Mon spot LED 1600W fait maison – 150’000 Lumens !

Go ahead! Holy cow, ha ha ha! Hi there bitches! You know it, halogen lights are getting old, and these good old 100W LED panels are not powerful enough for me, that’s why I decided to create this 1600W LED spotlight. It is made of 16 LEDs with 100W of power each, and give a total brightness of 150,000 lumens. As a reminder, a big ass flashlight can light from 300 to 400. That gives and idea. Warning ! 400W… 800W… 1200W… And 1600W! Voilà! Ha ha, that’s totally ridiculous! It is entirely made out of aluminum, with 8 coolers and 8 fans to evacuate the heat from the LEDs and a U-shaped support also made of aluminum so I can orientate it. On the front there’s a styroglass protection window and a CTO filter that allows me to get a color temperature around 5600K which is a natural white, and given that it is supplied in direct current, there’s absolutely no flicker so it’s perfect for Slow-Motion and all kinds of shootings. To supply this puppy, we need a lot of power, that’s why I used 4 power supplies capable of delivering 24V at 20A each. They all send their current to these transformers, increasing the voltage up to 35V, and then to this control box where I can vary the brigthness of each 4-LED segment independently. And finally, the electricity is driven to this distribution box with XT-60 connectors, and a whole bunch of 4 mm² (AWG 11) wire to avoid losses. The total cost of this build is around 500 to 600€ (550 – $650), which is a lot but still less than a HMI spotlight with the same power. And good news for all tinkerers around, let’s thank Banggood for offering me part of the materials, so you have all the links to every element in the description. To realize how powerful it is, here’s a small LED spotlight that is used on top of DSLR cameras, which has a power of about 80W, pretty bright. This is the light from 2x 300W halogen lights, a total of 600W. And this is the 1600W LED spotlight… Wow, ha ha! Can’t see anything! Oh, I just lost an eye! Let’s do this scientifically! Here I have a luxmeter that indicates 310 lux at this distance with the halogen light, and with the LED… Well, we’re at 2070. Voilà, voilà! No more problems of light at night, how cool is that! The advantage of having such a power, is that you can light up an entire room simply by pointing it at the ceiling or even a close-up lighting of a scene for slow-motion, or simply lighting up the garden when we need a shooting to last longer! Check out the power… These trees are 70m (220ft) away from the house… Well, that’s bright! Wait, let me get a tan here… Damn, holy cow! I’m actually gonna test if you can get a tan from it, I’ll stay 10 minutes like that… Can’t see anything… Oh shit, I’m red! [Crazy laughter] Ok well, it works! Wow, what a sunburn! Well thank you everybody for watching this video! If you want to know more about this 1600W spotlight, there’s a video dedicated to it on my secondary channel, Thanks to all those following me on social networks, and from now on to those supporting me on Tipeee, you rock! It’s getting cold here… I think I’m gonna warm myself up! Ok, bye! [Burps] Hello…!

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