*** Milwaukee’s Rocket Dual Power Tower Light ***

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alright today we are talking about the Milwaukee rocket duel m18 dual power
light picks up this light juice around 100 bucks also came with a five-point
old battery with it which was a nice little Black Friday deal so we’re gonna
take a look at it and uh let’s be hung in this later you can set this up in a
ball all right no the question is will this set up in
about five seconds I don’t know how to do that so we’re gonna figure out odd to
do that in five seconds I have all you know they’re different Milwaukee lights
but this one was probably one of the very few that I did not have it at this
time there is a battery slot on the psychic
now this is the dual power so the dual power also has the feature of you can
plug in and use an extension cord if you do not want to sacrifice one of your
batteries if you know you don’t have as many or if you’re going to be on the job
site for really a long time just plug it in and use your batteries elsewhere but
we’re gonna put the batter in alright know being a kid at heart I see this
this is it this is a nice little off lash light if you flashlight peg that’s
what I’m thinking about you just turn this thing on oh yeah yeah all right there’s three settings on this
thing so power button is right here at the top supposed to be a five second
setup no there’s a button right here right here would press that and when we
press that we take the handle and we hold on to the other handle and we
extend out that’s what we’re gonna do and so that way the light will set up so
we’re gonna pull it off and the legs extend out just like that no there are
we see back with the stuff here maybe not but there are little clamps on the
side here that you can raise up the head just don’t lose some old temples all
right not the head here I mean lower this
checked out so the head is adjustable we need to pull apart oh yeah there it is usually so there is an adjustable head
here all right this down turn it on and this
is full brightness full brightness is involved 2500 lumens and there’s three
different settings on here the second one you know you got your medium you got
it too but above 4000 lumens then you got your lowest is 700 now on your high
output batteries on high you’re gonna get about 7 hours of runtime and then
you’re going to get 14 on medium-low now if you’re gonna use your older Milwaukee
batteries of course that’s going to you know taking effect you’re only gonna get
probably about 4 hours if you’re just gonna use a regular old XP batteries so
you know but when you turn this on and the power is about to go out on the
battery the light will start doing its little flashing thing I can’t do it on
here but because I have a full battery Foothills start doing a little flashing
light and it’ll tell you that your battery is about ready to die so you
tend to give me a heads up now this now the telescope it can go
from 4 feet to 7 feet that’s pretty cool so you can really get it up there and
and really get it shining up if you’re working at a high ceiling and you really
want to get the light up there you fill it up and turn the guy up for for 200
bucks this isn’t really this is not really bad like this is a really good
light when this first came out the price it was ridiculous I didn’t think it was
that great of a light for the price back then it was almost like three hundred
four hundred dollars something like that then you know of course the price
started coming down everything on the back the LED has nice cooling cooling
fans to keep the LED nice and cool so it doesn’t get too hot
of course LED is not going to get very hot it’s not as much as the old halogen
of course where you pretty much you know with old halogens if you have a can of
soup for lunch there you probably cook it right on the glass and teach yourself
some soup now if we take a look at this this this head its impact resistant
which is really nice so it’s up at the 7 foot extension to fall over it’s it’s
going to take a beating it’s probably not gonna break these clamps are really
nice thing they hold the tower L or they hold the tower telescope pretty well and
then they also have if you can you can turn on a little bit if they do loosen
up you can you can tighten them up pretty pretty good you just have to get
a up get a Phillips screwdriver in the back of the clamp
just gonna give it a quarter turn or whatever it loosens up by now
Willie has this protective dart right here so him you just throw it in the
back of your truck the legs not gonna break everything’s gonna be pretty well
perfected you got handles or easy carrying got impact-resistant legs no
this is this is kind of nice that they usually do on all of the Milwaukee
lights when this is fully extended out and your legs your tripod legs are on
the floor if you do have a plywood surface or subfloor that you have the
option that you can screw put screwed wood screws into the bottom base and you
can so know them someone to walk up and hit it and it won’t even fall over
because they will be screwed into the floor that’s a really nice up thing to
have you know it’s the little off with the tripod just hit that button and you
just slide so yeah this is the Milwaukee Rocket dual power tower light links in
the description below where to get it I got mine for a Black Friday Friday sale
it came with a battery which was a really nice battery and charger but if
you can find the deal do it but yeah i’m philip bridges and

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