Metal Detecting Abandoned Rural X Ghost Town After Dark For Treasure! *Paranormal Activity*

I was just returning so alright guys so
Matt and I recently got permission to whoa I can’t even see where I’m going
Matt and I are going to a really sketchy area
well this ghost town was abandoned in like the 1820s so we’re trying to find
it and it’s located on the map says that people left the town in the early 1880s
get sprout just keeps getting and then like
it just randomly takes a bend do you see that do you see that I think that’s
where I think that’s where it is that’s exactly where it is so we we gotta find
somewhere to park over here this is a depth of history special spooky night
edition looking forward to this and hopefully we don’t die I’ve got Matt
Jackson behind the camera for the dumbest thing we’ve ever done this is
this is probably the stupidest thing that we’ve ever done
I mean pray that we make it out alive I don’t know if you guys can see that but
me and Britain said here is moving we are secure because we got some light and
we’re about to go over there dude you just blow that out for a second so we just made it to the site we’re
gonna take a look around and let’s lead the way to the site we’ve been looking
for this for literally an hour they’re the worst idea Britain had ever
had in his life Batman this is literally one of the old I believe one of the old
school houses that they used to have here I mean it’s just amazing what still
in here after all these years this this is amazing but also a little bit scary
as well I swallow Chum no Libran is insane thank a told him this was a bad
idea I feel like it’s a bad idea I don’t know so usually like I’m not time to go
exploring this is kind of cool but also extremely creepy there’s another
building right there dang all right so I didn’t find a couple
things walls in here not a couple of buttons on top of the ground including
this old reigns guide sorry if it’s kind of hard to see but I also got a buckle
and a few other porcelain buttons and also this cool iron which is really nice
take a look at this guy’s I have no idea what that is farming implement or
something Matt what made you want to come out here just I know and then it
disappears completely and then we start hearing noises and then I get the
whistling I think the house is over this way so
let’s go ahead and explore it it’s like the thing the interesting town with
yappy like a wagon wheel is to destroy the whole barns Oh coca-cola you can’t
even see the troughs from where the pigs are eating not sure if you can see them
with the torch those are wagon wheels the rims upper
wagon wheels there’s a wasp nests up there too you let me see the camera
there’s a little literal wasp nests right there Matt Matt
what’d you think of this man yeah creepy it’s cool though gives you like a new
appreciation to it okay yeah I want you guys to say because
do you see anything in this video please let me know because it will not only
help us with determining the history of the site but it will also help us
research who originally stayed here but look at this guys we just got into the
house the main site smells like some sort of light
whose did the Cameron side see she can catch hmm let’s go in now and see satanic star what’s behind it’s like a
secret shelf or compartment of some type movie recording has been stopped
automatically yeah why so for SD card I’m saying like I put it in D SD card in
here like by the time we started we had a film for an hour
there’s no look did you see that maybe we’ll come here in the morning to detect
more but I just wanted to explore it tonight looked over at the metal
detector looks like an old shooting target that’s crazy
he’s got 10 points 20 points 30 points that’s kind of cool but I think we’re
gonna come back tomorrow and see what we can find in the morning I just wanted to
kind of get a feel for the spot can you get it all for now no it’s locked you
sea slug shut yeah and it’s been rusted it’s been there for a while okay I
didn’t even see that before was that up there before oh no we have to go back in
the video and see but guys thank you so much for watching then we’ll see you
tomorrow needless to say guys we were off to a an
amazing start on this this journey you guys know I do not do metal detecting
something but Dad you recently got her a metal detector so we’re gonna see how
she does and we are with depths of history mr. Brittain as you can see
they’ve got two little shelters on this side and then if you look to the left
the original home site right there see what we can find so I’m gonna give
you guys a tour of the house when we get closer to it and kind of an eerie
feeling really no buckle here look it’s probably
poison Britain has found another suspender bunch of buckles that’s a old
button right there lots of porcelain buttons I think some
of these are newer but so we were steel at this one little I don’t know what you
would call it i Bryn says a barn I guess part of the barn and we found a ton of
buttons ton of like little washers that we think are coins the keys mess up with
Britain’s actually the old well they would have used to get water
unfortunately it’s actually blocked up so I don’t know why they did that
probably deer and anything else just falling in here never know but guys I’m
liking a look of this I mean all of this area over here is gonna be good for
searching let’s get the detector and get going from that’s a well buddy now
you’re standing on melted lad looks like a melted bullet I might have
to clean it up and see but first good fond that’s for sure it’s definitely old what do you think Rylan gives you a headache and I’m 18 we’re
definitely scanning the underneath of this right here because like I said
coins will fall down and they will not go retrieve them don’t try this at home hon Daisy just picks it up
I think that’s mold well guys thank you so much for watching I know we didn’t
find you know anything super spectacular but this hunt was really really fun so
if you enjoyed it please hit that like button and subscribe and also subscribe
to Matt Jackson linked in the description below we’ll see you guys on
the next one

14 thoughts on “Metal Detecting Abandoned Rural X Ghost Town After Dark For Treasure! *Paranormal Activity*

  1. Awesome video and permission. We love the fact that more detectorists post their experiences. We discovered years ago that paranormal investigation and metal detecting sometimes go hand in hand. There can be paranormal or spiritual attachments to relics buried in the ground.

  2. I love your youthful exuberance I have a son about your age I tell him get all you can out of these years they go by fast

  3. Don’t think I’d be walking around all that old wood with an open flame torch.😊

  4. Like😎🤠🤠🤠🤠😎🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️🕯️🕯️🇮🇹💪💪

  5. This was one really fun video,
    Keep up the good work.

  6. That was fun!!! Guys we just ran into a Satanic site on our last show and trying to get show out… Shutting down right at that part over and over! Creepy! We’ve had it completely drain our metal detector at one location! They were new too! Cameras too! Guess we all are digging with ghosts though but like the video guys!

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