Mist Survival, S2EP18, Base Tour, Electricity, Generator, Lights, Refrigerators, and Fire

what’s up everybody viper here back in
mist survival and I took a few days off because I had a cold and I’ve just been
building stuff and placing stuff on the ground just so my base kind of looks
like it’s livable you know like someone’s living in it
it’s like a bunch of engines and junk just sitting here and you just kind of
drop it and hopefully it lands where you want it and then I built a regular
hunting cabin and then it got me a nice bed and just some random stuff place it
around nice little night of drinking some more cabinets I know my guest
shelter a my my crops are finally done so this is a final stage of tomatoes and
then you got your final stage of corn the stage five the one right before this
pretty much looks the same except it’s a all green and has only like two corn
stalks on it but I’ll harvest those in a little while just gonna finish my little
tour of my base I think you already probably seen this area just littered
some more stuff on there and then hopefully the when you drop
weapons they’ll they’ll actually fall down sometimes you’ll have to drop them
on top of something else to actually make them fall down or they’ll be
sitting straight up they just look weird and then this one I have all of the
added a bunch of lockers the large ones you can’t you can’t pull them out of a
building they won’t fit through the door so I ended up just leaving the ones down
at the other base because all you get is scrap wood for just destroying them so
I’m just gonna use it as an extra storage and I got my little arms from
here I need to go kill some more bandits just a bunch of random crap and then I
put a put scotch room up in the back so he comes up here and gets in his little
little corner up here and then he could sit out the window he’s kind of
anti-social so he just sits up here and watches people as they do their thing
got some booze with him he’s a drinker so that’s my base tour and today I’m
gonna go ahead and build some a generator and add different lights
probably the refrigerators as well but the refrigerators are our glitch right
now they don’t keep anything cold or you know make stuff last longer so they’re
it’s kind of a waste of time building them unless you just wanted for direct
decoration which that’s the only reason I’m gonna build them and those my traps
been here they stopped working so the only way you can really get rid of them
is just to throw them in the bin if you make more you can start trapping animals
again but I don’t even it’s waste of time it’s waste of resources so
let’s go ahead and get started with the building of generator I’m actually gonna
build it in here and it’s up here by this radio or a generator what are you
going to call it and you’re gonna need 10 scrap 20 components and 6 gears all
right now the generators done those two lights you see are the the two lights I
took from one of the cabins near the starting area so to be able to to fill
it up with fuel you can either use these little biofuels and then you’ll see the
amount of fuel over here on the right-hand side or you can use this the
gas can that you get out of the for the cars and you can cancel it if you want
to stop giving it a certain amount or whatever all right so it’s got 15 liters
in it now and it’ll last for around five days but
the only time I’ll use this the generators at night when I want to
actually do stuff otherwise I keep it off and you can go into your generator
and turn things on or off or you can actually go to the light itself and
these stupid gas cans hopefully they’ll disappear if not I’ll
just do them and not just throw them in the recycle bin alright so now we got
the generator I’m gonna go ahead and make the two different lights you got
your lamp post that has four wood four components and one electronic component so I’m just gonna build it right there for now and then we have our
flood lights which are directional you can like put them on top of a building
and point them down or point them up or whatever you really want to do with them
just going to show them there for now and then we have one more light we can
make which is in the workbench and it’s the wall light and you need a electronic
part two components and one empty bottle so once it’s built you take the and put
it in your hot bar and then you can put it down so I’m just gonna shove it right right there for now and then you can go
to the light and you can turn them on no I’m not alright you can go to the light
you could turn it on with the F button for me it’s a default setting or turn it
off and then you got to turn the generator on and then it turns on same
with the other lights if you hit your a and C II will bring it up and then C
will drop it down these lights are good for lighting up a pretty decent sized
area and I mean you got the pole lights you could turn off and on wait till dark
time and so you can see how much they actually light up I’ll probably move
them out but I’m gonna go ahead and build the refrigerator’s just for
decoration most of the stuff late in the game is
more direct decoration for me because I’m not gonna use any frigerators but to
get to the refrigerators you go over here to this little lightning bolt and
then you click down underneath the lightning bolt on the or the light light
bulb on the right-hand side and it’ll switch to refrigerators you got a small
and you got the the the large fridge and they just hold
different amounts and they’re pretty useless so I’m just gonna build this one
over here just so you can see it and then I want to build the big one I’m not
sure which exactly yep I gotta turn it around alright so there we got our two
different kinds of refrigerators hopefully they’ll make it where you can
actually store stuff for longer inside but right now with the the dried meat
and eating dried meat it’s kind of pointless to even have them but I like
improves the decoration there’s nothing else I went ahead and slept till the
nighttime just so I can show you the different lights now this is just my
flashlight now I’m gonna turn it off and then there’s your lamp post that’s so much light you get with your
lamp post and over here is the little wall light and then here is your what
you get out of the spotlight so as you can see let me move it a little bit you
can move it up and down to give you light exactly where you need it
alright I’m gonna go ahead and build some bunch of different lights off
camera and then I’ll bring you back once everything’s lit up alright I went ahead
and built some some tiki torches one of these burning barrels and just by these
fires you can actually light up your base quite a bit these tiki torches you
can use either the biofuel or the gasoline you find in cars but the only
problem with those you got to use a match
to light it every time same with the campfires she and the the burning barrel
we got to use the tender and the matches so let me go ahead and turn on my
generator and now my base is pretty much lit up you don’t need that many lights
inside because they’ll bleed through from one room to the next
so one lights enough to light up this whole room because it’s bleeding through
from this light and the one inside and then once I start actually farming more
crops I can have enough light to work in and do everything I need to do around
any of my buildings I even put a light up here for Scott up here I can get up
to here this way Scott actually has a light so we don’t feel too bad but I can
get through most of my areas without too much problem so I’m not gonna really be
going up the Scotch room he can go outside if he wants and then the only
place that infected really will come in my base here is this one gate because
it’s the only gate that’ll go outside they’ll all congregate at this one one
place right here that won’t go anywhere else to try to get in but right there so
I can easily just wait for him to come and then kill them so this is pretty
much my finished base here I might work on my other buildings in the clearing
but these fence fences are enough to keep the infected out and I don’t have
to worry about bandits over where I’m at they’re not gonna actually you know
slowly wander over here or nothing so I’m completely safe inside this area
I’ve never had a problem sleeping or infected actually spawning inside my my
bass cuz it’s so small right now now once you start building walls large
walls you might have issues where the infected actually will spawn inside your
baits but this this area is so small that I don’t have to worry about
anything coming in all right I think I’m in the video for today we went over all
the different lighting options you have for your build I kind of like the way
the fires look this the the globe but just the resources you’re gonna need to
start up all these fires every days I’d rather just use the generator and then
turn the generator off every time when I’m not actually working but thanks for
watching and I will catch y’all later

4 thoughts on “Mist Survival, S2EP18, Base Tour, Electricity, Generator, Lights, Refrigerators, and Fire

  1. I think the dev need to make animal traps breakable cuz if they don't work right now at least to get the resources back from it, even if they got fixed, they still need to be breakable ;}

  2. Hey Viper you probably know this but when looking at the generator hold T and look around to see the range of the generator displayed by a flashing circle. Nice video, Cheers

  3. Good looking base. It has a very serene feel. Like the items laying around too. Good stuff!

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