh (yeah, yeah, yeah) i know.. Is that a real gun? I think it probably is you know. So next guy, we got Saniser (from Susamam) I think his real name is ‘Sarp’ “You’re asking too many questions, you’re
just using drugs (coke, meth) and listen to Gucci gang, let’s get high as you close
your eyes your music is shit.” it sounds like he’s taking a shot at Ezhel.
I don’t know if he is, but it sounds like he’s taking a shot at him. He’s saying
“Your voice is shit unless you’re using the auto tune”. Sansar Salvo “We paved the way for this rap music, we’re veterans when I listen to your music my head freezes” I don’t want to hear it Next, we got Defkhan Woah, crazy skippy flow, crazy flow… Oh, this guys flow is insane. “Go and delete me from your
playlist, my shit is more pure than heroin” I think so far he is probably the best rapper, definitely best flow. And the guy from Susamam… ‘Sarp’ (Saniser) his lyrics have probably been the most enjoyable. Sir-Dav Man, he was talking nasty on that one! He was talking about “Hey you don’t even know me, I’m gonna put my blindfold on we go wild in the streets..
do you even know me? I know your family don’t talk shit to me I’m gonna cut your
tongue out with a saw. Next guy (last guy) Rota. lets go back So he said “Don’t panic, this rap is a chemical, then he says a place in Istanbul ‘Silivri’ I don’t know how to say it, I’m that
place.. ‘Hannibal’ somebody said he went to prison back in October that’s why he’s
saying he was in jail like Hannibal, out of the movie. the beat has changed too. beat switch “hip-hop to us is like Tiesto to Techno”. If i had to pick a favourite from that.. I would probably say Defkhan, he was the best. Let me know in the comments who your favourite is… That’s it for the reaction and don’t forget Like, Subscribe, Buckle
up and ride through the kingdom of Luke Peace.

100 thoughts on “MASSAKA – KATLIAM 3 – REACTION

  1. Luke Please react much more rock videos instead of this like mess rap videos. pls..

    İçim sıkıldı gerçekten şu rap'i dinlerken. Kim önerdi bu şarkıyıı gerçekten? Hakkikaten daha güzel şarkılar var şu çer çöp şarkıya reaction isteği yapacağınıza Pentagram isteği yapsaydınız. Nerede Doğa için Çal nerede bu şarkı arada kalite olarak yanına yaklaşamayacak kadar çöp bence.

    Mor ve Ötesi – Bir Derdim var
    Pentagram – No one wins the fight
    Pentagram – fly forever (this song written for one of their member who murderd by terorist while he is a soldier)

    Pentagram – For the One Unchanging

    Pentagram – Apocalips

    Pentagram – lions in a Cage

    Pentagram – Anatolia

    Pentagram – In Esir Like an Eagle

    Pentagram – Dark is the Sun

    Pentagram – 1000 in the East

    Pentagram – Give Me Something to Kill the Pain

    Sertab Erener – Every Way That I Can

  2. hay ben bunu önerenlerin ya. hayatımda dinleğidim en kötü rap bu olabilir. iyiki rap yeniden moda oldu. olsun ama kalitelileri olsun herkes cono oldu iyice hap ot bok göt başka söz yazamayan angutlar rap dünyasını bir serbest bıraksın artık

  3. hey luke ı know who say something you are listening that. dont do that bro. you are listening shit because of poeople. some stupid giving you advice dont listen them. turkish music is not that trust me. some teenage making popular this bullshit. its empty music no meaning, no emotion, no culture, its biggest nothing

  4. I think you don't care or miss the last part of Şanışer's verse. Let's take a look at this↓↓↓

    You are using autotune because you have bad voice.
    If someone ask you "what does your lyrics mean?" You get bored and say "Nevermind the lyrics"
    Your earnings are all forbidden.
    Tell something that everyone cares and serve something rational.

    And can you like the comment if you read :). I just want to know you read it.

  5. 36 boys is his Gang he is the one of founders and they fought against Nazi movements for all peoples who got beaten by nazi bastards. So yes Massaka is a gangster


  7. Defkhan is the best rapper for flow. I think you should listen Defkhan-tornavida or Defkhan-intro. This songs are great. Nice video thanks….

  8. I love this channel, but if you don't listen to Istanbul trip, you will regret the equipment 🙂 please ❤️

  9. You must listen Sagopa Kajmer for real Turkish RAP..
    because Turkish Music İs oriantel..
    you can listen sagopa kajmer – trakonya or sagopa kajmer – vasiyet (vasiyet video clip take award mtv music clips)

  10. btw ezhel uses autotune but his voice is really great without autotune or smth

  11. Türk arkadaşlara tavsiyem bu adam izlediği videoları araştıran insanlara aktaran analiz eden biri gibi geldi bu sebepledir ki bence boş video atmayın bu adama mesela arkadaşın biri First Gokturks adlı videoyu izle demiş. Çoğu kişi de bence bu tarz ülkemizi tanıtacak videoları atsın adama. Boş şeyler atıp adamı soğutmanın hiçbir manası yok. Bu söylediklerim genel naçizane tavsiyemdir.

  12. hi bro Massaka is real gangsta
    Massaka – 24 Ayar
    Massaka – Hapiste Volta reaction pls

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  15. He is not saying that to ezhel they are friends.Actually Ezhel has a good voice saniser said that when ezhel uses autotune he sounds fantastic like he doesnt use it because that.
    Saniser started rapping because of Sehinsah *

  16. 36 Boys is fighting with neo-nazis and other German gangs. Members of this gang lives in Kreuzberg and already all members are Türkish. This gang is a Turkish team.

  17. Silivri is a greatest prison in Turkey. It is in İstanbul/Silivri. When Rota arrested he went to this place

  18. Şanışer – Billie jean cover reaction please 🙏🏽🙏🏾💙

  19. Mostly your translations are wrong especially for Yener Çevik, sure its because of Google Translate but you may try to find another method bro haha

  20. I can say to your brother really video analysis expert, as the people of Turkey are always by your side, I wish you continued success here I left a heart for you😎👉❤️

  21. silivri has known cause of turkish one of the biggest,oldest prison but you can find wisdom or ur bloody marry depends on ur how you are see world 🙂 if you try any type of not their trueths ,govern, will accept your sign very quick lol.
    (also world most largest arrested journalist population belong silivri's prisons.)

  22. Adam harbiden müzikten anlıyor aga. Nasıl da Defkhan’ı şıp diye ayıkladı. Helal.

  23. Listen
    Allame – Gözlerim Görmeden
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    One of the best rapper in Turkiye

  24. Yep ! Massaka is real Gangsta 😀 He from Turkey but live in Germany also the same person as Diablo

  25. Olum adamın çeviriyle şarkı sözlerinin bağlantısı yok dkdksndndndndnfnfn

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