Meet Abimael “AB” Gonzalez, Exterior Rehab Winner | 15th Annual Driehaus Bungalow Awards

My name is Abimael Gonzalez. I’ve been
living in Galewood for about 10 years now. So the condition of the exterior of
the home was kind of on the bad side, it needed a brand new roof, windows were
very poor, tuckpointing was horrible. So my brother’s a master carpenter and we wanted a different look on our block so we decided to go with cedar wood for the
peak of the house and for the front dormer of the house we also went with the cedar torched wood. Yeah so sconces that we put in, it was
just a small touch. I like for a building to be lit up at night and just the flood
lights outside and the dormer peak lights I thought gave it a nice touch. My
opinion hopefully with the renovations that I have taken on, it gives and
encourages all my neighbors to do the same and bring the neighborhood up. you

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