Mitigation Matters: Green Spaces Created in Vinton, Iowa

Well the 2008 flood was at a level that
the town had never seen before. In fact it was five and a half foot above what
the community had ever seen before Well here after 2008 we had we’ve lost
about 32 homes from that. With the FEMA buyouts and I think the people were just
getting tired of fighting all the time. We couldn’t keep sand bagging, and we knew that
and so we tried to take the next step. Thankfully a majority that people took
the the FEMA offered buy outs and so we were able to create parks like this in green
space up and down the community. This street in particular we got got these
community gardens now and that’s good use of the green space. Nobody left the
community yeah they all stayed. That’s important. We’ve had several
disasters we had the 0-8 flood, the 16 flood, we had a tornado and a wind storm
right, but our population has never decreased. It’s always stayed the same,
because we are a very, very resilient community. So the best way to not have
any more damage is to move the stuff out of the place. right We have some extreme
difficulties with having our utility plant right there. The fire station, we
are actually in the process of identifying a new piece of property out of the
floodplain over on the western edge of town. We’re kind of working with the
state right now to try and buy that property so we can put it on there and
that’s gonna be one of the major risks. We can keep one of those critical
activities our out of the floodplain So what we were able to
observe here in Vinton, Iowa today is the understanding that mitigation planning
and action shouldn’t be a one and done affair. That it takes a long-term
commitment to create resilience across the nation at the state local tribal and
territorial level.

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