Milwaukee 18 volt LED M18 Area Light & Lantern

Hi there, Paul from Get Tools Direct, are
you going camping this summer? Probably are or are you working in a roof space where you can’t see what
you are doing? I recon I might be able to shed a bit of light on that subject for you.
So, I have with me today the Milwaukee M18 Area light and obviously the Lantern Light
as well. So they run of the Milwaukee 18Volt batteries, a couple of different settings,
full light, half-light and off. Same deal with the LED lantern, full, down to half,
down to romantic interlude lighting. Comes with the USB port on it for charging all your
devices off your battery that’s running on the lantern so if you’re going camping
or need to light up that area so you can work in it check out these items on our Get Tools
Direct website or if you like what you see here please feel free to like, share like
or comment on any of our videos. You can check them out on I’m Paul… See you
soon. “Get Lighting.”

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