Miami Air B737 Skids Off Runway And Crash Into River, Jacksonville NAVAL Air Station [XP11]

This simulation crash is made with x-plane 11 flight simulator [XP11] THIS IS NOT EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED, THIS IS ONLY A SIMULATED FLIGHT CRASH FOR Miami Air Flight LL293. Miami Air International flight LL293, operated by a Boeing 737, has crashed into St. Johns River during landing at Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Florida. Flight LL293 was a military charter service, flying from Guantanamo Bay Leeward Point Field (NBW) to Naval Air Station Jacksonville (NIP), Florida in the United States. It was operated by an 18-year-old Boeing 737-800, registered as N732MA, with 136 passengers and seven crew members on board. During the approach into the airport, it was very hard raining. The aircraft attempted landing at the airport, but ‘bounced off’ the runway and ended up in the river at approximately 9:40 pm local time, according to witnesses who were on board the flight. Photos of the accident show the jet partly underwater but not completely submerged. Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office states that 21 adult occupants have been transported to hospitals. It has also confirmed that there are no fatalities or critical injuries among passengers or crew. Local authorities have launched an investigation and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) sent a team to Jacksonville, Florida. Aircraft manufacturer Boeing has confirmed that it is aware of the incident. Miami Air International is a small American carrier, specialized in charter services. The airline operates a fleet of six Boeing 737-800 aircraft. WARNING:
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81 thoughts on “Miami Air B737 Skids Off Runway And Crash Into River, Jacksonville NAVAL Air Station [XP11]

  1. That was awesome! I didn't expect to hear the voices of the people screaming. You should have dropped some "F" words in there, too!

  2. Psychics earn predict an accident 10 000 dollars. Day and time and flight.Refused.Complicated and expensive.Humorists parasites? .What Putin will get. What a reward for saving the passengers. In advance there is no benefit.Why explore.

  3. Hilarious. And the fact you included a soundtrack of Miami Air investors upon hearing news of this crash along with the video… priceless.

  4. No wonder he went into the drink…his autobrake was off.
    Look at the selector above the engine read outs on the center DU.

  5. Most passengers are used to be floating in the water 😂
    No worries.

  6. I love the way he passengers are screaming when the plane is literally stopped lol

  7. What data did you use? I know about seven people who were on that flight.

  8. Passengers from ET 302 haunted this flight? Sounds like it, he he

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  10. Those passengers are retarded, it wasn't even that bad to be screaming like a bunch of little babies, lol

  11. What idiot decided to put a runway near the water anyway?

  12. HIT Like if you are here from Gaurav Taneja channel flying beast

  13. My guess is they hit ultra low-level windshear. Luckily they were in their landing sequence or it woulda been a lot worse

  14. Y'all clueless. The screaming was exactamundo ET 302 video

  15. OMG, how pathetic. Are you triggered? Need a safe space?

  16. Pilot landed too far down the runway. By the time he noticed this he had no air speed to take off again SO he had no choice but to go off the runway.

  17. nou ja, nog een b737 die een botsing had (zelfs als het niet een MAX 8 is). boeing gaat heel veel geld verliezen Xd

  18. I just want to let you both know. We're counting on you.

  19. That is not Jacksonville there is a supertarget next to the runway

  20. Give shout out to Flying Beast, because of whom you got so many views!

  21. 客机有雷達吗?,高空中哪时面体積和雷達以及视線是瞎奌??,反作用点何奌为佳,,,?,如此,,,而。

  22. On every flight I have been on at NAS JAX, we landed in the other direction. I wonder why they landed the other way?

  23. I don’t know why the pilot didn’t land closer to the threshold and stayed afloat for so long. Why continue with the landing and not initiate a go around?

  24. Great recreation! Inoperative left thrust reverser, long landing, wet runway = a bad day. Go arounds ain’t free but they’re cheaper than putting it in the drink.

  25. Miami Air. . .their pilots are probably doped up like the rest of Florida!!!

  26. Im pretty sure there were 0 people screaming like that lol

  27. First time here…..great video! I love all the various camera angle you provided. Well done!

  28. You need to wait on the findings of the NTSB investigation before doing a video that is pure speculation and assumes facts not in evidence.

  29. Absolute load of shite, fake video if ever I have seen one, waste of everybodies time.

  30. Are you serious!flight data is not even available!Don't do this!a 15000 hour airline Captain

  31. Reconstruction of the ground path is not correct . Look at the actual pictures and skid marks on the right side of the runway.

  32. flying this DayZ is scaring there are a lots o clash than before the technology is too high let them reduce . .

  33. They were landing on the reverse side of runway so no ils… bad weather means vidibilitty was low ….why would they lAnd vfr on bad weather….a chain of events..Perhaps the Ethiopian crash soulas did not like Dennis mueller blaming pilot error for their last two crashes

  34. Ces avions doivent cesser de voler, et c'est devenu tres dangereux de monter a bord de ces types B 737

  35. HA!!NO wonder it crashed there are no Pilots …haaaaaaaaaaaaa

  36. All airports have compound wall this military airport not having such one? Without collision flight directly plunged in to river?

  37. The aircraft is in the water but the windshield wipers still work.

  38. nice try, but inaccurate at best. The A/C did not have operational thrust reverse, they had a 15 knot tail wind, a displaced threshold on the runway, it was stormy, night and many other factors not shown. NTSB will investigate and will have answers. Too early to put it all on the pilot, but he will get the blame. And oh yea, the plane didn't go that far into the river. Go back to your video games and wait for the answers.

  39. The storm that evening changed very rapidly. I live not too far from NAS JAX. As others have said I'd be waiting until the findings come out from the NTSB but by chance do you have the METAR from that evening?

  40. Creepy….

    I remember hearing about this on the news shortly after seeing Korn on stage at a major Rock Festival less than 10 miles away.

  41. Mum, and sis was on this flight…..i dropped my mug when my dad turned on the news.

  42. Those phony sound effects lol. Also I’ve never heard a runway distance countdown and I’ve flown in the 800 many hours

  43. This simulation is very inaccurate: the plane did land just 100 feet from the shore, not half a mile or so.

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