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My journey in philanthropy started after the 2004 tsunami. I was blessed to survive, the biggest natural disaster of our
lifetimes. My partner passed away, I was very
lucky to survive and to still be here today with broken pelvis in four places and lots of internal bleeding and other challenges, but I consider myself still extremely lucky. I’ve seen there has been gap where children or families were forgotten after
natural disasters, so the tsunami just really opened my eyes to what is happening. Disaster after disaster. When first responders were leaving, the communities and the children were getting
forgotten. And I’ve learned, after, that many times after natural disasters it takes four years or even six years for children to go to safe school. And to me it was unacceptable that when children went through such a terrifying experience, losing their loved ones, seeing things
which children shouldn’t see, death, suffering. At a very young age that they have to wait for four or six years to go back to school, and what school really means
is going back to normalcy. A sense of normalcy. They can start healing when they go to school. And the sooner children can go back to
a sense of normalcy and healing at school, sooner they can start healing from the trauma. What the media are not focusing enough on is the long term need. And we have to change the way how we respond to natural disasters, from thinking short term to long term because it takes many years. Puerto Rico is definitely a place which keeps me awake at night. Out of all the disasters that’s the
number one concern. I truly don’t know how they’re going to recover. It makes me really worried. And we are committed to stay, but we need support not just from volunteers. We have enough volunteers in Puerto
Rico but we need financial support as well so we can keep helping rebuilding those homes. My life a purpose is to uplift humanity in whatever way I can. And that’s, that’s definitely something which makes me happy. But again, it’s, it’s something that I cannot do alone. And that’s the beauty that one person can do a lot, but together we can do things much faster and better. So again each of us are a very important part of a puzzle. Everybody brings different core strengths too. And when we come together we can create
a more beautiful picture of the puzzle of the world. And that’s that’s the beauty of coming together.

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  1. Any activists for tsunami telief want to mention the Puerto Rican politicians denying relief to their constituents? Anyone? Google it.

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