Milwaukee LED Lantern Floodlight

introducing the m12 and m18 LED lanterns
featuring TrueView high-definition lighting the 360 and 180 we use the 180
if we’re all working in one area but we can still turn it to 360 s if we want to
light up a whole room really lights up the room and that’s big especially in
the winter months you got four different settings sometimes you get in a room
where you only need a little light under a sink but then you also do need a
really bright in a dark room it’s versatile you can take it anywhere set
it anywhere and hang it anywhere on nails wire rope I can hang it from a panel USB
chargers big a lot of guys are charging their phones it’s heavy-duty takes falls well one fell from the ceiling didn’t break battery didn’t pop or
anything at state lit so true view high definition lighting provides a higher
level of visual accuracy comfort and clarity this best-in-class light quality
offers true representation of colors and detail optimized color temperature for
work spaces and an even beam pattern for reduced glare and shadows lighting
solutions from Milwaukee

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