Mit 800 PS den Amazonas runter – Verrückteste Kreuzfahrt Brasiliens auf LKW-Ponton – ZEITreise Ep 24

We are driving down the Amazon 1500 km from Manaus to Belem. you have to watch out, there’s quite some driftwood in the river but the best thing is … we need no fuel! because we ride on a pontoon – a “balsa” on Portugese. one o’clock PM Now we go on the raft.
On the “Balsa”. We have waited 12 hours they pretty much took forever with unloading and loading How are we supposed to fit in there? Looks as if the raft is already full, then comes the next truck … Where are we supposed to get on ?? Now it’s your turn. We are setting off! Two in the morning … now I can sleep at last. Ciao Manaus – it was beautiful! the next morning we awake at
full speed in the middle of the amazon. We will ride 5 days and 5 nights to the Atlantic coast squeezed in between trucks. wonder if that is going to be fun? We have embarked late last night and now we share this pontoon with 25containers and trucks for a week We are the only travellers, quite funny. and that is the ship, pushing us the crew is working around the clock in
three shifts. a nonstop ride . the amazon is the highway from the
coast to far inland. roads do not exist here. from small fishing boats to container ships everything is on the go. the enormous river is even navigable for oceangoing ocean liners
until Iquitos in Peru – 4000 km inland it is actually quite a risky ride. the next days are to be the most dangerous ones for our children so far and my fear has given me sleepless nights can you explain to me what is
is not allowed here? cross the limit. What is this line? Children limit. And what is there? the Amazon This strap is there,
so we do not fall into the water. I had nightmares, because I’m worried that
the children fall over the edge It is not equipped for passenger transport here. but a pure cargo raft. No railing, no life jackets, no rescue devices … But we have this barrier and so far the children are really disciplined and do not go near the edge. to prevent the unspeakable,Rallo and I committed ourselves before departure to watch over the children every single second not so easy with 400.000 seconds on board … But with the watch we get
unexpected help: 20 truckers spend the day always near us for we have the best panorama spot. so the children limit is permanently
under observation and the boys – otherwise not always so
obedient – feel the seriousness of the situation and stick to their limit. So we slowly relax and practice our barely existing
Portuguese with our new friends in fact we have a lot of time – not only to guard our twins because on the raft ride we get even full board let’s go to the ship cook! Now this the most important place aboard … the ship kitchen! What is it today? Again rice and beans! Thank God Tino loves beans, right? on his own, the cook prepares 3
a day for about 30 men – and me. the children love it in the amazon, more water flows than
in the six next largest rivers combined. it is fed by 100,000 tributaries from a catchment area larger than Europe. this tremendous flow draws us inevitably and slowly we begin to enjoy this bizarre raft trip. has a certain industrial charme – between trucks … elevated freight traffic … wedecided to travel the relaxed way this passage will cost 360 euros for the trip with the truck we would have needed at least the same sum in diesel but ecologically it is obviously better like this and the cruise is actually quite nice … and so the dreaded horror trip rises to become
our favorite leg of the journey how do you like to camp here on the raft? Excellent! We must not even drive ourselves! That’s the best right? That we do not have to drive yourself … the captain drives for us We already had quite a few cool camps on this trip, but this is outstanding. on a raft on the mightiest of all rivers … pole position and Amazonia passing us by. could not be better! but every time you get lost in
nature admiration a 40-t-truck starts to rattles beside you suddenly truly idyllic here! a real trucker cannot stay away from the accelerator for long … It’s no cruise company here for the truck drivers it’s important that the battery is fully charged they are a little bored, they do some washing, some cleaning and of course start the motor every now and then For there is the myth that this steel raft would discharge the batteries. and therefore they take turns and rattle their trucks. they miss their motor already, so they let it run a little. nice quiet background for breakfast! but sometimes there is serenity and silence, when everyone gathers in perhaps the weirdest chillout-area of Brazil is this the truckers lounge? sure, here’s the tranquilo-department … empty car carrier. to manaus they go fully loaded with Automobiles, and on the return trip they are apparently empty. this is now our lazy corner. and of course we need to go to
the control room on the top floor every day you may steer! don’t drive us against something captain Tino! where do we go? 9 knots and almost 29m depth. Not so deep for such a large river, right? medium. there are also deeper places The Amazon Basin is the largest
weather machine of the planet and sometimes the force of nature breaks loose above us children a huge thunderstorm! fat thunderstorm over the amazon! the flashes now beat down every second! mydishwashing water almost goes over! quite high seas… high river! Oh, high river. now we have reached the huge river delta and the most exciting part of the journey begins what we must not film: since last
night there are armed security guards on board in the past there have been pirate robberies and even hijacked pontoons we are already in the amazon delta. suddenly all is very narrow The river is divided into 100 different channels look: islands and river arms, ramifications everywhere. the traffic is the same as in the kilometer-wide main arm further
upriver and the crew is fully alert so that we don’t collide with anyone – especially at night at full speed. and sometimes our trucker friends meet their trucker friends in the oncoming traffic. but we also see this again and again: whole forests removed. tropical wood for the world market the mood on our pontoon is
deeply relaxed. once we actually run on ground and no one seems to care Because we are under the incfluence of the tides and one hour later
the flood washes us free again. that happens all the time, it seems – because the amazon carries around one billion tonnes of sediment per year here The last two days we ride alongside
the Ilha do Marajo a river island as big as Switzerland 250,000 people live here mostly in stilt houses and we can look almost into their living rooms often their small canoes are the only
transportation and distances are measured in boot hours. forever we could drift through this water world and absorb the impressions We have just seen dolphins but
that was too fast for the camera. these were salt water dolphins. we are
already very close to the sea. I saw something pink in the water, and a swirl don’t go any further! No… We are really sad whenthe raft ride comes to an end after 5 days in retrospect my initial worries seem unfounded gone by like the water that
flows beneath us. what remains is the memory of the most extraordinary off-road leg of our journey on the mightiest river on earth. next episode ciao amazon! now we go to the sea- finally! the lencois maranhenses. probably the weirdest landscape brazil! we’re stuck once again. just before sunset … soaking wet sand! there came the whole village!

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  1. Moin ihr 4 ?
    Wieder mal ein tolles Video von euch und super dokumentiert ?? Es weckt einmal mehr das Fernweh-Feeling, auch wenn ich Schisser mir das nicht trauen würde ?

  2. Eine eigentlich nicht so spektakuläre Etappe mit ganz tollen Bildern aufbereitet. Schön, dass Ihr auch nach Eurer Heimkehr noch die Zeit findet diese schönen Impressionen zu produzieren. Wir hoffen, Ihr habt Euch wieder gut in München eingelebt. Wie erging es Euch dabei?
    Alles Gute und wir hoffen auf eine baldige Vorsetzung.

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  7. Wie immer tolle Aufnahmen und eine ergreifende Moderation. Auch ich als Halb-Brasilianer bin sprachlos… OBRIGADO POR COMPARTIR ESTA VIAGEM ÚNICA!

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    Wie immer ein tolles Video. Vielen Dank.
    LG aus der Pfalz

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    Es ist Euch gelungen mit dem Video viel zu transportieren -super!

    Liebe Grüsse aus Österreich – Andreas

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    es ist wirklich ein Traum was ihr da erlebt und mit uns teilt. Diese Dimensionen… klar weiß man es irgendwie, aber wenn man es dann so enthusiastisch neutral dargebracht bekommt und die Bilder dazu sieht ist es einfach faszinierend.
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  21. Amazing adventure with fabulous storytelling and exciting… thanks for English subtitles!!

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