Melhorando a Luz – #by DIY – A Minha Bancada#

Hello everyone, I’m Paulo Costa, Welcome to my channel on my bench we are here today for another video In today’s video I’m going to fix my setup. something that I’m still trying to improve is the light the lights have improved a lot with the softboxs but even so I still have to improve, because when I’m doing a job at the table I still have a lot of shadows stay there and follow you can see here the softboxes, one on each side I have here LED floodlights only they are very much there the goal here is to move one further forward for clarity in front of the workbench to do the work without having a shadow and I changed one of those lights, which were in the back part here It turned out very well. I already have better light on my bench. This was a short video, that’s what I was doing this morning. Trying to improve light I’m slowly getting the cool environment to do my jobs I hope you enjoyed this video if you are not yet subscribed to the channel, subscribe now activate the bell and the notifications to be able to receive the next videos and projects leave it like, share it with your friends and leave your comment, it is quite important until the next video

11 thoughts on “Melhorando a Luz – #by DIY – A Minha Bancada#

  1. Ta ficando otima a iluminacao,eu tenho que fazer isso na minha oficina,um abraco.

  2. Perfeito brother assim ficou show!! Sucesso sempre. Vamos que Vamos…Likeee..^^

  3. Bom Trabalho !!

    Pessoal faço projetos relacionados a eletrônica ,dentre outros .

  4. Belo vídeo Paulo, já deixei meu "like". Explica uma coisa para o teu colega brasileiro, como vc faz para a legenda em inglês? Você quem está traduzindo ou o You Tube de Portugal já faz automaticamente? O do Brasil ainda não tem esta opção. Abç.

  5. Passando para conhecer seu canal. Amei! Super like! Super inscrita . Seus vídeos são muito bons !
    Convido vc a conhecer meu canal onde mostro um pouco da vida aqui em Londres.
    Sera um prazer receber vc lá !

    Um grande beijo e sucesso…

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