– Hey, do you wanna see us get a minivan out of the river today? I’d say today’s a good day for you to be here watching this video. The setup that we have for you guys today is well, I thought that we were
almost out of cars here in the Willamette River
until Jason here… – Well, I was trying out some gear, testing my gear out and found one and then, another and then, another. – And by another another another, he’s talking about, we
have a van, you said, a Chrysler as well as a
possible four by four, is a four by four off-road? – Yes. – So, we’re gonna go put
you guys on those today, let you see what they look like and we’re gonna pull one of them today. Stay tuned ’cause we’re
getting in the water right now. All right, check check, I got audio. So, let’s go follow Jason and see if we can find our target today. All right so, we already lost Jason. Oh, we can track somebody as we just find their bubbles. Oh, we got something here, oh, that’s just a big log. Oh, look at that! We found a car. (mumbles) Is that the van? Chrysler. It’s upside down, okay. So, what do we have here? Chrysler right there. It’s beautiful. Oh, and the door is open. Ooh, let’s look inside. Can we look inside? Steering wheel. Bear with us Nate. I lost my marker. One question that comes up often is, “Are you guys getting paid for this?” No, we’re completely volunteers, so, there are no taxpayers’ dollars helping us for what it
is we’re out here doing. Another thing we get asked is, why aren’t the police or another agency doing anything about it? Jason, what is the one only reason they said to actually give them a call? – Dead bodies, did you
find any dead bodies? And I said, Nope, I didn’t. – [Jared] Let’s check this one and then, go that direction. (water gurgles) Oh, we found the van. There it is. 2013 set of plates. Oh, my goodness, is the back of it open? That’s Right, it’s a Chevy van. Nothing in the back seat. Nobody in the middle seat. Nobody in the front seat. But it’s got some silt in there. That’s not too much, I
think we can still float it. Alright, let’s do it. We’re gonna, look how much silt’s in here. Okay. We’re doing the van today, 100%. Let’s do it. This is actually, I haven’t told you, I mean, it’s a eleven-twelve
passenger van, Tatum. – [Tatum] Oh. – It’s the largest pull that
we’re ever going to have that we’ve done to date. – [Tatum] Well, the Expedition. – No, this van is bigger. – Oh, really?
– Yeah. – It’s not bigger than the boat. – Well, yeah, I mean,
as far as vehicles goes. (laughs) It’s the largest vehicle
that we’ve ever lifted is what we have here. I can’t record all of my
underwater today, Nate. Do you know why? – Why? – Tatum left my batteries in the boat from yesterday with Scott. So, I’m monitoring battery usage today. Gonna grab whatever
footage I can for you guys. Let me take two chains and a rope. What we’re gonna do is I’m gonna, you’re gonna take this one, I’m gonna take this one
with a tank attached to it. We’re gonna drop down the line, both chains are hooked
to the rear tow bar. Hook this bag to the one carabiner, I’m gonna hook my bag
to the other carabiner. I’m then going to inflate both bags fully, we’re gonna stand it up on its nose, then, we’ll come back,
we’ll watch it go up, verify everything is good and then, for safety measure,
I’m gonna switch tanks before we come back in with
the other two lift bags. On three, two, one. All right, I’ll see you down there. My biggest concern today
is the current here. The tide is actually going out. Once we get this floating, we’re gonna end up
jamming it into that cove. We need a game plan once it’s floating. Okay, Jason, sounds good then. All right. Clip that on, good on. Good current. Here we go. Let’s inflate the bag. Beautiful, the air’s going in that one. For safety as I’m mentioned before. Keep your face away from that, just in case it pops. Oh, look at that, it’s
floating really fast. That’s one bag. Okay, turn that off. Look at that, starting to lift up. That’s beautiful, I love it. Yeah, yeah! All right, let’s switch bags there, Jason. Tighten up the hose. Excellent, thank you. Oh, gonna make sure that
this valve is closed. Alright, there we go. Put some air in there. Oh, liftoff. Looking good. – [Jared] That was close, Nate. – [Nate] Close to what? – [Jared] Close to flipping. – [Nate] Oh, yeah? – What we had was, I had the one bag on the front of the van and it was starting to flip it over so it’s on its wheels and then, something just whoop whoop! And now, it’s upside down still. Good news is, we have a
tow truck that can flip it, we just need to get it from here to there, which means we need to
keep it in deep water in order to drag it. – It’s too close to the shore, so, we’re gonna pull it that way and out and we’ll come back around
and pull it that way. – Under those bags, those floats, is a van. – Okay. – And we need to pull it
off the beach a little bit and up that way so that we
can get it on a tow truck in an hour or so. So, if you could just
pull nice and gentle, it should move nice and easy. – In which direction? – Sort of towards those red buoys and then, turn back this way. – You want the van to like, go around the river? – It’s on the beach now, so, we need to pull it off the beach–
– Okay. – and then, towards the boat ramp ’cause we have a tow
truck coming to get it. – So, I’m going towards the buoys? – Towards the buoys and
then, back towards us. – Yeah, so, just jump on with her. Okay, now to the left. – [Woman] Wait! – [Jared] Whoa whoa. Did we pop off, Nate? – I think we dropped off the van, yeah. I don’t think we can spend time here ’cause it’s my birthday
and guests are coming soon. – Oh, okay, no worries, we can let you go. I appreciate you helping. Well, the jet-ski failed. I felt bad that we were
actually taking up her time on her birthday. – We didn’t know that.
