Hey guys, it’s Karina! It’s Ronald and we
are from Sis versus Bro! And today, we’re doing
the metallic slime. I’m gonna do the gold,
while Ronald’s gonna do the silver one. And you guys are gonna choose
which one is better. But first, we need
to do the clear slime. The best slime of all times. We already have it right here,
we don’t have to make it. See, I’m playing with it. Me too. It’s the best slime
in the world. Oh, I’m eating it. Yeah, it’s so cool. I’m just playing
with it stretching it. Squishing it. It’s so fun, you guys. Okay, but for real,
the first step to make the clear slime is gonna be the clear glue. So we’re just gonna
dump all of this is in. All! Ronald, would you
want to do it? Yes. The honors of pouring
in the glue. Dump it all in everywhere. So clear. So clear. So… Every single corner. Is that it? No, there’s like a lot more. Just waiting. Just waiting. I think that’s enough, Ronald. Just a bit more. Ronald… It’s good. And the next step is
to add water to our glue. Alright. So pour it in. You got my feet wet! Sorry. Oh, it looks so weird. It looks like bubbly clearness. And the third step is to add
the contact lens solution. Alright, so we’re gonna just
dump all of this in. Okay… I think I’m finished. This looks really gooey. Smells so weird. Ah…
Smells weird. Oh right, it does smell weird. Eww, kinda smells gross. Alright, that should be good. So now we’re going to mix it. Yep. Is this supposed
to be slime already? I’m not sure. So the next step is to add
baking soda to hot water. We already got the hot water right here,
so we’re gonna dump the baking soda in. Alrighty. Wow! It looks so cool. Alright, so we’re gonna mix it a little,
so it dissolves. And it looks pretty clear right now,
but I think we just need to mix it a little while more. It’s like a tornado. Yeah. Okay, I think that’s good. Yep, that’s good. So now we’re going to add
this water to the slime. Here we go. So much bubbles are coming in. And I guess we mix it. Yeah, we’re gonna mix it. It’s gonna make slime. Alright, there we go. Now it’s time to mix. I’m getting rid
of these bubbles here. It looks like a bubble bath. So just continue mixing,
and the slime should start forming. [singing about slime] Slime, slime, I really like slime,
it’s so easy to make, so I make it all the time. Guys, look! The slime is forming,
just keep on mixing and it will form. Yep. But it doesn’t look that clear,
it’s a little foggy, but that’s okay
because we’re gonna add glitter in it. Whoa. Okay, so now let’s mix it
with our hands. My favorite part. I might regret this later,
but I hope I won’t. Whoa, it feels so cool. My fingers look so fat. Alright, we got– We better keep
mixing, not play with it. Let’s mix this all up. Ooh, yeah.
This is so cool. Look, it’s kind of like,
sticking together a little. I’ll take a chunk,
and I will wash my hands. This is so cool, you guys. Check it out. It’s so hard– Oh my! It’s not that sticky any more. So, this slime is finally done. We’re gonna separate it
into two parts and I’m going to make
the gold slime, and Ronald’s gonna make the silver. Okay, so let’s do it. Split, split, split. Alright, so I’m going
to take this out of the box. There we go. Mine’s out. Here, I’ll help you. This is hard. Good bye. Alright, so now
let’s add the pigment. I’m gonna just make it
a little bit smaller. There we go. Okay, so I’m gonna put it on. There we go, that
should be enough. Alright, so what do we do? We fold? Oh, Ronald! It went everywhere. It’s so glittery in the inside. Alright. We might have to
add some more in. That looks so cool,
it’s like a grayish silver. Yeah,
but soon it’ll be sparkly. Whoa, look at my slime. Alright, we’re gonna add
just a little bit more of this. I think mine is fine. Alright. Whoa, I like this. This is so cool. Mine looks still pretty yellow. I like them both. It’s like yellow,
but then when you look closer, you like, see sparkles. So this is how my slime looks. And this is how my slime looks. Oh, yeah. Okay, so I’m gonna add
a little bit of gold sparkles, so it’s actually sparkly. Cause now, it kind
of looks yellow. Ooh, that looks cool. Sparkle, sparkles,
sparkles, we need a lot of sparkles. That should be enough. Alright, I’m gonna fold it,
and fold it, and… Fold it. Alright, now we’re just
going to kind of mix it. Oh, that looks really cool. Where’s the sparkles? Ooh, I see the sparkles
over here, sort of. Oh, look here. We got some sparkles here. Look at my slime, it looks
so cool, it’s like metal. Ooh, I see you. Glitter. That’s a lot of glitter. There’s never enough, Ronald. Alright, we’ll mix it
and see if that is enough. You said there’s never enough. Yeah, but this might be too glittery. Look at all that Glitter. Whoa. Check this out! So glittery! Whoa! We need more. Alright, let’s see, if that’s enough–
Just a little bit more. There. Alright. Gonna keep
on mixing this way. Whoa, check out the glitter
here on the sides. What– That’s actually
really glittery. I could feel the glitter. Alright, we need
this everywhere. So much. Oh my god, there’s
glitter pit here! Whoa, this is crazy glittery! Whoa, this looks so cool. Look at me! So cool. So, mine is super gold and glittery,
I added a ton of glitter and it’s super pretty. Check this out. Whoa. But look at mine,
it’s cool too. Yeah, that’s really cool. Silver/gray. Whoa! Whoa… Wow, look at mine. This is so cool. Tell us in the comment section down
below which one you liked better, the gold one or the silver one. I think yours is better. Yeah, I like the glitter. This slime is more
like gray than silver. And my slime is
really stretchy. Whoa! Snake. It’s a snake. Sort of. Look at this. I just like squishing it. So guys, which one do you like
better Karina’s gold slime, or my silver slime? Comment in the comment
section down below. We hope you like this video. If you did,
smash that like button and we’ll see you
all next time. Good bye.

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