Mercy River Five-Minute Fireside on Angels

The holidays can cause a lot of pain
when we’re missing somebody, but I know that they are with us. Even when you
don’t see them, even when you don’t feel them, they are always near. We’re Mercy River and this is our 5-minute fireside. I love everything
about Christmas. I love the gifts, I love the baking, I
love the cheesy Hallmark movies, but this Christmas is a little different for me.
I lost my mom suddenly and unexpectedly back in February. Some of the pain that I
feel from that loss is overshadowing all the joy that I normally feel in this
season, and maybe you’re going through something similar. Whatever kind of loss
you’re experiencing right now—and there are so many different kinds of
losses—we hope that our message of angels can help bring a little bit of
peace into this season for you. The three of us felt very prompted to start a
study on angels. We were able to find such incredible information that really,
really strengthened our testimony on their role and their existence in our lives. Joseph F. Smith said,
“I claim they live in our presence. They see us, they
love us now more than ever.” And I want to read you another quote from President
Joseph F. Smith, “When messengers are sent to minister to the inhabitants of this earth,
they are not strangers, but from the ranks of our kindred and friends.” And my
favorite quote is from a beautiful poem written by Linda Hogan. And in the poem
she says, “Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me.
‘Be still,’ they say. ‘Watch and listen.’ You are the result of the love of thousands.” So we wanted to take
everything we’d learned about angels and write a song. As we sat in my living room
writing the song, I didn’t realize how much I would need its message because I
lost my mom a few months after that. And after all that study, and knowing
everything that I know about angels and their role and their existence, I expected
to feel my mom immediately. And I didn’t. I had family and friends who have felt
her, but I haven’t. I was so frustrated with this that one night I cried out to
the Lord, “Why? Why did you inspire us to do so much studying about
angels only to let me never feel my mom?” And my answer came in one of the
clearest moments of my life, as if the Lord was sitting right next to me. And He
said, “I had you study so that you would know she was with you even when you
don’t feel her.” The holidays can be a really painful time when our hearts are
missing somebody who is gone. But I want you to know that angels are here, even if
you don’t see them, even if you don’t feel them, they’re always near. We encourage you to watch, to listen, and ask God to help you see the angels in your
life, because their presence is undeniable. So we want to share that song
with you now. This is “Undeniable.” “In the circling seasons, Through the great and small, God will send His angels As you rise and fall. Angels round about you Are here to bear you up. That’s why heaven sent me— A minister of love. And you will feel,
you will hear us calling. You will see,
you will know what’s clear. God will always keep His angels near. It’s undeniable. And God be willing, I’d open up your eyes So you could see the number Of chariots on your side. And you will feel,
you will hear us calling. You will see,
you will know what’s clear. God will always keep His angels near. It’s undeniable. It’s undeniable. It’s undeniable. And you will feel,
you will hear us calling. You will see,
you will know what’s clear. God will always keep His angels near. It’s undeniable. Thanks for joining us.
We’re Mercy River and this was our 5-minute fireside.

13 thoughts on “Mercy River Five-Minute Fireside on Angels

  1. Thank you for this. I am 60 years old and still feel the loss of my Mother 54 years ago. When we weep others weep with us and the Lord sends us comfort and a knowledge that we are loved.

  2. Thank you for this song. I lost my dad last December. This December is a year since he passed away from Myeloid Leukemia Cancer. Today when I watched this and it was the answer to my prayers to help me to the comfort. I keep watching this and crying but it's exactly what I needed today.

  3. The song is absolutely gorgeous, as well as the quality of recording!

  4. I had an amazing experience in the Temple, and I was told to pray for angel's, to watch over my family members. This is a very hard year for me and my family, the trial's are overwhelming! We're trying so hard to do things right, keeping our covenants, the only thing that helps is going to my Temple shift, and good music! And prayer!????????????2019

  5. My Mom died this last Jan. She fell the week after Thanksgiving. I don't want to have Thanksgiving here again this year, knowing last year was the last time.

  6. Pray for the gift to feel your mother close by. God is good and will bless you. Some of us have that gift and some people can even see them. I hear them. My sister died 14 years ago. She has spoken to me a few times but not in the beginning. It took years before I was able to hear her. She woke me up on my birthday singing happy birthday to me 6 years after she died. I knew her voice and it was the best present ever to hear her sing to me. Thank you for this song!

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