Megaproyectos: PRESA de las TRES GARGANTAS

Hello everybody, friends!!!! We are on the route to the famous Three Gorges Dam, which is located in the province of Hubei, Lele: My province! :):):) Javi: That´s right! in central China and we have decided to do this little trip because we had to do the car revision 🙂 Lele: Yes 🙂 at Yi Chang, which is where this dam is the city where this dam is and it’s quite close to Lele´s Town (Dangyang) Lele: Yes Javi: about forty minutes by car or so But we have had SUCH good luck that there’s been an accident on the highway and we have had to take the national route, so we will delay us a little bit more… Lele: yuuup… But, nothing happens…! 😉 Because that way you can delight with these magnificent scenes… Lele: XD Lele: 🙂 Javi: from rural China 😉 What do you say, Lele? Do you feel like to see the dam? yes, but I’m a little scared… Of what…? maybe… (that) nothing to be is seen. Right? Could be… Maybe,
it’s hard to make good shots… right? of… Lele: Yes. Javi: I don´t know. I´m a little bit scared of it will be so huge that maybe it’s hard to capture with the camera or that maybe it will not look too well, right? Lele: Yes, yes :). Javi: but well… we’ll see what happens… Lele: fine 🙂 we will try to do our best :):):) These is the outskirts of Yi Chang, the second most important city of the province (of Hubei) and also one of that most immigrants received after around a million and a half people were displaced by the increase of water level caused by the dam on the Yangtze River, which we will talk about in a moment. But although the hydroelectric power plant belongs to the administrative demarcation of this city it is actually in a locality called San dou ping, located half an hour away on a mountain highway with very interesting sights although to access it, first you have to pass a police checkpoint due in part to the fact that this dam is considered a potential target of terrorism attacks or war attacks. Now then, although there were some doubts about it, the chinese authorities assure that the reservoir would not succumb even to a nuclear attack. Being such an important work, free access is not allowed and the only way to visit the dam is through this brand-new tourist center that, in exchange for about twenty euros, offers a tour in a comfortable bus with three main stops and a few food stalls among which we also find popcorn, of course to enjoy the show as it should although Lele and I prefer the “pescaíto frito” [traditional andalusian fried fish 😉 ] The first stop ascends to the highest point of the enclosure whose summit can be reached with little effort through a series of escalators which are quite common in the outdoor (tourist) attractions of China Let´s goooo 🙂 🙂 🙂 It’s easy to up the mountain like that, right? Yes, I like it 🙂 From here, on a day like today, with a lot of moisture and some pollution barely distinguishes the dam at the background of the view although do not worry because later we will see it from much closer. But this is the ideal place to get a panoramic of the titanic infrastructure complex that has been erected on this stretch of the Yangtze River By the way, the chinese do not call it Yangtze, but Chang jiang which literally means “long river”. Not for nothing, is the most extensive in all Asia, the third of the whole world and can be navigated by nothing less than transatlantics until the city of Wuhan which is more than a thousand kilometers from the coast. But the existence of this huge dam does not prevent other vessels of smaller size can pass through it through this system of five-level locks a system known for its use in other pharaonic works such as the Panama Canal. Here you can see how there are two boats ready to make the descent but we can´t show you more because the process is very slow and takes four hours to complete. But, furthermore to this locks system, the dam offers which until now is the largest ship lift in the world, able to move up to 3000 tons at a height of 113 meters, although it is expected that soon it will be surpassed by the Longtan dam, located in Guangxi province. And, although at first glance it seems that this type of construction is an obstacle to rivers navigability actually the opposite happens since raising the level of the upper channel increases its capacity for river transport in this case, in addition to stretching the navigable section up to two thousand four hundred kilometers the dam has allowed to multiply the volume of the goods by ten and reduce transportation costs by more than thirty percent. What’s more, the river cruises up from Yichang to Chongqing have become a popular choice given the spectacular nature of the canyons through which. After a small motorized displacement we reached area 185 named like this due to the height that separates it from the rocky bottom of the dam. This is the closest that visitors can get to this huge hydroelectric power station whose wall measures 2300 meters long. you like everything big (public work) to the Chinese, right? Yes, the greatest (public work), the best the bigger the better, right? Lele: Yes However, what stands out most is this dam installed power with no less than 22500 mw courtesy of two “francis” type turbines like the one you see here although due to the irregularity of the flow does not produce as much energy in annual terms as the Paraguayan-Brazilian dam of Itaipu which occupies the first place in this category. Another of the outstanding functions that meets this dam is to control the floods of the Yangtze which, according to the Chinese authorities, would have caused up to 300,000 death throughout the twentieth century. However, as many of you will know, the human and ecological bill to pay for this project has not left precisely cheap. Moreover to all the people who had to be displaced, which compensation accounted for more than 45% of the total cost of the work, the ecosystems that surround the river have been profoundly affected by the increase in water level and river traffic seriously damaging animal species such as the Yangtze sturgeon or the Yangtze pig and sentencing others like those of the river dolphin or (—-) that has already been declared extinct. Even so, for a long time, hydroelectric power stations were the cleanest and most efficient alternative for the production of energy in China what has facilitated that it is the world leader in the sector, tripling to Canada and Brazil and quadrupling the United States with its more than 1100000 Gw / h. And although its carbon consumption is normally emphasized above all, The truth is that in China, around 25% of the total energy generated comes from renewable sources what puts it above countries like the United Kingdom Ireland or India and well ahead of France, Russia, Japan or the United States, which barely hover around 15%. So, although we can always keep the negative side of these mega projects I would like to think that all the effort and resources invested on this huge dam will continue to reinvest in increasingly efficient initiatives and I am increasingly convinced that China will advance on that path for their own good, and also for that of others given the enormous impact of their economic decisions on the rest of the world. Before we say goodbye, know that although we did not have time to see it, The visit to the dam also includes a visit to a kind of museum about its construction process and allows access to a viewpoint from which the front side of the wall can be seen although they told us that it is a bit far, and that it does not look too. unless they let the water come out in those spectacular waterblast. Well, that’s all for today. I hope the video was interesting for you and if so, I invite you to share it and subscribe to the channel giving the bell to warn you when the next publication arrives but if you feel especially generous and want to take your support further, you can also become our sponsors through Patreon. Thank you very much!!!! And until next time!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)!!!!!

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