Mike Batusic | The Faces of White River Toyota | White River Toyota

I love that you come to work and you feel like you are accomplishing something. There’s always something to do. It’s a really good environment and they work really hard to keep it that way. I have great coworkers and it just makes the day go faster because we laugh our tails off all day long. It doesn’t matter if something goes right or something goes wrong. I think the most important part is that when you come to work there’s definitely a feeling from upper management that they really care about us and That’s something to get out of bed for every single day. It’s not just a job but you’re going somewhere where you’re absolutely respected and you’re heard, and you not only are listened to but a lot of times what you’re saying you immediately see implemented. So it makes you feel like you’re not just a cog in the wheel like you are actually part of White River Toyota.

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