Mission: SkipJack – Catching bait below Kentucky Dam – TN River – Shane Williams Outdoors

Hey guys, MSriverCatfish here. It is the end of March and the skipjack have
started running and so its time to load the freezer up a little bit, so we are over here
at KY dam and getting ready to catch some skipjack. It’s a windy day today but I’ve been hearing
reports of lots of skipjack being caught so its that time of year that we’ve been waiting
for after this long winter. Hoping to get on a number of them today and
be able to put some in the freezer, so stay tuned and we will hopefully get on some and be able to catch
some in big numbers. So stay tuned with us and we will see what
happens.– Yodeling… There’s one. Let’s see what we ended up with here. Boy, it’s windy today. Hey, that’s not too bad. Probably, 20 in there. I’ll get a count when I get home and bag them
up. Most of them were caught on 4 jigs like this. I think I only caught 1 on the spoon. So anyway, had a good day and got some good
baits. I appreciate you all tuning in be sure to
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6 thoughts on “Mission: SkipJack – Catching bait below Kentucky Dam – TN River – Shane Williams Outdoors

  1. Nice video. They have been in there but they not crazy biting yet. Just left there today.

  2. Great channel brother! Sub #80 here! I found you on Marshall Hurts shoutouts! You have my support! Check me out when you get time 🙂

  3. Hi, I live in Indiana, I wanted to come catch a skipjack. I wanted to know if the 2019 season started, fish get caught?

  4. Thank you for replying on my comment, can you please give me the address of this location. I would love to come to this place with my children to fish, Thank you

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