Massive ebay COB LED Grow light test

hi welcome back to the Migro YouTube
channel my name is Shane and I am the founder of Migro today we’re going to look at a very unusual cub it’s certainly the biggest Cobb I’ve ever got my hands on
ordered it in from eBay it’s it’s a huge one it’s 20 cent 22 centimeters 8 over 8
inches by 12 centimeters that’s over 4 inches so it’s a big huge one and badged
and eBay as a 70 watt cob and we’ve tested it it doesn’t you wouldn’t be
running it at 70 watts now but in here we’ve got and 12 rows of LEDs 14 each so
336 in total it’s not a bad quality unit in terms of the the the hardware you
take a closer look at it here you can see it’s got a nice big thick aluminium
plate really good for heat sinking cystic coat of rubberized to phosphor on
the top and slightly varies in thickness to phosphor slow
I measured slightly different color temperature across the board but overall
it’s 3,200 K so it’s verified with the spectroradiometer
and if I switch it on here just at low current you can see all the little LEDs
lighting and this is a really good test so I tested this before and you’ll see
that I put this down in the dark and I had it running at very very low voltage
and current and when I was looking for us to see did the LEDs light up evenly
and they do a very very low current like I’m talking less than milliamps small
fractions of milliamps and all of the LEDs pretty much illuminated with the
same brightness which shows that they’re all pretty much the same resistance or
values and because they’re very well balanced the circuit is unlikely to get
overly hot or any no particular led is delighted to
get out very hot so so yeah it’s not a bad build at all as I said it’s
described as a 70 watt you see the eBay advertisement here so it’s a DC 12-volt
car belly deep analyzed 70 watt flip module floor lamp it says that it can be
ruined input from 12 to 14 volts which and up to 13 13 amps which you can’t
beat if you run it at 12 volts draws a lot of current 12 volts draws bank 3
amps three-and-a-half amps which is way too much with it’s just the aluminium
backplate you would need heat sinking with that and possibly fans as well but
I have run it at 11 and a half volts and it draws two and a half amps and that’s
the equivalent of what is the twenty eight and a half watts and with that
runs cool enough and doesn’t need cooling on the back of it and so yeah of
course I put it up for a par test so you can see now we then I raised it just
three three and a half inches nine centimeters off the sensor over a 2×2 or
60 centimeter by 60 centimeter area took 16 measurements of the ppfd across it
and we got a result of 1.4 to ppfd per watt
so yeah but surprisingly could it’s an it’s better than a lot of cheap panel
LED lights better than some spectrum King models and other lights like that
and it’s getting up into HPS territories so yeah
interesting middle one the only downside is because you have to run it up these
lower wattages if you wanted to really illuminate a two by two properly you
would need at least four of these guys so you’d need to be running a pair of
under than 15 watts of these guys and you know you add it all together so your
tenner each for the four cob LEDs ten euros that’s 40 euros your another 40
euros for your driver and your other bits and pieces wires and soldering
excuse me and all that stuff I’m hanging them and fixing them you’d be the guts
of 90 or 100 euros when you’ve got it together plus your own time and for very
little lower efficiency you could be borrowed applying the under wash Mars
reflector pre-made for for bait the same so if it’s questionable as to whether
it’s work DIY you might want to buy them and try them out if you have small 20 or
30 wash and 12-volt power supplies 12-volt power supply limited to 2 amps
would work fantastic with this as a small little seedling light you will
need any for schooling or anything like that so full of light test hope you
enjoyed please leave your comments and take care Cheers

81 thoughts on “Massive ebay COB LED Grow light test

  1. Isn't PPFD measured over a square metre? I believe what you measured was the average PPF over a two foot square area.

  2. I know its a corny joke but the Chinese seem to be designing based on actual cobs, of corn.

  3. Hey thanks man 😊 interesting video ! Take care! Peace ✌️ from Welland Ontario Canada 🇨🇦

  4. Thank you for this information! Ever since I've seen this style of cob on big Clive's channel I wandered how well these cheap large ones perform compared to better quality cobs

  5. Saw this one on Big The size of it is hilarious. Always wondered if they are any good for growing. Thanks for the info 😀

  6. come on dude…as if anyone buying these are gonna use anything but a cheapo 7 quid driver !

