Maya Varnangal Scenes | Dama Dam Song | Bhanupriya to contest in elections | Jyothika | Urvashi

You are a pain, grandpa You make us lug these now
and take them down at noon You have no idea
These are Bonsai trees Look how I grow huge trees
in such small pots? Trees should be grown
on the sides of the forest – Good morning, Ra
– Good morning Ra, something very important You, Goms and I… Just the 3 of us… …are going on a trip for 3 days 3 days Only 3 days Ra, it’s my responsibility I’ll convince uncle Ra, just come with us
That will do Uncle won’t agree, Prabha My life is like an illusive jail You won’t understand
even if I explain Ra, you need a break Come on Like mother-in-law
like daughter-in-law! Ra…Ra…! Any yelp…? What? I know that Go and bring the thread Any help? Can you get me a bike? “Praise be to you, Qalandar
The red robed saint, our savior” “O’ Sufi saint, glory be to you
Sire of Sind, mystic true” “O’ Jhulelal, clad in a red robe
bless me; flood my heart with hope” “Friend of the Sindhis and of Sehwan,
O’ God intoxicated nobleman” “Four lamps divine
always lit at your shrine” “And here I come yonder
to light the 5th lamp in your honor” Shah Jehan built
this Taj Mahal for Mumtaz 42 acres, 1000 elephants,
30 varieties of stones He spent 320 million
20,000 people built this In addition, do you know every year
300000 to 400000 tourists come here? I can read up
all these facts in Wikipedia Tell me something new Shall I tell you? But you shouldn’t get angry? Shoot This is the tomb of Mumtaz who gave birth
to 14 children and died at the age of 38 Her husband built it
swimming in guilt and grief Am I right? Hello… Hey, Ameena Prabha, can we go for
the shoot as planned? No, I’m planning a trip
with aunty and her friends It will be ideal if you
plan from November 1st By the way What happened to those love birds? They are well settled Our Roop Singh Gond
has employed them both Stop yakking
Let’s go Talk to you later I’ll see you on 30th, okay? I’m worried about my tuition students
Half yearly exams are approaching Come, Goms, let’s go home What do you want? – Why are you latching the door?
– I’ll tell you Ra, 3 days Just 3 days You are coming with me
and Goms to Chhattisgarh Aiyo! Aren’t we going back to town? I have my tuition clas- Come with me Ra…? Will you ask uncle’s permission or shall I? Impossible, Prabha It’s even more difficult now Why…?
What now? I know You got a seat in the Party, ma You’ll stand in this election for us And you will win I’ll make sure you win Ward councilor, huh?
You’re rocking, girl! For their political career to flourish… …they will use me as a toy Whatever it is, being elected
as ward councilor has a special honor I will only sign, that too sitting at home Ward councilor it seems Look at that
Then what will you do? What will I do? Same routine
Take care of the house Clean and cook 3 meals a day Ward councilor! Most lady councilors in India
will sign as per their husbands’ wishes Will hoard the cash
they get in their bureau Ignore that When is the election? How does that- 15th of next month Then let’s leave tomorrow You can be back in 3 days Keep quiet and go to bed She is vexed, as it is
Don’t bug her Go to bed now
God, please save me Both of you- – Hey, what?
– Goms I would love to come
But I just can’t, dear She’ll keep hushing
You don’t talk We have a lot of work to
do tomorrow, go sleep Whom are you talking to now? Hello… – I’m Gomatha’s daughter-in-law here
– ‘Gone case!’ Just a minute ‘Gawd! She is dragging me too’ ‘Wonder who it is
at this time of night’ ‘Hey! What are you up to?’ Look at it – Tell me who it is and then call
– ‘Go on, talk’ ‘Hey, this is Subbu here’ ‘Rani…Gomu’ ‘This is Subbu here’ Subbu…Subbu…? Subbu? ‘My mother reared sheep’ ‘Even a hen’ ‘But never had a dog as a pet’ ‘Instead, raised only you!’ ‘Brought up only you!’ How are you both doing? Careful, Rani Wait ‘Sleep…sleep, my little one’ He is yelling at Gomu
Come soon What kind of game is this
to tear books? Shall I complain to Mother? – Gomu, get up from there
– How dare he yell at us! Look here Make the sign of the Cross In the name of the Father
and of the Son- Oh God! What are you doing? What’s happening? Sorry, Mother ‘Long live our leader
Mr Kodhandaram’ ‘Long live Mrs Amirthakumari’ ‘Vote for Amirthakumari’ Greetings! Vote for ‘cooker’ Come – Eat, my dear
– I don’t want You didn’t eat from morning Shut up! You deal with it Chewing betel leaf won’t solve anything Eliminate Kodhandaram before the election Or his wife Hey! Will you stop?

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