Metro Exodus – Sam’s Story Launch Trailer [PEGI]

Parting with my friends…was hard. Like Artyom before, I chose to pursue my wild dream. I see the town that’s to become my springboard for a leap
across the ocean, And I smell salt in the air. If there really is even a slight chance of me ever getting
home, I will find it here One step at a time. Privyet Vladivostok.

32 thoughts on “Metro Exodus – Sam’s Story Launch Trailer [PEGI]

  1. Privet Vladivastok звучит круто и рофельно одновременно

  2. Опять это дерьмо с загрузкой, как скачать если оно просто либо отображается как недоступно, либо оно после включения в дополнениях само выключается

  3. cant download for some reason, not even showing up even though i have the pass.
    edit- oh………..12pm

  4. Ugh, that EGS logo at the end gave me cancer. Anyway, it looks good, I hope this DLC will last more than 1-2 hours. I'm looking forward to buy it on steam.

  5. Of course the DLC is going to the Epic Store first….. I think if you guys did a new Metro Game… yeah, Exodus is my last Metro game.

  6. So Two Colonels is only 4 hours long …Pleased i didn't buy it , Metro Exodus the game itself was amazing to play , dlc i'm not sure about .

  7. ایول لطفا هرچه زودتر این بسته الحاقی جدید رو برای دانلود کردن قرار بدید با تشکر فراوان موفق باشید

  8. The music in this was pretty epic, like almost too cool for a dlc trailer, hope this dlc turns out to be just as awesome as the main game.
    I gotta play two colonels sometime too.

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