Michael said to Lily… | Yvonne trying Ori | Jodi Hello Fellow Gamers | Offline TV Highlights

You Don’t watch this weapon Extremely, why did that happen? Yeah, what did he turn around for what happened Yeah lemma wait that’s terrifying where do the frickin chances of that Tomorrow’s Your Thing sir you say you said, well, you guys look sick. Oh all the way in your what? Did you need because I That’s okay it’s a little bit but like this is kind of the cosplayer take it out okay. Oh Fuck I Thought you took it out is a seam underneath. Oh, yeah. Yeah, maybe she leave it like that And he mailed them to me and so you attach them to your keys and you like roll them in your hands and stuff for a while and it Disinfects or something like that. So you do not stick these up your butt But yeah Also, I didn’t know that everyone can’t do this So I Was doing that downstairs For some reason and Shana Becker with me and Becca could do it and Charlotte could not do it. Shawn was going like I’m like, no, it’s It’s like a pup, you know friends. Oh really? Okay. Yeah, there’s one over here. I Think there’s one, okay Without on your on the floor what’s cracked? Hello real I’m young hassle onion buck is gay Oh Didn’t I say that I said that tell me I said that I said that I remembered that it’s in a while It’s in like two years said I’ve well, let me go Babe anime I like that katsu canoeing on a lot. What did you use to study? I watched a shit ton of kdrama Fucking gay Do it Did you get back in this car for sure Oh getting shot Action is coming I think he could bat he gets back in his car and I beam him Wait did that heartbeating show them to your left? Yeah. I thought you showed them here That story the house is two stories big what are you loading in there? Ruffle spores. Thank you for the 23 months. Welcome back to Tate army. You’re happy. I’m happy. Thank you. Good morning I hope you feel better soon Thank you so much. Me, too Okay, I know free shirt tomorrow. I’ll start feeling better. It’s always the first day that’s Suffering it’s really orangey – like there are some months where I’m like but IRL, yeah see I’m just chilling now. Yeah, guys, I’m that great. How’s it going? Ah Oh scary wolves here I’m safe Yeah, it’s looking back to IRL. Um I’m in. All right, I got you Yeah, I’m gonna play League Where’s my mouth that’s my dogs. Oh Sorry, this is not comfy. Okay, so let’s bring on the Cubs. Mm-hmm Go ham with the hammer Okay, do the hammer points got a flood there’s no space up there how do I go down this I swear Actually, no, you know what no. No. Sorry. I’m talking to I’m yelling at someone in chat bareback Someone said move your cruiser, I’m not gonna move my cruiser. Okay, it’s move your cruiser Please don’t drag by my RA alive It’s not move your cursor Please gold Quite the opposite think you’re at least seven months aki Marin that you’re the four months my mom loved your voice Hope you’re having a good day. Thanks a ki-moon, sad day for two months Alaric thank you for the seven months. She’s got the entire collection That doesn’t even exist Oh Mitch with a Mitch redeemed a SoundCloud request He’s right there Like she I don’t even think they went to drill You may be chopping love what’s the Hawaii is laughing at my seas You guys okay, uh, yes Look it’s a view ivy. There’s more people in your building right now. There’s still one other thing about box I did nothing Well, we got our P though, I got 64 the Pathfinder died to the circle, right Are you fucking kidding me? Armor armor I gotcha. Oh, wow. That’s fuckin 200 IQ, man I’m so frustrated Like what the questions of science science and progress Do not speak as loud as my heart Tell me you love me Come back and haunt me oh When I rush to the start running In circles DOUBLE HELICOPTER KILL, hello fellow gamers, He’s right there!, Suicide Squad, alright alright alright, are you fing kidding me?, Leslies future ooof LMAO, wheres my mouth, comfy singing stream uwu, idk what i’m doing, Yvonne ft Lily+Michael cosplaying, Yvonne trying Ori, no webcam stream

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