Melissa Rivers Shares Mom Joan Rivers’ Wicked Sense Of Humor In New Book | Megyn Kelly TODAY

16 thoughts on “Melissa Rivers Shares Mom Joan Rivers’ Wicked Sense Of Humor In New Book | Megyn Kelly TODAY

  1. This is so weird. Am I living in a parallel universe? Fashion Police has only been around since 2010!

  2. She is a racist and a liar. I will never forget how you purposely inspired racist attacks with race baiting, calling black protesters thugs, saying that all Muslims are terrorists and inciting people to commit hate crimes all over this nation. You and the rest of the propagandist at fox, both past and present, are covered in blood from all of the attacks and murders caused by your words. You cant hide from your past and who you really are. NBC are trying to normalize these people but DON'T LET THEM. DON'T WATCH ANY SHOW KELLY OR ANYONE WHO THINKS LIKE HER IS ON. SHAME!!!!!!

  3. I love you Melissa! And I adored your one of a kind Mother as well! Huge Joan Rivers fan Will definitely be purchasing your new Book! God Bless, you! Fan from Phoenix,Az.!

  4. Poor Megyn Kelly is just woeful. She needs a personality bypass so bad that I kind of feel sorry for her. Why hasn't SNL live parodied her already. I hope Melissa posts all that footage of Joan on Youtube so that she will live forever.

  5. "You all brought us so many laughs." – Ah Megan please, like you EVER watched that show! She is so freakin FAKE!

  6. That set is nice. If Megan kelly can grow a personality maybe she can keep it lol.

  7. how was that show on for 20 years??? don't remember it being on that long

  8. And who would've guessed almost exactly a year later Melissa would be on the show which ultimately led to the cancellation. Freaky

  9. Please please PRETTY PLEASE DO A JOAN RIVERS MOVIE!!!!!! There was a queen movie Elton John there’s another Barbra Streisand movie I thought I saw Bruce Springsteen yeah we need a Joany Rivers movie

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