Mold Free Finished Basement – 4 Ways To Prevent Mold

You’re in a finished basement this is all
sheet rock look at the back of this Mold! This is what happens to your finished basement when you don’t consider the waterproofing first. Mold, Mold, Mold. That’s not Dirt behind
the sheet rock. Mold Mold, That’s Mold If the price puts you out of your budget for
finishing your basement, Well you’ve got less money in your budget for finishing your basement. If I ever come out and I give you an estimate and you don’t get your job fixed. Good luck to Ya. This is a sump pump crock setup Now this is a Zoeler 1/3 horse power pump 1/3 Zoeler will pump out 44 gallons per minute I’ve been using Zoeler Pumps for 30 years
now I have never had to replace one This is a Hydro-Pressure Pump It works off your water pressure. You see the Zoeler and the Hydro-Pressure
Pump. This is going to be the water line These are your pex piping and this will be
the water line that’s going in. This here is a seal it goes around the top. This a pressure valve. When the backup pump goes on water flows. This is spring loaded. When water stops it slams shut so no bacteria
can back-flow in to the drinking water. This is a shut off valve. Any problems with the pumps you can just shut
the water off right here. Water line comes down and goes into this Hydro-Pressure Pump. Down below you have your Zoeler Pump. This is a rubber seal, so when the lid is
put back, bolted down its sealed. The water pressure is Eighty Pounds. The hose is turned on full blast. Right now I’m holding the float down to the
Hydro-Pressure Pump so it does not come on. My water pressure is still on. When I release the Hydro-Pressure Pump listen to how quiet it is… Can’t Even hear it. This is it going off. The water is dropping I’m still on full pressure here The Hydro-Pressure Pump is pumping it out. Oh how we do love this modern technology. Ok The entire building has been sprayed down
with a mold killing detergent Killing all the existing mold and the mold has been cleaned off The paint is a microbial sealant If you have finished wall with insulation in it you’ve got heat here and then you have a cold
wall condensation can build up on it This is Thermal Armor It is rated R-15 Insulation Factor This is the next step after waterproofing
a basement if you intend on finishing the basement it is hermetically sealed at the bottom Every seam, every pipe, board hermetically
sealed No vapors can get through this at all The top is not sealed so that it breathes This is the best thing to do if you intend
on finishing a basement after waterproofing

33 thoughts on “Mold Free Finished Basement – 4 Ways To Prevent Mold

  1. skipping, jumping of recording so irritating impossible to watch

  2. This guy is telling the customers the true…
    I am a Mold Remediation Contractor and if you want to invest in a repair to your property just look at him on waterproofing problems…
    Fernando Restorer's 516-325-4516

  3. Understand what you are saying about the insulation after you fix the water seepage , but many people are saying to not use any insulation or vapor barrier .. Your thoughts on that ???

  4. Thanks for all your videos, they're informative and pretty entertaining. I only wish you were in the St Louis area… I've dealt with more than a few piss poor contractors from roofs to basements; can't stand them.

  5. hi mr. o'connor, thanks for the videos, learning a hard lesson, any one you can recommend in the westchester new york area, i know giving refrences can be dangerous, but i am at the end of my rope, need to sell the house, with this last season, small problems have grown, need to fix to know i am doing the right thing, thanks for any help you might be able to offer.

  6. so the water pump is then a backup?  are those sharkbite fitting? I love your videos also

  7. What are your thought's on gluing insulation foam boards 4×8 sheets sealed with spray foam top and bottom and tape at seams, after any water issue's are addressed?

  8. Watched most of the vids. Makes perfect sense. Question for you and not trying to be flip. If these systems are so great, why the heck aren't they built into the foundation from the get go? Wouldn't it be cheaper and better to put them in during construction? Maybe external footing drains actually a better and cheaper option? Or maybe you only put these in when the external footing drains are absent or failed? Thanks.

  9. I have a feeling this guy knows his shit, but the editing of the video is just terrible.

  10. supercool! can u sell me one of these pumps to austria, Europe? or tell me where to get them? I'll probably need 3 ? thx!

  11. your usually supposed to put a pressure reducing valve on the water line going to the water back up pump because it will crack the housing of the pump sometimes

  12. I thank you for all your videos. the cuts are great. I don't like to pay people as I try to learn as much as I can and do it myself. I have always worked construction and not scared to try. you showed me a lot and anyone cutting you down is only jealous of your talents, knowledge, and skills. thanks again. keep up the great work.

  13. What about when people put up 6 mil plastic that runs down to the floor drain with that mirror drain an the bottom of the block wall that runs past the footer with the plastic?

  14. Love the information, HATE the jump cuts. This is amateur hour and it's unwatchable. It's too bad because your other videos are great.

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