Missing Motorcycle Found 24′ Underwater in River!

– If you wanted to see us get a motorcycle out of the river today, I’d say you picked a good day
to watch one of our videos. What to you say, Sam? – I’d say today’s the day! – If you are a diver, and you’re thinking about
getting yourself a dry suit, go check out O’Three Custom Dry Suits. Not only do they make a fine dry suit, but they’re also supportin’
us as we’re out here getting cars out of the environment and doin’ our part to make
the world a better place. I’ll leave a link in the description. Today I’ve got Sam, Sam the Adventure Man, who came all the way down from Seattle. – That’s right. – So we have a hole here
that is 77 feet deep. I found five cars in it yesterday and a 70s style, 80cc Honda motorcycle that we’re gonna go get. – [Jared] Alright. Check,
check, check. I got audio. Oh, Sam sunk like a rock. He shouldn’t have sunk that fast. Sam, you got too much weight on you. Once we find the motorcycle, we’ll swim back around. Drop down to 30, or 40, or so. Take a quick peek at one of the cars. Hey, sir? Yeah, I’m the diver that you called out to help you find your motorcycle? I’ll see what I can do to find it for you. Oh, I think we found it. Is that it? Oh man, that’s it. No, what is this one? Oh no. That’s it, right? No, what is it? Some kinda big engine. We have an engine of some sort. I don’t know what this is. What is this one? That’s another motorcycle, right? I don’t know, I can’t
tell what that one is. Oh, there it is. We found it. There it is. Woohoo! How do ya like that? See, right here. Honda. Zoom, zoom, zoom. It’s beautiful, I love it. Is
that basket that goes with it? Alright. Well, our game plan, just get it marked right now. How many miles does it have on it? Can you even tell? You wanna go for a swim, swim, this way! I found a Toyota Corolla for you. While I’m waiting for you,
let me check the washer fluid. Yep, it’s still good. Yep,
plenty of washer fluid in there. All right, well even
though Sam’s not here, let me show you this Toyota Corolla. I found it yesterday. Oh, it’s a Toyota Corolla Deluxe! Ooh, that thing’s really nice. Oh is it four door? Oh it’s a four door! Already checked inside of it yesterday, I didn’t see anything in way of any bodies or anything. Trunk on this one is already open and we’re roughly 45 feet right here and the thing is, is
we’re out on our first run so if you look, drops straight down and when it drops down, there’s actually another
car underneath of it. I think that might be a
Volkswagen but I’m not sure. Oh, we found a motor at the
back. It is, let’s take a look. A Porsche! I was like, “what is that?”. That one just like, crumbles. This one’s been down here,
probably 40, 50 years. We’re never getting that one out. But we can get the Corolla out, so we’ll come back for that one for sure. And then, there’s another vehicle here too. I don’t know what this one is. And then it drops down to 77
feet, then it drops down to– lot of goodies in this one,
and these two frames right here are not part of the
five that I found yesterday. So we have a Mazda down there. We have a truck that’s down there and we have a Volkswagen
Jetta that’s down there. A Toyota Corolla. What else do we have? We have
a lot of goodies down there. Oh! That looks like a Monte Carlo or something that’s in there too. – [Shelley] Did I hear
you say you found my car? – [Jared] Is yours a Toyota Corolla? – [Shelley] Why yes it is! – [Jared] Is it yellow? – [Shelley] No, it is not. – [Jared] Then it’s not your car. – [Shelley] Okay. – [Jared] Let’s hook it
up, make it look good. Oh maybe right here. Through here. Lift it up, let’s watch it come out. There it goes, it’s not gonna take much. Oh yeah, look at that. Woo. There it goes, wheels and all. Woohoo! Up she goes! Nice work Sam, nice work. We got our first motorcycle. I don’t think we’ll be
riding it any time soon. Look at that wheel! That’s funny. Shelley, we got a motorcycle. I get so excited over this stuff! – [Shelley] I think if you put some air in the tires, you’ll be
able to get it over here. – Look in the seat. Oh there’s
nothing under the seat. Oh the gas tank is under there! – [Jared] You know what they say that I hear a rock in the motor. That’s what it means. I don’t think the battery’s gonna work so you’re gonna have
to kick start this one. – [Sam] Yeah, I will. – [Jared] No it does move! – [Sam] Can we get some compression going? – [Jared] Oh, I think you just need to grease it up a little bit. Hey if you guys have not seen Sam, Sam the Adventure Man, before, he’s got his own YouTube channel, I will link to it down below so– – Ahh! – [Jared] So go check him out. And if you’re ever bored and you want to have a good time with us, leave us a comment down below. You never know where we’re
gonna be at if you happen to have any tips as to where
some motorbikes are at. Any cars, any other cool
things in the rivers or lakes, be sure to hit us up because– – Yes please! – We’re always looking for an adventure. – [Jared] You brought that big truck just for this little guy? – [Brandon] Oh yeah. I always
have to bring the best! – If you guys are here just for the motorcycle video, perfect! The videos almost over,
but don’t go anywhere yet. We also have a Oldsmobile
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10 thoughts on “Missing Motorcycle Found 24′ Underwater in River!

  1. yo love your videos man i live in oregon and some of your older videos were located in bend oregon and ilive in sisters oregon but yeah keep up the great content

  2. Will you try to repair that motorcycle ?? ehehe hey what happened with the john Deer ??

  3. We had a bike like that a loooooooong time ago. Funny thing, unlike the cars you bring up that little bike COULD be restored.

  4. As many cars as you find in that river, I'm starting to wonder if its a fad up there to ditch cars and collect insurance..

  5. I'm from Las Vegas Nevada I wish they'd let you float the Lake Mead B-29 that would be a logistical nightmare and probably impossible plus there's no way they'd ever let anybody recover it… it's awesome to think about you trying!

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