  7. Shane you know how they say Hps should be 12-24 inch away from canopy, some led's 36 inch away and Cmh around 20 inch's, how close to the canopy could I get these if i wanted to do a vertically stacked grow?

    Like a 1 sq metre grow with another 1 sq meter grow stacked on top of it (doubling floor space). Led's seem like the way to go for heat in this setup, but I only have 2.2 metre in height, so its the is the light to canopy distance that is the problem (taking up precious height space that i don't want to give up).

    A bunch of these would give me a meter sq of coverage (I would cool them) BUT how close can I get them to the canopy and still get top notch 'Indoor Tomatoes'?

    Also would the penetration to the lower 'Tomato Bud's' be Ok? Lets say in 12 inch's of foliage from top of canopy to where it was 'lolly-popped'?

    #420 #Top Cola's #SOG/SCROG 🙂

  8. High bay shop leds seem to work very well and are a cheap alternative I don't know the science tho

  9. Hey Shane, when will you be updating your soil vs hydro series? I'm really interested to see the progress.

  10. I have been looking at these. Is there an advantage to mixing warm white with cool? I have a bunch of household warm white with some cool white…vegging well. No grow LED's in there…bout 6000 Lumens warm and 2000 Lumens cold. I was thinking of mixng warm and cool with these panels.

  11. ese led grande donde lo concigo y de cuantos watt es si se podriera saver un Link diresto para conseguirlos

  12. Thank you for doing the legwork and finding these different types of panels and reviewing them for us. Without this type of information we wouldn't be able to find deals that are actual good ones considering the amount of crappy LED lights out

  13. these would be good for a solar winter you could draw enough energy to light them..? in a greenhouse possibly?

  14. I'm here in the US, and I need to figure out the difference between your price, and the US?? I'm trying to something that most people forgot to do!!, so your video was very good, and I'll try to add that too list of GOOD PEOPLE TO TRUST!! Hope you have a VERY GOOD day!!

  15. You tested the color spectrum with an app on your phone?
    What is the name of it?

  16. Shane, you never cease to amaze and entertain. Always a pleasure to grab a cup of coffee and geek out over good science. Thanks for the review. As for me, I will skip over the small lights and start at 65w, 100w, and higher for small grows.

  17. Hi! Thanks for sharing all this with us! Are you going to try a few Alibaba qb's?(LM301B) There is good deals on the lm501c since people wants LM301B now!
    Have a lifted one and lots of good vibes from France!

  18. HI Shane. Like your vids thank you for all of them. I found a growlight that I think must be a revolution in growlighttechnique. Since I can't afford it, maybe you are able to get it and test it. Cheers and have good day. LINK:

  19. Do you know anything about Greenception LED brand? I've read in my shop (in EU) that they have top notch technology compared to other brands. It's made in Germany. Unfortunately, I can't find any review. Probably a new brand. Here:

  20. So Shane I've got to be honest..grow lighting technology is boring AF to me but you make it interesting. Thank you for that!

  21. I find the amount of DM in the new kw2511 disappointing. Prefer the y12vkb. Best around. Great vid

  22. What about Epistar 50W (Red and Blue or Full Specteum) chip? How good or bad is this chip?

  23. What brand spectroradiometer are you using I'm thinking of getting one and yours looks great I see you can view results directly on your phone.

  24. ..looks like your led light is in the water in the fish tank .in the background…holly shit

  25. I bought 7 of these…3 cool 4 warm. One of my panels has some dim lines across it at low voltage but can't see it when at 12 Volts

  26. You dont run modern LED COB's without heat sinking, so these readings are b.s. You wouldn't run a amp without heat sinking those transistors and expect any power!? or a car engine with out cooling?

  27. Hi Shane. Any chance you could do some tests with those 220v driverless (built in driver) cobs?

  28. I am running 7 off a 20Amp PWM motor controller, at 13.8V with about 50% duty cycle. They are warm, not hot. Working well. I had the power supply already so only in it for the cost of the panels and the rig to hold it which I made from PVC conduit and fittings.

  29. It would be great to see what the results of some of the cheap driverless chips are. For small applications the driver is a big cost of the setup when you look at total costs of the setup and electricity over ~5 year grow period.

