Meet the Builder – Michael Schnitzer of Stanley Martin Custom Homes

Hi, I’m Mike Schnitzer and we’re outside of one of our Stanley Martin production homes today looking at discussing a rear deck so outdoor living is very important to our customers some customers want uncovered deck space as what we’re looking at here many customers actually want a Screened porch. Basically, it’s a deck with the roof and screenings Just a couple things to point out in today’s environment All of the decks that we sell have composite material. So no longer are people building decks with pressure-treated material that begins to cup and splinter That’s just I’ll just say it’s old technology. So so it’s composite material. This this deck here is shown with a vinyl rail so that would be our standard but there’s PVC rails there’s Tracks rails so you can do a multitude of rails the other thing you’ll notice on this deck is the all these Superstructure is is faced with a PVC trim. So So for instance, this is a header that behind this white trim would be a pressure treated Be a pressure treated 2 by 12 the vertical posts are Wrapping a pressure treated 6 by 6 post. So this just kind of dresses up the the underside of the deck You also notice in this scenario The deck has mulch underneath because obviously you’re not going to be able to grow grass Quite often our customers would select like the P gravel or some other media to put underneath the deck now if the deck is Basically a full story out of the ground then prototypically you can get enough green space because you’ve got enough sunlight that can That doesn’t shade the the underside of the deck The last thing I’ll talk about is by code you have to illuminate steps to grade. So that’s a code requirement There’s two ways to do it the most the least expensive way is to put Floodlights on the back of your house that you can turn on that would illuminate the steps. So that’s an easy way to do it Another way to do it is to illuminate the risers in the stair Itself, and that’s what you see over here So that’s our discussion with regard to pressure-treated versus Composite material last thing is there’s there’s different types of application Quite often people will do a tongue-and-groove Synthetic board So that the board’s kind of come together You can also but joint the boards but irrespective the boards are screwed down into the into the press retreated joist

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