Milwaukee Personal Lighting Solutions

Hey guys Ken Davis here from Acme tools
today I’ve brought with me some of Milwaukee’s brand new lighting solutions
now we’re gonna start with this category right here this guy right here is
Milwaukee’s handheld flashlight this works with the USB red lithium batteries
it’s rechargeable it’s putting out 700 lumens the end is a focusable end and
then of course right underneath here you have your USB charging port so as we all
know out there on the job site sometimes conditions aren’t ideal and Milwaukee’s
giving you a protection plan against that now on the two handheld flashlights
this guy right here the rechargeable and the run running off your triple A’s
they’ve given you ip67 rating so there’s a lot of great features packed into the
700 lumen rechargeable handheld flashlight the beam distance on this is
a hundred and fifty three meters as you can see it’s a focusable beam the front
end just slides out and adjusts they’ve done a really nice job of hiding the USB
recharging port in the back so that it’s well protected and can’t get damaged now
this is really nice to have on hand in case of loss of power at a home or on a
job site but the nice thing is is this is still going to give you 16 hours of
runtime now what I like to consider the smaller brother this is the 100 lumen
triple a powered flashlight now what they did with this one is they actually
put a rubberized end on it because as we all know when you’re out there on the
job you wind up holding a flashlight in your teeth a lot that can get a little
sore so they put a rubberized tip on that and a nice belt clip to help you
keep it handy now as we move on to some of the headlamps here we’ll start with
this one this is 475 lumens and this guy is also rechargeable and what they did
here is they gave you hard hat clips on this so as you can see it’s secure is
nice and easy it’s got multiple positions to change your angle of attack
as well as six different lighting modes on it so you’ve got some extreme
flexibility and how much light you need in your work area this again has a
replaceable rechargeable battery and off one charge you’re gonna get 31 hours of
runtime which is more than enough to carry you through a day’s worth of work
and of course again the smaller buzzer to this running off of those triple-a
batteries this one’s gonna come in at 300 lumens and they give you the same
features they give you multiple changing positions five different lighting
adjustments and then they give you hardhat clips on this one as well
now with this guy here this is their floodlight this is putting out 445
lumens now they did something kind of unique with this one
they actually put a clip on it as well as magnets on both sides so this is
really ideal for situations where you might be working in or at the sink or in
a confined space where you don’t have the time or the ability to hold on to
your light so some other great features milwaukee’s offered with this 445 lumen
floodlight is not only the magnets on both sides of the clip to allow you to
stick it to any surface but this is this battery in here is going to give you
2,000 charges via the USB port and it’s also going to give you 11 hours of
runtime on one full charge but of course sometimes you might come into the job
site and not have a full charge so what they’ve done is made nice easy access
battery placement and what you would use is their rechargeable battery kit where
you just be able to swap out the batteries quick and easy keep this in
your tool pouch so you’re always ready to go thanks for watching with us today
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8 thoughts on “Milwaukee Personal Lighting Solutions

  1. The floodlight would be nice I've tried others for camping but they burn through batteries super quick having one that's rechargeable would save a ton of money. Also it's really cool you guys have a filter for made in the US on your website.

  2. For the flood light it is not worth purchasing the extra battery and charger. It is only a couple bucks less than buying the flood light itself. I have the flood and it's pretty nice. 2 hours on high is not long though.

  3. The hand held flashlight is a beast. Under a house it's awesome! If I'm doing something quick it's nice and lite and I have the lantern for extended work in one area. I dont miss the days of dragging extension cords under the house.

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