– I didn’t know that, I mean, she offered right? – [Tatum] If it was my
birthday, I would do it. – Anyway, we’re actually making progress. What we have going on is, we have Nate pushing it away from shore with his kayak while I’m pulling about 200 feet of rope here in hopes that we can actually get it to the boat ramp over here. – [Tatum] What you doing, Jared? – I’m doing all the work, Tatum, that’s what I’m doing. You understand my legs are on fire. Look how far we’ve come, though. – [Tatum] It’s true. – That pillar over there
is about 12 feet deep. I figure the van is about six feet tall plus the length of the bags. So, it’s hanging about 10 feet
below the surface right now. So, we just need it close
enough for the tow truck which will be here in about 20 minutes. So, enough chitter chatter, Tatum, gotta keep this thing moving. I think that’s it, I
think we’re high centered. Yep, that’s it right there. (man coughs) That it? – [Jared] 15 bucks says you can’t make it all the way out there, Tatum. – Why not? – [Jared] Go ahead. How far can you make it? – I’m hitting the stump now. (engine revs) – What I’m gonna do real quick, Brandon, we just got it on its wheels, I’m gonna do one more hook since Nate’s already extended out there. I’m gonna hook onto the bumper, the tow hitch, I’ll hook it on the tow hitch.
– There we go. – We’re gonna finish dragging it around and pull it as close as we can for ya. – [Tatum] You like helping out, Nate? – Yeah yeah, keeps me out of the pub. – And some of you guys be like, You know what, you guys got a tow truck, how come you’re not using the bigger rig? We’re guys, we just like
to mess around a little bit before we actually let the
professionals take over. This is just us having fun, accept it. Oh, it’s going! (people chatter) I see it moving! Woohoo! Go-go-go! Ya know, I’m kinda proud of Nate there. I think that’s good! Yeah, you’re good! – The water has gotta drain. – Now, here’s the thing, Jason… under water, didn’t that seem
like it was a lot larger? Like it was a 12 passenger van. – It did. – I would’ve never
guessed it was an actual– – The water expands, makes it look bigger. – In the meantime, we’ve got Brandon here. Brandon, is this close
enough for ya today? – [Brandon] Very. – (laughs) All right. We’ll get this one out of the way, we’ll get this one out of the way and let’s get loaded and you out of here. We got a milk crate in here for ya, Tatum.
– Woo! – [Jared] Think about all the milk you can get with that. – Ya know, I used to– – [Jared] This isn’t a
square milk crate either, it’s the full on big one. – [Tatum] Is it the metal or plastic one? – [Jared] No, it’s plastic. – [Tatum] That used to be my
furniture (speaks faintly). – [Jared] So, I heard you pulled out a gym bag out of this. – I did, I didn’t want to open it, though. – [Jared] You never did? – I had my buddy open it. I thought there might be a
head or something in there. – [Jared] So, what was in the gym bag? – Just a bunch of gym clothes. – Ah, boring, we’re gonna
go back to the cool stuff. Oh, you missed a shirt, though or a pair of jeans or something. I really like the green pin striping and the green rims on this. They rallied it, for sure. I don’t think these
have glove boxes, Tatum. (people chatter) (winch whirs) We got it! That right there is our
little ski-doo girl lady that was helping us earlier. So anyway, I’m glad she
didn’t hang out for us ’cause look what she’s
actually over there enjoying. (winch whirs) Oh, so that’s why it looked a little high. What are you gonna destroy today, Tatum? – Well, we gotta get it
off the rock and the– – [Jared] You’re not getting it off the rock with the crowbar. – You know what? I haven’t done it but I’m gonna try. – [Jared] No, you’re not, that’s gonna drop on ya. No, you can’t go underneath the tire, now what’s gonna happen
after you put that– – I know! It just slides the tire. See, it slides. – [Jared] Put it under the frame. Oh, there you go, all
right, it’ll move now. – [Tatum] All right, go get the crowbar. – Yeah, some people say Mister Leisek, you work out? Yes I do. – [Bradyn] There you go. – [Jared] All right. – All right, all right. – On that note, that wraps up another episode of
“Adventures With Purpose” where you’ll never know
what it is we’re gonna find like, a van in the river
today, really amazing. Thanks, everybody, for your participation. Thank you, Jason. We’re gonna be back in this spot also because there’s two or three more cars. That’s it for now, later, later. Don’t forget to subscribe, bye-bye. (“Super Mario Bros.” theme music)

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