  30. I have major heat issues running this thing with a cheap 12v 2a power supply. In free air the cob is burning hot after 20 minutes of light.
    Could I add a resistor or some other load to lower the max current to ~1.7a?

  31. When I first saw these I though space bucket, especially if you added one of these . Then I ran into an ATX power supply while cleaning the basement so a couple more are on there way from China along with a boost converter. When the DIY bug hits logic goes out the window 🙂 I am thinking at 4 units at 36 watts a piece should light a 2×2 just right

  32. Still cheaper then MIGRO'S cheapest light that they offer @ a crazy £300 and that's the cheapest including p+p
    Would love to own a migro light but way out my grow budget 😭 great video very informative 👍

  33. Well I figured out I'm going with top quailty lights but I have several options, heres a few I'm looking at for a 2×4 tent with 3 or 4 plants ..which would you think be the best

    Timber lights I think it's the 3vl the one with three lights for the 2×4

    Optic led 2×4 3 optic 1 cobs non dimmable×4-optic-1-cob-hang-kit

    Rapid leds 2×4 setup wit 4 lights dimmable


    And last the California light works solarxtreme 500

    Don't know which one to get they all look awesome

  34. How hot would these panels get if run by a 3s lipo battery and a 2 amp regulator? I have a large rc airplane that I want to put some downward facing led panels under the wings without melting them. Each wing is about 8 inches by 3 feet and made of epo foam. Would you have any suggestions? Thanks for your time…

  35. I've been experimenting with 2 of these and found they were fine at 3 amps as long as there was enough heatsink on them. I tried them on a bigger supply but I couldn't see any difference to the output and they seem fine as they are.

  36. Hi. Can u please do a review of the bestva 600w elite. It's a cheap light it's doing good for me but I'm really curious to know the par measurements.

  37. Hi there. Great vlog skills. YOU need to boost voltage to 14,5V to get real 100W U can also run it under water. It will act as heatsink. U can go up to 125W no problem. Huge light!

  38. Thank you Shane for this awesome review. I am a Growmau5 infested diy er and can't leave a heatsink unpopulated. I stumbled across these Cobs wich fitted my slightly smaller heatsinks and some used Meanwell HLG 120-24A perfectly. 2 of them in 6400k make a decent seedling/veg light. I bought another 2 because it worked amazingly well and looks realy good with 20/20 Alu profile. Thank you for your extraordinary work.

  39. Good vid but you should be murder for that screetch when you showed the rubberised coating.

  40. I'm going tp run 3 of these at 50w each with a 150w power supply mounted on aluminum I got free thats like 8 pounds lol

  41. Hi, this giant leds are powerful I tested under water to about 125W OK. But you can easy go to 100W with air heatsink & fan for massive light. voltage needs to go around 14-14,6V around 7A but keep current limited and good air circulation. For long use go to 70-80W power.

  42. I need ten of there good for growing…I wasn't to diy my veg area which is 3×12 area

  43. Thanks for this video, I'm completely new to COBs but hoping to learn much more!

  44. I see a Migro 100 in the aquarium. is it slightly under water? I have a 7 foot long 200 gallon. Today i almost ordered 2x migro 200 for a total of 4 lights. my only issue is the red side of the spectrum seems slightly lacking and the greens are wasting a ton of energy, but i guess the ppfd of the units really make up for the spectrum issues.

  45. MIGRO, what app (1:16) when looking for Android that you have?
    Is lux in the 5000K ranges?

  46. may i ask , is that a special meter for the spectrum or an app on the phone?

  47. today i had this cheap cob led i found on ebay for a couple bucks, its been sitting around my house for ages and im never planning on using it, so for fun i direct wired it with full AC power from my outlet and the thing exploded LOOOOOL

  48. You should be able to run it at 11.5 volts at 3.05 amps = 35.075 watts with it being cool to the touch that's like running a thousand watt RMS amplifier on a thousand watt RMS subwoofer being played at 500w RMS you could play it forever without it burning out or getting hot,, or 14 volts at 3.6amp = 50.4 watts or 3.5= 49 watts but you would need some form of cooling or heat sink,,, love the videos 702 out✌✌……

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