Monkey crying loudly on a bottle boat in the river | Monkey dance hiphop

Hi guys, today I’m going to design a plastic boat for Sam to play at the lake Sam was enjoying playing on his father’s back and waited The tools to do it are as simple as a few plastic jars and a box Sam really wants to conquer that branch, good boy ^^ now I’ll mount the box and finish the boat When the boat is completed, Sam will start sailing Sam will eat longan on a boat to recharge Sam wasn’t ready for this, just drinking milk and calling his father I have tied a rope in the boat to pull Sam, everyone please rest assured I’ll wash Sam once for a while in the lake before going home to the bathroom Now Sam will take a shower again at home with his dad for a clean bath Sam plays with the ball so cute

34 thoughts on “Monkey crying loudly on a bottle boat in the river | Monkey dance hiphop

  1. Set reminder home I remember so I’m on time for a change darn missed it

  2. Khai…apakah sam tidak takut berada di bottle boat ??Jangan lupa Hati" menjaga sam 🐒🐒

  3. We watch these videos because we love to see how Sam plays. But you've tied him up and shown you … (((((

    Second. After leaving him alone in the forest, Sam has not come out of stress yet, instead helping him forget it is creating new stress. Sam is crying in fear, and you are laughing quietly (((((

    I love Sam very much.

  4. Wow Sam is enjoying himself on the bottle boat,happy sailling Sammmm😚😚😚😚😚😚😍😍😍😍😍😍💗💗💗💗💗

  5. Hi Sam & Khai 👋
    You're very talented Khai. The boat you built is great!!
    Sam was a bit nervous, but he will be more relaxed as he does it more often.
    Thank you for the longer video! I loved Sam's adventure today!!
    Maria Loves Sam
    Sending hugs & kisses to Sam, Khai & Family
    💋💋 💖🐒💖 💋💋

  6. Baby Sam seems to feel scared by the little bottle boat that you made for him… Certainly because it's new! Sam is a very good swimmer, and loves water! Back home, he enjoyed to take his bath and to play in his tub! Cute, running all around!

  7. Hello Khai and sam love boat you made thanks so much ……

  8. It' s hard to understand if Sam was happy on the boat…. Drnking milk in a fear…? How was his feeling? Please tell me Khai.

  9. Love the invention for Sam Sam ❤️ boy seems to be getting generous and smart, love his dad 😜🐒 enjoy your day ♥️ Dad and Sam 🐒 I love am watching you ❤️. Sam so energetic.

  10. I can’t help but laugh but it’s not funny to Sam wonder what he would do if you went under the raft.

  11. I lov Sam and Khai, 💕 but for these days too much crying….wanted to watch Sam climbing on the tree happily…

  12. why do make sam cry too much hes scared . im not happy to see sam cry

  13. You’re being really mean to that monkey. You say you will take good care of him but teasing him and making him cry is not taking good care of him😡

  14. Sam looks so small without his clothes. Nice long video. I so love when you go outdoors; I can’t leave my bed and this gives me the feeling that I’m right there with you. I used to travel all over the Far East; so I know the sounds, smells and most of all how truly nice the people are. Thank You. Xxx

  15. Why do you make Sam cry so much???? First gets lost in forest. Then cannot find father at the park. And now this. Too much sadness for Sam. I can't watch him cry. So sorry Sam

  16. Hola Khai y baby Sam , baby Sam estaba todo el tiempo abrasado a su biberon , sentia temor cuando estubo , sobre el flotador , que Tu le hicistes y cuando llegaron a la casa , el estaba tranquilito y relajado , el es muy tierno y adorable , los quiero mucho 💚💜🐒❤💛🍼😘😘😘😘😘🙏🙋

  17. Надо же, какая конструкция из простых бутылок. И все для и ради Sama😊

  18. А в ванночке, Sam себя чувствует лучше. Она ему нравится больше чем речка😁

  19. That poor Monkey is to scared to pick up his Head and look ahead.You are cruel to Sam, so you can laugh.

  20. مرحبا بك يا صديقي العزيز جميل احبك سام سام سعيد جدا 💝💞💋💖💕🐒💞💋💖

  21. Loved it, so funny, Sam is like a baby, when he does not like something he complaints, he should learn to trust you, good video

  22. I became to think that Sam was in trouble because he coudn't keep balance on the boat. the milk bottle was too big and heavy for him to keep balance on the floating boat.
    I think Sam tried some times but couldn't do that so he complainted. " Dad !impossible!no way….lol "
    I think much smaller bottle was better .

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