Mill Pond Dam Removal Project

Mill Pond Dam is located on Sullivan Creek in Pend Oreille County, about two and a half hours north of Spokane, Washington. It was created as a log crib dam in 1909 and a cement dam was added in 1921. Seattle City Light is going to remove these two dams as part of the Mill Pond Dam removal project. These dams impound Mill Pond which is approximately 62 acres in size. The Mill Pond Dam removal project has three primary goals. Number one is to restore passage between the downstream reaches of Sullivan Creek and the upstream reaches. Number two is to remove long-term safety and infrastructure risk from the system. This Dam has not generated power since 1956. And finally, it’s to restore natural channel processes and make this a more natural rivery and environment, than we see now. So right now, we have a pond environment. which is a very different habitat type for fish and other aquatic species. When this project is finished ten years from now, we’ll see a naturally functioning river, where we now see a pond. The Sullivan Creek Hydroelectric Project, which includes Mill Pond Dam, is owned by the Pend Oreille County Public Utility District. In 2005, Pend Orielle PUD determined that the Sullivan Project was no longer financially feasible, since it hadn’t produced power for a half-century Through Seattle City Light’s Boundary relicensing efforts and a settlement agreement with the PUD, City Light agreed to remove the dam and restore the affected area in Sullivan Creek on behalf of the PUD. Starting in July 2017, Seattle City Light’s contractor, Envirocon, will begin construction activities. Dam Demolition is expected to start in September 2017 and be completed by November 2017. In 2018, the project will focus on habitat restoration and the construction of new recreation facilities, including improved trails and campsites. The project is expected to be substantially completed by the end of 2018. Subscribe to Seattle City Light so that you can keep up on the project. To learn more about the project visit our website:

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  1. who is the genius who built this dam in such a pretty area.?. thank you for taking it down.

  2. What is wrong with having a lake that you can fish from a boat..?   Don't say you can drown in it, as you can drown even quicker in a running river.   The Hydro company should install a modern 50Kw generator, and provide some free renewable energy…. Get your cheque-book out, and don't be a woose

  3. Search for 'drained mill pond'
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    The aftermath of the removal.

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