Melissa Rivers on Her Mother, Joan

– Hi.
– Hi. – How are you?
– I know. I’m having a very emotional day. – Yeah? Well–
– Yeah. – I’m–I–
– The ebb and flow. – Yeah. I understand.
– Yeah. – You know, first of all,
you just– the Daytime Emmys
were last weekend… – Yes. – And there was a huge tribute
to your mother, which was beautiful. – Thank you. – And–but I can’t believe she
only won an Emmy once. – Isn’t that crazy?
– Yeah. – She’s only–never won
a Primetime Emmy, and the only one she ever won
was she won one Daytime Emmy. – Wow. – And, you know,
it was at a point in her career where the daytime community
really embraced her… – Mm-hmm. – And she was so loved
by that whole group, and to walk out and have
so many of the producers and all these people that she’s
worked with for all those years be there and stand up was a very
emotional moment. – It’s a very strong community. I also feel very embraced
by the daytime community and have been very blessed
by, you know, everything, so it’s a wonderful thing. – And I think
she would’ve liked the dress, except it was way
too conservative. – Uh–real–
– For her taste. I mean, for her,
she would’ve wanted me– which I wrote in the book–
you know, everything hanging out
and nothing to the imagination. – You had very different tastes
in–in the way you dress. Like, for her birthday,
probably, Jasmine’s look
would’ve been really good. You know?
– Yes. – Yeah.
– Yes. – Yeah. That would’ve been–
– Yes. – You know.
– Yeah. – She knew what to do
for her mother for her birthday. She knew. So it’s a really sweet book,
and it’s– it’s a tragedy
that you had to write this book in the first place. But it must
have been bittersweet because there’s–there
are amazing stories in here that make you laugh,
and how was– how tough was this to write? – It was tough, but my mother,
she always had this joke that she wanted to write
a book with me before she died called “Comedian Dearest.” – Mm-hmm. – You know where this is going.
– Yeah. – So then it would
be in the safety deposit box, so she would say once her head
hit the floor, I could just publish it
right away. – Right. – So I wanted to write something
that would make me laugh and would make her laugh
and would make her fans laugh, and I think I set the tone
with the dedication… – Mm-hmm. – Which is, “For my mother,
whom I think about every day, “and to my father, who,
as of this past September, is no longer resting in peace.” And–yeah. That–that sets the tone
for the book. But it was cathartic. It was very–I wanted to call it
“Cheaper than Therapy.” – Yeah, but you say–
I mean, she joked, saying “Comedian Dearest,” but she was a great
mother to you, even though she gave you advice
on how to be a good mother, which I thought was interesting. She was always self-deprecating
anyway, but– but tell people what she said. – Oh, there were–there were
lots of things she said. Well, she always used to say
that I was actually a better mother than–for Cooper
than she was for me. – Mm-hmm. – Which, on the surface,
sounds like a compliment. – Mm-hmm. – But then you stop
for a second–you go, like, “Wait a minute,
what’s wrong with me?” If I’m doing so much
of a better job, like, do I need to go lay down? I’m a little worried about that. – Yeah. – But, you know, she was–
she was funny. And, you know,
she lived for my son. – Yeah, Cooper is how old?
14? – He’s 14.
– Wow. And I know they were very,
very close. – Very close. He’s 14 now. It was a big, big blow to him. – Mm-hmm. – But, you know,
he’s a teenager, so sometimes, he actually
looks up from the phone, and I see his eyes,
and I can see if he’s happy. – Yeah. – But, you know, my mom,
she was–it’s so funny because when I
was growing up, and– my parents would come
to every game, and it turned out that my mother
used to actually be asleep behind her sunglasses and never learned anything
about sports. – Uh-huh. – And with Cooper,
she would actually, like– she had her chair, like, that
she would carry to the games and the practices, and she would
actually stay awake, and sometimes, she even knew
which team scored. So, you know,
she really loved him. – So she went to Cooper’s games,
and was she… – Well, she wasn’t dressed
like that. – I was gonna say, how– – Yeah, she always went
in full hair and makeup, and I used to call her, like,
it was, like, “Johnny Cash.” She would always be all in black
and heels and the whole thing ’cause she was always–her–
her thing was, “I don’t need some snotty
eighth-grader “going home to his parents and
say, ‘I saw Joan Rivers and she looks like crap.'” – She was dressing
for the eighth-graders. – She was dressing
for the drag– Santa Monica Dragons
eighth grade lacrosse team. – Hilarious. Hilarious. I want to read this. I mean, her jokes
are just timeless, and I–I think it was–
was it the “60 Minutes” piece where she showed the filing
cabinet of all the jokes that she’s kept over the years? Well, I remember that piece.
– Yes. – I mean, she’s
just got so many jokes, but–and they just stand up. “My love life
is like a piece of Swiss cheese. Most of it is missing,
and what’s there stinks.” [laughter] “Looking 50 is great… if you’re 60.” “My best birth control now
is just leave the lights on.” “The first time I see
a jogger smiling, I’ll consider it.” “I hate housework. “You make the beds,
you do the dishes, and six months later,
you have to do it all again.” Just really great,
and sweet stories. And she really was a pioneer
and an amazing, amazing woman. – And you’re in here. – I know. I know. I was flattered to see that. That–that’s so sweet, and she was very
supportive of me, so. She was an amazing woman, and we are sad that she’s not
with us anymore. I’m so glad you wrote the book. It is called
“The Book of Joan,” and it’s available starting

48 thoughts on “Melissa Rivers on Her Mother, Joan

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  7. My heart broke when Joan passed. The book Melissa wrote, "The Book of Joan" is really beautiful, funny and comforting. I actually got the Audio version because Melissa reading it aloud makes in more personable. ???

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  11. I swear everyday I pray to God asking him to bring her back. The world is so grey without her dark humor, no one and I mean no one can get away with not even 3% of what she use to say. I swear I watch the news and the celebrity news daily and ask: what would Joan say?

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    Now that Joan is dead, Ellen praises her and says Joan was an amazing woman and her jokes were timeless.
    She could have said that when Joan was alive, especially when Joan was supportive of Ellen. What a bullshiter Ellen has become!! I used to like Ellen, but in recent year's, I've come to dislike her. I can't stand people who pretend to be Mr or Mrs Goodie two shows when they're actually real assholes behind the scenes.
    R.I.P to the brilliant Joan. Still one of the greatest comedians of all-time!

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