Mawlamyine city drive Thanlwin bridge and river front

The bridge structure includes a 3 km long road bridge and a 6.6 km long rail bridge. The bridge connects the city of Mawlamyine to Mottama on the northern bank of the river. Thanlwin bridge is the second longest bridge in Myanmar after Pakokku bridge. The Thanlwin (Salween) river is 2815 km long and flows from the Himalaya and the Tibetan plateau The bridge also has pedestrian paths on each side. Toll gate into Malawmyine area Mawlamyine Thanlwin river front is busy most of the time with local markets. Thanlwin bridge can be seen in the background Mawlamyine night market on the right will be quite busy in evening time

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  1. Wow really nice place to visit but I might cancel my vacation because of Virus. Do you think it's still ok to travel ?

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