Meet Max Flood and Get Flood Savvy

[music playing]>>Male Speaker:
You think you know danger? Think again. Have you even
considered flooding? It’s the nation’s most
common natural disaster. Time to get with the program, and start protecting
your clients. I’m a registered flood
insurance agent, and I’m here to help. We’ve got a website chocked full of answers on how to
build your flood business. It’s a one-stop shop to access all that
FloodSmart’s got to offer. Just sign up with your work
email to get started. You can even become a master
of the flood talk, like me, and have leads
sent directly to you. First, there’s a small bit a training you fine folks
will breeze right through. Next, you’ll upload proof
of training to the website, and finish out your profile. It’s that simple. Our national marketing campaign
will drive local homeowners seeking a flood
insurance policy to you. They can reach you through
the agent locator over here, on the consumer site, or by contacting
the NFIP call center. Communicating with your clients
is important. We’ve got tools like
the Cost of Flooding tool, and barrier busters to help alleviate
your client’s misconceptions around flooding and the need
to buy flood insurance. It’s important to stay
up to date. Changes to legislation,
flood maps, and other information
could affect your clients. That’s why all agents
who sign up will get email alerts
to keep you fluent in speaking flood. So take a few minutes
and get to know the website. Even though you
can’t prevent a flood, you can prepare for one. Selling Flood makes you a one-stop shop for everything
your clients might need. Protecting them
will build your business, and when it matters most
they’ll be glad to have you on their side.

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