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Hey guys, welcome back. Today I’m going to show you and demonstrate to you these Maxxeon Lights. These things are pretty cool. We just added them to our line. We’ve been testing them now for about a year. We’re pretty happy and I’m ready to show you. WorkStar series of work lights from Maxxeon. All lights have rechargeable batteries. So we have all these charging cords. They all come with a recharge cord. So the first one I want to show you is the inspector max. The reason why they call this a combo is because it has two lights. It has one on the face and then it has one right here. This is a pen light and a work light. It also has a magnet here. If you want to stick it to something, you can do that. Okay. That works well. It’s awesome. This is great for your pocket. Put it in your pocket. If you have a tool belt, or if you want to stick it in your lower pocket, you have the clip to hold it on there. Really awesome. Basically takes 1.5 hours to 2 hours of usage with two and a half hours recharge time. It’s a great lightweight inspectors light. Cyclops work light. Features a magnetic base down here, which you can see. Set it to where you want: up here, down here. Features a magnetic base and has a 1/4″-20 threaded in the base for optional tripod or suction cup mount. This does not have it but these come with a threaded insert so you can screw it into a tripod. This light fixture has multiple light settings. So I’ll show you those. So On. Okay light stays on consistently. Then I push it again and it goes brighter, brighter light will give you less battery time, and then off. You get about two hours in high setting, four and a half hours in medium, and five hours on low setting. Three hours to recharge this puppy. LightStik. The good old LightStik. This one is my favorite. I love this one here. What’s really nice about the LightStik is that you can adjust it. That’s the bar light right there and then of course you get different levels of light. That’s brighter. You push it again, it’s the first one, you get a pointer. So if you’re working on a car, in a tight space, something mechanical, that’s awesome. Or if you need just light everywhere, you turn that on, and then you hit it again and it goes brighter. It has a narrow tip penlight and a wide flood light. This light has two light settings plus the top light. 2 hours high. So on the high mode you’ll get two hours of light time. You get 5.5 hours in the low mode. 7 hours on the top. The recharge time on this is four hours. That’s the LightStik. Next one is the technician. This is the handheld 3,000 work light. Features a wide front light, which you can
see here, and a narrow top light. So it has a top light up here, which you can see there. Okay. Seven positions tilting over 180 degrees for optimal light placement. So, I can put it in many different positions.
It has a magnetic base, which I just showed you. It has a rubber coating to prevent scratches, so whatever you put it on it’s not gonna scratch, and a nylon hook. So you can hook it on something, like so. Okay. The nylon hook swivels so you can swivel it around. This work light has multiple light settings, plus the top light. Two hours high. So if it’s in high mode, like that, basically you’ll get two hours. Medium, you get four hours. For the top and low bottom light you’ll get 7 hours. Recharge time is 4 hours on this. The Lumenator series of area lights. Industrial grade lights with a magnetic base. That’s this light fixture right here. They feature special lenses and LEDs to create an ultra wide floodlight. The senior version has a USB port to charge cell phones, tablets, and pen lights. This area light has three light settings. So your light settings are basically in the back. That’s off, low, medium, high. That’s your three light settings. When you’re working in an area that is dark, you can move it. You can set it at different degrees and angles. It has this heavy magnetic connection with a fastener. You can take this fastener off and you can fix it to something else. The buttons are in the back and the rechargeable outlet is in the back. Lumenators can work with an optional tripod, and make free-standing lights, or a rafter plate for attaching to rafters and studs. 2 hours high. So in high mode you get two hours. Five hours in medium mode. Nine hours in low mode. Recharge time is going to be 3 hours for this fixture. The technicians headlamp. This headlamp can have its battery pack hot swapped so you can swap this out for minimum downtime. If you have two batteries you just hot swap it and you’re all good. Features a zoom lens. So you have a zoom lens on here with a tilt mechanism. You can see I’m tilting it here. To adjust the beams position. The headlamp has three settings. So you have three different settings for high, low, and medium. It is also water resistant and includes an extension cord for repositioning the battery. So if you didn’t want the battery on the clip here you can take it off and you can put it on your belt with an extension to this cable. As well as hard hat clips. So you get the hard hat clips that come on here. So it allows you to lock it down so when you tilt over, the band doesn’t come off the hard hat. That’s the reasoning behind those hard hat clips. So it attaches it to the hardhat and they stay. You have two hours on high beam, four hours on medium, and eight hours of use on low beam. Recharge time on this will be about six hours to recharge. So you get long life out of the battery use. Typically people use it at a medium setting so it gets you almost through the day. If you like what you see, please share my videos. Subscribe, like, comment. Hit the bell to be notified of new content. We publish a new video every week. We look forward to seeing you in our next video. Thanks for watching.

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