Melaka River Cruise (Evening – Night Adventure) Keliling Kota Melaka Naik Perahu

the streets of melaka, it feels incomplete if not trying to take a boat around the city the name is melaka river cruise Melaka River Cruise is a trip to enjoy the city of Melaka from the river path ride a boat like this which lasts about 45 minutes clean river and the face of melaka heritage, can be seen in this tour along the river the tourists can start the trip to this river cruise from the pier of the herb garden and from here, we can start this river-going adventure this time I want to invite you guys around the river in melaka river cruise the boat like that let’s follow along this ship has a capacity of 30 people and the ticket is 30 ringgit or around IDR 100,000 which can be bought at this herb garden dock or at the counter near the red square This ticket price is valid for non-Malaysian tourists who are adults for children, the elderly, students, and Malaysian tourists, the price is also different let’s get on the boat right away Melaka River Cruise is open daily from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm if you take a boat during the day, you will be able to see the details of the building on the river bank very clearly but the weather is also hot but travel at night is more beautiful you will be able to go down the river decorated with colorful lights and the air is quite cool if you want to get both, you can it just rose like this take a twilight trip building details still look very clear and the colorful lights have started on this time is the recommended time if you want to go down the river in melaka river cruise this melaka river divides the city of melaka and headed to the Malacca Strait along this river you can see the historical buildings Portuguese, Dutch and English colonial legacy apart from houses, roads, and the bridge along the river is also decorated with colorful lights so the atmosphere becomes more crowded and very romantic along this river journeys from the pier of the herb garden headed to the river mouth, you will cross 8 very beautiful bridges including the morten village bridge Old bus stop Javanese village bridge mohd zin datuk bridge market bridge the bridge hangs good luck tan kim zinc bridge and the Kong Chen Bridge besides that along the way the boat driver will play a historical story about the place we passed using Malay and English a number of inexpensive pictures are also scattered on several walls taverns on the banks of the river also meet the scenery along this riverbank This tour boat goes leisurely and not too fast down the river on the left and right of this river there are villages which is called morten village the original Malay Malay village according to the recording explanation that was sounded along the way, Morten village is a traditional Malay village which until now still exists according to the info too, the people in this village also still practice the traditional Malay way of life therefore this village is called a living museum and called morten village from a JF Morten who used to build this village So, how is it? How cool is this trip down the Melaka River? if you take a walk in the city of Melaka don’t miss the trip to a river cruise ok, until here first a walk down the river in the city of Melaka this time keep on following my exciting walks at other tourist attractions which is not less cool don’t stay at home all the time let’s go for a walk

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