Minor tsunami waves hit Japan after Chile quake

Northern Japan has been hit by a small, roughly
one meter-high tsunami following the powerful earthquake that struck hours earlier across
the Pacific Ocean near Chile. Meanwhile,… strict building codes and the
readiness of the Chilean people are believed to have minimized the casualties and damages
in that country. Our Shin Se-min reports. Small tsunami waves
washed up on the northern part of Japan Thursday morning,
following a magnitude-8-point-2 earthquake that struck off the coast of northern Chile
late Tuesday evening, local time. The Japanese Meteorological Agency said small
waves were monitored in Kuji, Iwate prefecture,… while minor tsunamis are also being monitored
in several other regions in Japan,… with the possibility for higher waves later.
The Japanese government issued a tsunami advisory early Thursday,… saying there was a possibility
that waves of up to one-meter above normal sea-level may hit the eastern Pacific coast,…
but it was unlikely to cause any damage. Aftershocks continue to hit the region around
the epicenter of Tuesday’s quake. A magnitude-5-point-8 earthquake hit off the
coast of Panama,… near the Costa Rican border Wednesday,… according to the U.S. Geological
Survey. Although no damage was reported,… officials
said some schools and hospitals were evacuated as a precaution. Chile got off quite lightly considering the
strength of the quake and the subsequent two-meter tsunami waves did not do much damage.
Local authorities reported a total of six people died,… a relatively low death for
such a powerful natural disaster. Although over 26-hundred homes were damaged,…
most infrastructure held up with mines in the world’s top copper producer functioning
normally. The 9-hundred thousand people who evacuated
the low-lying coastal areas were able to return home on Wednesday morning,… as the authorities
lifted the tsunami alarm. Chilean President Michelle Bachelet has declared
parts of the country a disaster zone,… and toured the worst-hit areas on Wednesday.
Shin Se-min, Arirang News.

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